BRUDSTOCK 22nd edition 2019

From the 12th to the 14th July 2019 in Vigonovo di Fontanafredda, Pordenone close to Aviano, there will be the 22nd edition of Brudstock. To reflect the unique concert in ’69 from Max Yasgur’s farm in White Lake, N.Y. at WOODSTOCK to BRUDSTOCK, to celebrate 50 years from that incredible event, with 3 Days of Love, Peace & Music! Ask for the “Agriturismo e Pesca Sportiva Le Orzaie”, you will find many signals indicating you to Brudstock. You can fish all day long because there is a lake full of fish just waiting for you. It’s ideal for families and friends because you can camp out with your tent or camper, you will find showers, food, and drinks, with many stands distributed in the Brudstock area with kitchen and also the Agriturismo that has all kind of specialties that can satisfy your flavors and tastes.  

Start off on the 12 July at 20.00pm with “Southland Country Band”, with a mixture of country rock to folk rock. Next on stage will be  “X-Hero” with their original rock classic, they have just done a reunion after many years just for the fans of Brudstock which made their energy come back to life. Then all the way from the UK the “Animals And Friends”, with John Steel their original drummer and Mick Gallagher who played with the Animals in 1965 and with The Clash. Their songs will bring you back to the late 60’ with “House Of The Rising Sun”, “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and many others, a concert that cannot be miss!  To finish the night with a very good guitarist “Fabio Stevie Ulliana & Off Limits Band”  that will dilate your ears with songs from Gary Moore to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Carlos Santana, what a night!  

The 13th July always at 20.00pm “Chei Dei Creedence” cover band of the great American group that was at Woodstock “Creedence Clearwater Revival ”.  To follow “Whoresnake” cover band of dear “David Coverdale’s Whitesnake” All the way from England “Leaf Hound” with the incredible voice of Peter French. Peter has sung with Atomic Rooster and Cactus, two of the greatest Progressive Rock band ever. Leaf Hound is a British rock band born in the late 60, and through the years have always kept a very high standard of their music, if you haven’t ever heard them do it, they are amazing.  To end off this great evening of great music we have “Breakfast In Dead” tribute band of “Grateful Dead” with that psychedelic music that moved America for many years. 

The third day 14th July will start at 17.00pm with the contest of young bands that have to be under the age of 24, each band can play one of their own songs and two from Woodstock, the winner will have a big unique surprise on stage. To change a little the atmosphere we have “Rebellions” a group that does reggae and are presenting the first cd with this name. Then all the way from the States…B.O.E. (Bored Of Education), which are five American teachers that are at the base of Aviano, with their all music from the 60’ and 70’. Then there’s “Stone Cold” that play songs of Black Crows and Gov’t Mule. Then from London “Clearwater Creedence Revival” that the best cover of our Creedence Clearwater Revival.      

For all 3 days, you can admire the Motor Show, of Epic cars, motorcycles, Vespe, and trucks from the ‘70ties. To make a sweet but maybe sawyer list of what you have missed in the past years. There have been many big artists, like “Atomic Rooster”, “Canned Heat” and ones again Leo Lyons with his band “Hundred Seventy Split”. In 2016 “The Band Of Friend” from the UK, which is a celebration to Rory Gallagher and every guitarist knows who he was. They are not a cover band, because Gerry McAvoy is the original bass player, he played for 20 years with Rory.  Then there was Ted McKenna (R.I.P.) on drums, he played with Rory for 5 years. Then again there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, “Bernie Marsden” guitarist of “Whitesnake” and also “The Animals And Friends”. In 2014 there was “Ian Paice”, drummer of “Deep Purple” and “Leo Lyons” bass player of “Ten Years After”.  Back in 2013, they had “Ken Kensley” keyboard player, guitarist and also the singer of “Uriah Heep”, and in 2012 there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, not bad, hey. Luckily Bruno Dotta decided to do Brudstock even this year and we all thank him because my dear friend this would not take place without him, his man that makes this all happen. A big round of applause to Bruno for his effects in all these years, thank you. Not to forget that all around the concert area there will be stands of handmade and not, products reflecting on the epic years of 69’ of “WOODSTOCK” see you all there. For more information and directions check out the site cheers. Cost for one day €5,00, subscription for 3 days €10,00.

