Flav Martin and Jerry Marotta both with Italian descendents teaming up to make their “Soul Redemption” a part of their life relisted in 2018 by Dreamland Recording Studio. A fresh modern pop rock with that alternative intentional sound to it. You can hear very distinguished Jerry’s as he directors the recordings, it’s extraordinary and his past experiences with musicians like Peter Gabriele brings to evidence his drumming and percussion techniques. Bring to the studio his all time friend Tony Levin on bass bringing to life their times past together and also with Peter Gabriele. 

Flav Martin brings his song writing to a high light and his guitar composition to a climax well disserved. All nine songs are very romantic and dreamful that takes you to a good state of mind and a very pleasant atmosphere of world music. The guitar is the primer instrument of the entire album where you can admire the love that Flav has for his music, everywhere the sound of his guitar is played in the way a guitarist would likes to hear the instrument plaid. Songs like “Soul Redemption” takes you to sing along with it and “Please” very love poetry song. “Tell It To My Face” starts with a Spanish guitar atmosphere partly sung in Spanish with a backup from Gary Schreiner’s accordion.
“Rio De Janeiro” brings out that Latino dance, party influences from Flav, then “Wild Moon” is a modern fairy story. Then to prove there roost a song written by Italian musicians “Caffee Song” (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè). The other studio members are Mark Schulman on guitar, Peter Primamore on piano, Robert “Thor” Jensen also on guitar.

Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta will be in Italy at “Il Giardino” in Lugagnano Di Sona, Verona on the 05 April 2019.

By Cesare Greselin

The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 2

Sixth Mary go Round, this again brings us to the Teatro Olimpico on the 15 May with “Dado Moroni”, there was to be Darry Hall on bass but unfortunately was ill so Luca Bulgarello took his place very well. So this was a mix on piano from Dado and the rhythm beat of the bass of Luca well melted together.
The concert carried on with “Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet Feat. Seamus Blake” and Luca Bulgarello took his original position with his quartet. Enrico on his piano and Seamus on sax completed the evening with a lot of solos between the two musicians bringing a thrill to the audience. 
Being at the Teatro Olimpico I was an able to go to listen to “Bobby Watson Quartet” at the Bar Borsa. I went just as the concert finished in the theater but when I got there he had also just finish, hope to see him next time around the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz, seeing he has been here before.

Seventh Mary Go Round, this time at the Teatro Comunale for two shows on the 16 May. Starting off with “Raul Midon” a blind guitarist, singer, percussion and pianist. He proved to be at the top of all these instruments and his voce not always in words but as the sound of sax and trumpet. And his words cutting like a knife from his latest CD “Bad Ass and Blind” that come out last year gave the true sense to the concert.
Now it’s the turn of “Giovanni Guidi, Salida Feat. Dave Virelles” both keyboard players that alternated in making great music with the bass of Derzon Douglas to keep them both on track. 

Eight Mary Go Round, back to the Teatro Comunale on the 17 May this time on the terrace with “Joe Clemente Quintet Awake” his young guitarist that brings me to mind Pat Metheny. His group of all young musicians very well combined among themselves.  
Now in the Theater starts the concert of “Aarset-Petrella-Rabbia”, yes, Gianluca Petrella the trombone that played in the Piazza Dei Signori with Thomas De Pourquery always playing to his standards. But here with a touch of electronic music from the guitar of Eivind Aarset and also the drums of Michele Rabbia with many electronic effects made it a unique evening.
The evening is not over, there’s “Ralph Alessi Quintet Feat. Ravi Coltrane”, what a compilation of sound, the soft and pricy trumpet from Alessi and the sax of Ravi with the influences of his father John Coltrane made the evening.  

Ninth Mary Go Round, just to warm up everybody, on the terrace of the Teatro Comunale “Fabrizio Gaudino Quartet”, his a marvels trumpet player with a great feel while playing Miles Davis’s songs. Also with him the drummer Paolo Birro that kept up with him very well. 
Let’s be taken now to the sold out concert of “Manhattan Transfer” at the Teatro Comunale the 18 May. The concert started with both the powerful voices of Cheryl Bentyne and Janis Siegel accompanied by Alan Paul and the new comer Trist Curless that proved to all that he has a great vocal capacity. They call from heave the voice of dear Tim Hauser that left us in 2014 and they did a song with him in playback. Touching all style of music from pop to rock, to swing to jazz and the brilliant song of Weather report “Bird Land” made the audience exalted through the whole song. They come out twice to do their bis and the whole Teatro Comunale went under the stage to dance and clap their hand in admiration. To say the less, they had a great success. 
Then who wanted to go to the free concert at the Cemetery Maggiore to hear “Gavino Murgia & Cantar Lontano” which I personally did not go to.   

Tenth Mary Go Round, so on the 19 May at the Teatro Olimpico the first concert of the Armenian pianist “Tigran Hamasyan” with his mix of folk for Armenia, jazz and a touch of rock all with energy that emotion end the listeners.   
Now the turn of “Randy Weston & Billy Harper” to give that Afro-American mixed with Jamaican. Randy on piano at only 92 years old and Billy on sax at the age of 74, not bad. Throughout the concert they both gave that old and at the same time new sound together to make it a unique night at the Olimpico. 
This is where my personal experience with Vicenza Jazz 2018 finishes but to who wanted to go to the Foyer of the Teatro Comunale there was to finish off the night “Tronheim Jazz Orchestra”.

Eleventh Mary Go Round, brings us to the finale night of Jazz in Vicenza at the Teatro Olimpico with Poetry Vicenza Jazz with “Zavalloni – Tonolo – Birro”, now we have to wait until next for the next sensational Vicenza Jazz 2019.

All this is for my personal experience of the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz 2018 without getting me dizzy and sorry if I did not make it to all the rides. I would like to thank for their corporation, kindness and help, Riccardo Brazzale, Daniele Checchini and the TCVI of Vicenza.
By Cesare Greselin

The Swedish actress and artist Regina Lund release a new single "The Flood" on Friday 21st September, recorded, written and produced in Toronto, Canada by Greg Babinski and Regina Lund.

Swedish actress and recording artist Regina Lund started her own label Regina Records after two successful albums at Warner Music. Her decision to do so was in order to have the total artistic freedom to release her songs at her own pace. She has released over fifteen productions on her label since her debut album "Unique" 1997, the album was critically acclaimed, became Grammy nominated and followed a big tour through Scandinavia. The second album "Year Zero" was released 2000 and was a massive hit also.

Regina Lund comments on her new single "the Flood" here;

"The best inspiration for all of my songs is my life and I get the best flow when I travel. I get a sense of freedom and I start hearing music, production, getting visions and melodies and writing lyrics.
My first time ever in Canada was now just a couple of weeks ago and I landed in Toronto and it was a great feeling and experience. It was an impulsive trip like most of my trips and from being in a tv production in Sweden to be downtown Toronto in the middle of a flood felt like an out of body experience. A good one. New smells, new impressions and new vibes yet I felt at home and at ease.
I had like 60 lyrics without music in me from Sweden but still, I felt like writing a new lyric and a new song inspired by where I was. The day of the song there was a flood in Toronto so entering the studio I wrote the lyrics and melody the second I walked into the studio and Greg and Brian had been listening to my previous albums before I came in so they were totally in sync with who I was and what I sounded like. It was almost a one-take feel over it. I heard the melody in my head going through the flooded streets of Toronto.
I felt it and I missed my son as I always do when he is not with me and the song got to be a combo of all emotions in me of missing someone, standing up and being strong for the one you love and be ready to take whatever shit comes along to save and protect the one you love. Be the lifeguard to someone. To save yourself and the ones you love no matter what.
The song is a very strong rescue song on all levels.
I invited Greg on guitar and piano, Brian by the computer and we had the song done in 3h and When we came out the flood was gone and the streets were clear.
I invited my friend Dani, his wife and kids into the studio when we were done and they got to come in on some of the choruses.
It was a beautiful moment.

The flood in Toronto to me became an allegory for all kinds of floods, good and bad, emotional floods, life changes and it can also be floods of bullying, hardship of all kinds coming someone's way and you just want to let them know that you wish to save them from it and be there as a support if needed.
It is a heart opening, lifesaving supportive kind of love song.
Right now I am in the mood of simple acoustic songs as I also am building the soundtrack to my debut as a film director.
But I will tell you more about that later.
Hope you all will like this Swedish Canadian Instant collaboration of mine.

Who would you save first when the Flood comes?
The first people or person you think of, send this song to them.

Sending you all goodness and I wish you all a safe and happy home and a peaceful, exciting and prosperous life.

All the best

Regina Lund

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SULO has announced the release of his new double album 'Nightshift' & 'Brilliant Outsiders' with 27 tracks on September 14th, 2018 via Livewire/Cargo Records UK. It's a: “A melancholy masterpiece and a Country Classic“.