Article and pictures By Cesare Greselin.

Legendary former lead guitarist and songwriter of the Eagles, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times bestselling author DON FELDER, has just released his highly anticipated all-new album AMERICAN ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

Fans can pick up the album on all digital formats here:

The album features some of the biggest names in music including Sammy Hagar (vocals on “Rock You”), Slash (a wicked guitar solo on the title track), Richie Sambora and Orianthi (dual guitar soloists on “Limelight”), Peter Frampton (Telecaster-blasting and background vocals on “The Way Things Have to Be”), Joe Satriani (a blistering, lightning-fast solo on “Rock You”), Mick Fleetwood and Chad Smith (trading off drumming duties on the title track), Bob Weir (background vocals on “Rock You”), David Paich (keyboards on “Hearts on Fire,” piano on “The Way Things Have to Be”), Steve Porcaro (keyboards on “Falling in Love”), Alex Lifeson (acoustic and electric guitar accents on “Charmed”), and many, many more.

The album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bernie Grundman.

Felder and his iconic double neck Gibson electric guitar, that he recorded and performed with on Hotel California, are currently being featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new exhibit titled Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll.


1. American Rock N’ Roll
2. Charmed
3. Falling In Love
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Limelight
6. Little Latin Lover
7. Rock You
8. She Just Doesn’t Get It
9. Sun
10. The Way Things Have To Be
11. You’re My World


Jazz is back in Vicenza starting off on the 09 May and ends on the 19 May 2019 so you have time and a big variety of concerts to choose from. Vicenza Jazz, New Conversazione “Oltre Le Colonne D’Ercole, Alla Ricerca Di Un Nuova Luna” XXIV Edizione.
At the press conference that was held at the Bar Borsa – Jazz Cafè Trivellato on the 20 March, the major of Vicenza Francesco Rucco spoke of Jazz in his town. Then the president of the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza, Roberto Ditri explained about the concerts that will be held at his theater. Riccardo Brazzale how is the artistic director made a complete view of the entire Jazz artist that will perform this year all with the help of coprodutore Luca Trivellato.    
 Like last year the first concert will be held in Thiene on the 09 May at the Auditorium Fonato with Claudio Fasoli Ensemble “Inner Sounds”. Claudio Fasoli was a member of the Progressive group “Perigeo”, playing his wonderful sax.

On the 10 May we have all the way from Cuba Chucho Valdès Jazz Batà Quartet at the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza. Chucho does not use the drums in his band he prefers the batà, so the jazz beat will be very danceable.
On the 11 May in our beautiful Piazza Dei Signori there is Roy Paci & Aretuska that will bring the house down with their rhythm, to ska, going though swing, rock and a touch of carbine and not to forget the traditional music from Sicily.
 The 12 May at the unico Teatro Olimpico these Uri Caine Trio “Calibrated Thickness”, how is very well know to Vicenza Jazz and not only.
Monday the 13 May we have at our reach the great Peter Erskine Quartet at the Teatro Comunale. Peter Erskine has an enormous carrier on his shoulders just to mention Weather Report which he was part of.

The 14 May we have our one and only Paolo Fresu “A Solo” all by himself and of cause his trumpet this at the Teatro Olimpico that has all year round visitors from all over the world.
On to the 15 May there’s Mauro Ottolini & Fabrizio Boss “Stroyville Story” how are two of the most brilliant Italian brass players. That will take us back to the Jazz from New Orleans and that of Chicago.
This brings us to 16 May with three concerts, the first is Shai Maestro Trio all the way from Israel just as they finish there is Ambrose Akinmusire & David Virells with their duet with piano and trumpet at the Teatro Olimpico. All concerts star at 21.00 pm, because the third concert starts at 24.00pm at the cemetery of Acattolico with Trio Ammentos & Diana Torto with the accordion and voce.