Track listing:

Sulo - Nightshift

1. End Of Me
2. All Shapes Of Loneliness
3. Time To Alight
4. Nightshift
5. I Swear To God I Don’t Believe
6. I Keep Running Into Your Arms
7. Hit Me Where It Hurts
8. This Burden Is Forever
9. Hard To Go Easy
10. Still Sleeping With The Lights On
11. Recollection Of You
12. Lord Of Mercy On My Baby Tonight
13. If The Lights Return
14. Roaming Bird

Sulo's Brilliant Outsiders - Brilliant Outsiders

1. Brilliant Outsiders
2. Early Morning Light
3. Curse Of The Ring
4. Bring Down The Angels
5. God-Damned Jesus
6. The Girl With The Rainbow Eyes
7. Redemption’s At Hand
8. When The Work Is Done
9. Constant Reminder
10. Your Precious Heart
11. Love Is For The Broken Hearted
12. Good Enough
13. A Song For Every Train

Sulo Karlsson is well known as the frontman of Swedish glam boogie rockers Diamond Dogs and lead singer in the UK Punk supergroup The Crunch, that features members from The Clash, Sham 69 & Cockney Rejects. Sulo is also probably the most productive and creative singer/songwriter in modern time. He has been writing and releasing 5 albums (yep, 5) per year since 2008 for himself and other artists in almost any genre. Punk, Pop, Soul, Country and Rock n Roll it doesn’t matter, Sulo is literally everywhere!

If last years gifted Rock n Roll album “Sulo’s Full English“, contained 19 tracks with guest performances from Chris Spedding, Wilko Johnson, Robert Wyatt etc. was impressive, Sulo has managed to top that. This double deal is a songwriter at the top of his game.

“Night Shift“ is a dark, melancholy almost acoustic ride into the depths of the soul. With naked, strong and sometimes painful lyrics on a bed of blue coloured melodies, Sulo manages to create a new musical landscape. Sulo says “It’s a musical diary of the things that keeps you awake at night, a study of the darkness within“.

“Brilliant Outsiders“ is Sulo’s most ambitious work so far. Together with producer Kevin Porée he has writen and recorded 13 country duets. It all started with the song “Constant Reminder“, written and recorded at Berry Street studio in London before recording the vocals with duet partner Maria McKee in LA. Then followed a musical journey around the world, London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Nashville, Florida and more. The line-up of duet partners is extraordinary with Janis Ian, Terry Reid, Bellamy Brothers, Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee’s sister), Paul Young and more. Backed up by the UK’s finest Country band Los Pacaminos including Jamie Moses (Queen, Tom Jones Band), Hamish Stuart (Average White band, Pau McCartney, etc.).

The two albums together are an amazing collection of songs. 27 tracks with such high quality music and lyrics that you can’t help wonder how it’s possible. A double album for the lonely nights, early mornings and the long drive home.




On 24th August Killing Joke’s Big Paul Ferguson, proudly releases ‘Remote Viewing’, a seven track EP on the Dead Radio Station label.

Killing Joke embark on their 40th anniversary World tour, Laugh At Your Peril. in September 2018. See their tour schedule here: https://www.facebook.com/killingjokeofficial/app/123966167614127

The BPF – Big Paul Ferguson’s Remote Viewing EP also features Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission, Tricky, Peter Murphy) on guitar.

Watch the impressive artistic interpretation of the I Am War (trailer) by longtime Killing Joke confidant Mont Sherar/Montster Filmwerks here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFmLkkXKcHs&feature=youtu.be

BPF Remote Viewing track listing
01 Hungry Ghosts
02 Reboot
03 The Great Motivator
04 Terrible Warriors
05 X-Box
06 I am War
07 Zarzal

To pre order the Remote Viewing CD go to: http://www.deadradiostation.com/bpf/

The digital release is available now to purchase through the record label store.

Paul Ferguson is a rock drummer, best known for his work in the post-punk/industrial group Killing Joke and cult English punk band Pink Parts.[1] In 1978 Ferguson became a founding member of Killing Joke and served as their drummer from 1978 to 1987. He is known as ‘Big Paul Ferguson’.

Ferguson, together with bassist Paul Raven, departed from the band in 1987 during the recording of their seventh studio album, Outside The Gate. The last album he recorded with Killing Joke during this period was the 1986 release Brighter than a Thousand Suns.

He subsequently worked on other musical projects, notably with rock outfits Warrior Soul (1987–1990), Murder, Inc. (1991–92) and Crush (1992–93). During the following years Ferguson lived in the United States and Puerto Rico, and became a sculptor and art restorer, specialising in ancient sculptures. He also briefly played with The Orb.

Ferguson rejoined Killing Joke for their 2008 reunion, which saw the original line-up together for the first time since 1982.[2] Ferguson wrote and recorded with Killing Joke for the first time in 23 years on their 2010 studio album Absolute Dissent. He remains with Killing Joke, playing on their April 2012 album release MMXII and subsequent tour, as well as their 2015 release Pylon.