What have we now? Friday the 17 May at the Teatro Comunale four different concerts, starting with Top Jazz Night, to Fedeerica Michisanti Trio, to Franco D’Andrea Trio, and to end with Lydian Sound Orchestra featuring Ambrose Akinmusire. Now at midnight at the cemetery Maggiore Gabriele Mirabassi Trio + Ernst Reijseger, that is if you are not superstition!
The 18 May at the Teatro Olimpico our one and only Enrico Rava-Michel Portal-Ernis Reijseger-Andrew Cyrille “Free Connection” with that Afro-American rhythm and free Jazz.
This brings us to the last night of Vicenza Jazz the 19 May will be the epilogue of Jazz with Jorge Rossy Pedrrolo Clinic Ensemble + Pietro Tonolo “Lennie’s Pennies” featuring Jorge Rossy, with the coloration with the Conservatorium “Pedrollo” of Vicenza.
Not to forget that every night of Vicenza Jazz at the Jazz Cafè Trivellato – Bar Borsa, at the Basilica Palladiana under the arcade in Piazza Dei Signori, there will be Jazz concerts that are all free, starting at 22.00 and then at 23.30 jam session until…? 

For all information check out the site and for tickets write to

By Cesare Greselin

Exclusive Interview with Orianthi 

Orianthi is one of the most talented musicians in the world. From Alice Cooper to Michael Jackson, she managed her skills to kick asses and rule the world.

Orianthi is working on new material, and in this interview that she gave at the Krieger-Medlocke concert, she described what styles she will be incurring for her new album.

Rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon ended the interview in a nervous, eloquent  and funny way, watch her reaction.

Watch Luca H. Gordon video channel HERE

LA FAMIGLIA SUPERSTAR "Same" Heart Of Steel Records 2010

A get together of many families, from Marco Mendoza on bass and backing vocals also know to have played with David Coverdale’s Whitesnake. 
To Terry Ilous on all vocals, a rock voce that can do ballets to hard rock, has sung with Xyz and Great White. 
Now to Steve Saluto on guitar, organ and backing vocals that goes from a hard rock solo’s to well place ballets to a smooth acoustic guitar combo. To the drummer Atma Anur, that his favorite playing is with guitarists, from Greg Howe to Tony Mac Alpine to our Steve Saluto. Most of the songs are written by Steve Saluto, Terry Ilous and Pat Fontaine except for “Here I Go Again” written by Coverdale and Marsden. This is the only cover song of the album, very well interpreted, with an intro of acoustic guitar of Steve and a well formed voce from Terry. “Rain” has that rock/funky atmosphere song with as pounding riff as with the choirs that remains in your ears. “I Miss You” is the most lovable acoustic a ballet as with “What We Gonna Do” that has a little spray of electric guitar. 
To the song “Closer” an acoustic chords riff and a well thought acoustic solo with a never forget choirs. 

“Can U Tell Me” which is a good rock song with a powerful guitar solo. “The Wind” is sung in French just to add a bit of romance to the album. 
To end with “Visions” which is an all instrumental song where Steve Saluto proves his song writing and capability on his guitar playing and effects. 
An album that you will keep on listening to year after year, in other words it will not gather any dust. 

Distributed only by “Heart Of Steel Records” and mastered by our one and only Alex De Rosso.

BUY Here

article by Cesare Greselin


Atomic Rooster is a British Progressive Rock group born in 1969 by Vincent Crane on keyboards, Nick Graham on bass and Carl Palmer on drums, that later left the group to form “Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Peter French came part the “Atomic” with the third album called “In Hearing Of” that included the hit “The Devil’s Answer” that reached number 18 in England. Then on board came Steve Bolton on guitar and Chris Farlowe on vocals, and they relised the album “Made In England”. 
Beside Peter and Steve, of the Atomic Rooster at Brudstock, there’s Tony (Shug) Millidge on bass, Bo Walsh on drums and Tom Szakaly on keyboards. 

Cesare Greselin; Today we are at Brudstock with Peter French the voice of Atomic Rooster, how are you dear Peter.
Peter French; Today I’m wonderful in this beautiful town and the country that I live the most, Italy.

CG; Up to this moment that you have been here, since yesterday, what do you think of the Brudstock Festival and this area of Italy?
PF; Stunning, fabulous, I cannot say enough, I have been warmly treated in such a wonderful way the people are very in branching, the weather the mountains, Italy is so beautiful, you can’t bit it.

CG; Have you any projects as a solo artist and with Atomic Rooster?
PF; People have asked me if I would like to do another solo album because my only and first solo album was many, many years ago. I have some songs, manly ballets that I may use with Rooster, it’s quite a new song book from the originally beside Steve Bolton and myself it’s a Re Rooster if you like to call it. Now we are doing material from the two best albums in my opinion of Atomic Rooster “Death Walks Behind You” and “In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster” which was the best period rock honor of Atomic Rooster. And a selection of tracks like “Tomorrow Night” and “Devil’s Answer” so it will make a good song book of all the songs to make it a good show. So that is what we are concentrating on because the band has been relative new, we’ve together for about a year and it’s been a bit patchy along the way with a few problems we have had our hiccups on the way but it looks very interesting. We have some good gigs come up, we are going to Poland in Norway, possibly Germany we have to see about that, it makes it much more exciting and been here is fantastic and we have been ask to come back to Italy and I personally agreed.

CG; How did Vincent Crane chooses you?
PF; Well I did an album call Leaf Hound which my cousin and myself wrote, formally it was “Black Cat Bones” we took it and turned into a rock band, because we got feed up basically playing in 12 bares blues. So we did the Leaf Hound album that has become quite legendary, I’m proved to say, the original is worth quit a fortune. Vincent got to hear the album and so di John Du Cann and they both asked me to join the band. Because John did not consider himself as a main singer, he wanted a lead vocalist. So I was delighted when they asked me to come down to the studio and try to record “In Hearing Of” which I did and it sounded fantastic the sad thing that happed shortly after was that John fell out over Vincent , not because of me, over the fact they  were crashing over ego’s at the time. So John left the band with Paul Hammond at the time of “In Hearing Of”, he wanted to form his own band and if I remember correctly it was called “Hard Stuff”. He asked me to go with him and said I can’t go with you because I have just done the album with Vincent. So then Rick Parnell and Steve Bolton joined the band for the replacements and we did the American tour, the Canadian tour and various other places. So that’s how it come.

CG; You also played the album “Beck, Bogert, Appice”?
PF; No I did not sing on it, I wrote the lyrics of “Lady” and “Lose Myself With You” on that album, I was with “Cactus” previously. Cactus was formed preventively by the claps of “Vanilla Fudge” after they did a tour by mistake with “Led Zeppelin” that they blow them off the stage. So then they formed “Cactus”, they did two albums then I was on “Ot ‘N’ Sweaty” abbreviated, that was recorded live in Porto Rico studio, at the same time Jimi Hendrix was recording “Electric Lady Land” in New York. “Ot ‘N’ Sweaty”, it’s a fabulous album, it caught the real rock ‘n’ roll, it caught the magic of the live it’s got the studio it dynamite and it got great reviews all through America, we did two American tours it was super. Sadly what happened, against advice of Rod Steward and Ron Wood that told Carmine Appice don’t break up Cactus because Beck is not reliable, he always leaves bands. They went with Jeff Beck and they last a year then it clasped to think that Cactus at that time was a very hot band. So I come back from America and I was on Atlantic Records and I come back to England. 

CG; Can you tell me about “Randy Pie”?
PF; “Randy Pie” yes I came back still shined to this American organization that would let me get out of this contract, so for three years I could do anything, not a thing. Then Mick Batory used to run Chappell Music he had a real good German band called “Randy Pie” who have done already a couple of  albums and they were looking for a English singer. I got the audition and lived in Hamburg for three years and recoded the “Fast Forward” where I wrote most of the lyrics and did two German tours and that’s “Randy Pie”. Then I did my solo album in Germany.

CG; Yes please tell us about it “Ducks In Flight” was the title, right?
PF; That come about with Polydor that fired “Randy Pie”, they called me in the office because they messed them around terribly, they spending a lot of money. Seeing I had done so much work that they appreciated, they asked me if I would you like to do a solo album? I said yes, but only if I can go back to England to record it because I did not know any German musicians. So I went back to England and got Geoffrey Haslam to produce it, that had produced the Cactus album. Then I got Kenny Jones from the “Faces”, then Brian Robertson from “Thin Lizzy”, “Whitesnake” Micky Moody, Tim Hinkley on keyboards a lot of fantastic musicians. We did this album “Ducks In Flight” which we recorded in Jethro Tull’s studio that is how that came about.

CG; Listening to “Leaf Hound” and in one of the songs it sounds and if Led Zeppelin got a little influence from you, do you agree? 
PF; I love Led Zeppelin, I went to see them many times, I can see a connection there somewhere, it can happen, it was not done intentionally for sure.

CG; You did something also with the “Yardbirds”?
PF; Yes, I actually did in fact, I did a copy of track on an album that was a compilation called “Family Tree: Birds Of A Feather” released in 2007.   

CG; Is there anything you would like to add to my interview that I have not asked?
PF; In all sincere we have been welcomed in a fantastic way, so the band and I are looking forward in giving you a great show tonight, so that next year you want us back.

CG; Thank you for the interview and we’ll see each other tonight at the concert.  

Atomic Rooster Live in Brudstock Festival

Interview and pictures by "Little Cesare" Greselin


The Claypool Lennon Delirium are back with their second album, 'South Of Reality', available February 22, 2019, on ATO Records. 

Check out the first single, "Blood and Rockets- Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too the Moon" now on Rolling Stone

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All Australians on stage at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova on the night of the 27 October 2018. To open the show was Bobby Alu doing his alternative, indie music with his ukulele and his smooth voice for half an hour. Then on came John Butler Trio that actually where in five, an additional two musicians that played the tambour, keyboards and guitar. John Butler gave proof of his capability on his 11 string guitar, yes his 11 string guitar because he took away the G string because to his taste it give to much trebly sound on his Maton acoustic guitar. On his acoustic Maton also sounds like an electric guitar because he has the pickup systems in two ways, one is electric tone and the other acoustic tone. So the sound come out to say little in a wild powerful way and his technique on finger picking and slide guitar with the addition of guitar percussion is optimal .

Not to leave out the songs done with his five and six string banjo and his weissenbrn lap steel guitar and also a normal six string acoustic guitar. Not to forge that his sings all the songs giving out his hits like “Zebra”, “Ocean”, and “Home” that give the title of his lasts cd that come out this year. He used the Programmed Beats Rhodes in a spectacular way, with sound coming from everywhere but all and only from him. He also pulled out his Fender Telecaster for two songs that all together gave to his fans song to dance and a sound that in a way simple but at the same time very technical and very well constructive. So hats off to this young Australian musician that does this original blue grass and with a touch of rock alternative.

By Cesare Greselin


Flav Martin and Jerry Marotta both with Italian descendents teaming up to make their “Soul Redemption” a part of their life relisted in 2018 by Dreamland Recording Studio. A fresh modern pop rock with that alternative intentional sound to it. You can hear very distinguished Jerry’s as he directors the recordings, it’s extraordinary and his past experiences with musicians like Peter Gabriele brings to evidence his drumming and percussion techniques. Bring to the studio his all time friend Tony Levin on bass bringing to life their times past together and also with Peter Gabriele. 

Flav Martin brings his song writing to a high light and his guitar composition to a climax well disserved. All nine songs are very romantic and dreamful that takes you to a good state of mind and a very pleasant atmosphere of world music. The guitar is the primer instrument of the entire album where you can admire the love that Flav has for his music, everywhere the sound of his guitar is played in the way a guitarist would likes to hear the instrument plaid. Songs like “Soul Redemption” takes you to sing along with it and “Please” very love poetry song. “Tell It To My Face” starts with a Spanish guitar atmosphere partly sung in Spanish with a backup from Gary Schreiner’s accordion.
“Rio De Janeiro” brings out that Latino dance, party influences from Flav, then “Wild Moon” is a modern fairy story. Then to prove there roost a song written by Italian musicians “Caffee Song” (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè). The other studio members are Mark Schulman on guitar, Peter Primamore on piano, Robert “Thor” Jensen also on guitar.

Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta will be in Italy at “Il Giardino” in Lugagnano Di Sona, Verona on the 05 April 2019.

By Cesare Greselin

The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 2

Sixth Mary go Round, this again brings us to the Teatro Olimpico on the 15 May with “Dado Moroni”, there was to be Darry Hall on bass but unfortunately was ill so Luca Bulgarello took his place very well. So this was a mix on piano from Dado and the rhythm beat of the bass of Luca well melted together.
The concert carried on with “Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet Feat. Seamus Blake” and Luca Bulgarello took his original position with his quartet. Enrico on his piano and Seamus on sax completed the evening with a lot of solos between the two musicians bringing a thrill to the audience. 
Being at the Teatro Olimpico I was an able to go to listen to “Bobby Watson Quartet” at the Bar Borsa. I went just as the concert finished in the theater but when I got there he had also just finish, hope to see him next time around the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz, seeing he has been here before.

Seventh Mary Go Round, this time at the Teatro Comunale for two shows on the 16 May. Starting off with “Raul Midon” a blind guitarist, singer, percussion and pianist. He proved to be at the top of all these instruments and his voce not always in words but as the sound of sax and trumpet. And his words cutting like a knife from his latest CD “Bad Ass and Blind” that come out last year gave the true sense to the concert.
Now it’s the turn of “Giovanni Guidi, Salida Feat. Dave Virelles” both keyboard players that alternated in making great music with the bass of Derzon Douglas to keep them both on track. 

Eight Mary Go Round, back to the Teatro Comunale on the 17 May this time on the terrace with “Joe Clemente Quintet Awake” his young guitarist that brings me to mind Pat Metheny. His group of all young musicians very well combined among themselves.  
Now in the Theater starts the concert of “Aarset-Petrella-Rabbia”, yes, Gianluca Petrella the trombone that played in the Piazza Dei Signori with Thomas De Pourquery always playing to his standards. But here with a touch of electronic music from the guitar of Eivind Aarset and also the drums of Michele Rabbia with many electronic effects made it a unique evening.
The evening is not over, there’s “Ralph Alessi Quintet Feat. Ravi Coltrane”, what a compilation of sound, the soft and pricy trumpet from Alessi and the sax of Ravi with the influences of his father John Coltrane made the evening.  

Ninth Mary Go Round, just to warm up everybody, on the terrace of the Teatro Comunale “Fabrizio Gaudino Quartet”, his a marvels trumpet player with a great feel while playing Miles Davis’s songs. Also with him the drummer Paolo Birro that kept up with him very well. 
Let’s be taken now to the sold out concert of “Manhattan Transfer” at the Teatro Comunale the 18 May. The concert started with both the powerful voices of Cheryl Bentyne and Janis Siegel accompanied by Alan Paul and the new comer Trist Curless that proved to all that he has a great vocal capacity. They call from heave the voice of dear Tim Hauser that left us in 2014 and they did a song with him in playback. Touching all style of music from pop to rock, to swing to jazz and the brilliant song of Weather report “Bird Land” made the audience exalted through the whole song. They come out twice to do their bis and the whole Teatro Comunale went under the stage to dance and clap their hand in admiration. To say the less, they had a great success. 
Then who wanted to go to the free concert at the Cemetery Maggiore to hear “Gavino Murgia & Cantar Lontano” which I personally did not go to.   

Tenth Mary Go Round, so on the 19 May at the Teatro Olimpico the first concert of the Armenian pianist “Tigran Hamasyan” with his mix of folk for Armenia, jazz and a touch of rock all with energy that emotion end the listeners.   
Now the turn of “Randy Weston & Billy Harper” to give that Afro-American mixed with Jamaican. Randy on piano at only 92 years old and Billy on sax at the age of 74, not bad. Throughout the concert they both gave that old and at the same time new sound together to make it a unique night at the Olimpico. 
This is where my personal experience with Vicenza Jazz 2018 finishes but to who wanted to go to the Foyer of the Teatro Comunale there was to finish off the night “Tronheim Jazz Orchestra”.

Eleventh Mary Go Round, brings us to the finale night of Jazz in Vicenza at the Teatro Olimpico with Poetry Vicenza Jazz with “Zavalloni – Tonolo – Birro”, now we have to wait until next for the next sensational Vicenza Jazz 2019.

All this is for my personal experience of the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz 2018 without getting me dizzy and sorry if I did not make it to all the rides. I would like to thank for their corporation, kindness and help, Riccardo Brazzale, Daniele Checchini and the TCVI of Vicenza.
By Cesare Greselin