2015 also saw the launch of Boneyard, a line of skull-and-bone jewellry designed and handcrafted by Ferguson . Each unique piece is individually cast and hand finished in solid sterling silver : https://www.boneyardskullrings.com/about


This will be the closers you can get in breathing the air of the ’69 from Max Yasgur’s farm in White Lake, N.Y. at WOODSTOCK to BRUDSTOCK. Even this year in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, Pordenone (10Km from Aviano) will be the 21° Edition of BRUDSTOCK from the 20th to the 22th July 2018, it will be a 3 Days of Love, Pace & Music! When you get to Fontanafredda just ask for the “Agriturismo e Pesca Sportiva Le Orzrie”, where you can also fish all day long because there is a lake full of fish waiting for you. So come along, bring your family and friends because you can camp out free with your tent or camper, free showers, the food is not free, that you’ll have to pay for and the drinks, remember DON’T drink too much, we are there for the music, not for the drinking! 

You will find an outdoor kitchen and also the Agriturismo that has all kind of specialties that can satisfy your flavors and tastes. We had invited Ian Paice, to our festival but he’s occupied with the tour with Deep Purple, his their drummer, he should be with us next year. You can see him explaining all this on a video he send us, so go to our web site www.brudstock.it and you will see it. Not only you will find a video sent to us by Leo Lyons of Ten Year After and one of Atomic Rooster’s guitarist Steve Bolton, check it out.    

It will start off on the 20 July at 20.00pm with “Happy Jack”, they are a young group from Verona that does a tribute to “The Who” as you know their where at Woodstock in 1969. In fact they got name from an LP “A Quick One” that come out in 1966 with the hit “Happy Jack” written by Pete Townshend. Next on stage will be  “C.S.N. & Y. Hommage” from Trieste, here it’s very clear that they do there tribute to Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, just to get you in the right mood of Woodstock, as you know they were also at the festival in 1969. Then from UK the “Atomic Rooster” one of the most influent English Progressive group that the drummer Carl Palmer when he left  formed “Emerson, Lake & Palmer”. Then to leave you with a very good rock blues band “Fabio Stevie Ulliana & Off Limits Band that are from Pordenone, to close the evening, or should I say, hello to the morning.    

Second day of music will be with “Screaming Eagles” all the way from Lodi, which isn’t the song of Creedence Clearwater Revival!  They do all covers of Country and Southern Rock, from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Blackfoot.  Then to carry on our evening these “Tres Hombres” from Brescia that are a great cover band of “ZZ Top”, and keep an eye on their guitarist, his so talented and natural when he plays. They should get you warmed up because from all the way from England “Hundred Seventy Split” with the original bass play of “Ten Years After” Leo Lyons that played at Woodstock. The air is starting to warm up like many years ago back in the 69’. Leo plays his bass in the same manner of that unforgettable and unrepeatable concert in the farm close to Woodstock. Moving from the song “I’m Going Home” to “Love Like A Man” to the bluesy “Good Morning Little School Girl” to the Rock ’n’ Roll of “Choo Choo Mama”. To end off this great evening of great music we have “Shaman’s Blues” from Venice that do all songs of “The Doors”, I guess that they will end there concert with the song “The End”. Now you can lay your head down on your pillow and dream of the good old days and imagine you are there, wish that I could have been there. This year the artists will arrive on stage at Brudstock by helicopter, like at Woodstock 1969.  

Third day there will be a contest of 6 young bands from 16 to 28 years of age that will perform music from the ’60 to the ’76 and the winner will have a big surprise. To take stage now will be “AiR4” where you can dance to the music of Maroon 5 and more. Next “Renegade” that space from Led Zeppelin . Jimi Hendrix to Steppenwolf. To follow “The Doorstep” to give you more Doors to the festival. “Last Ride to the Moon” great name for a group like their own original music to move to Black Sabbath, Cream and Steppenwolf, can’t ask more to a young group. Now it’s time for “Welcome Home” that brings us to the Rolling Stones, to the ZZ Top, quite a jump of style of music for all that come to the festival. To finish this long and musical evening we have for you “Sparkle Haze”, that have some amazing videos on YouTube for you to check out, especially the one of Gun N’ Roses. 

For all 3 days you can admire the Motor Show, of Epic cars, motorcycles, Vespe, and trucks from the ‘70ties.
To make a sweet but maybe sawyer list of what you have missed in the past years. There have been many big artists, like in last year we had the “Canned Heat” and ones again Leo Lyons with his band “Hundred Seventy Split”, so who missed them last year you will be able to see them this year. In 2016 “The Band Of Friend” from the UK, which is a celebration to Rory Gallagher and every guitars knows who he was. There are not a cover band, because Gerry McAvoy is the original bass player, he played for 20 years with Rory.  Then there was Ted McKenna on drums, he played with Rory for 5 years. Then again there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”. There was also to be “Don Airey”, keyboard player of “Deep Purple” but unfortunately “Ian Paice” felt ill for a short period, luckily. So Deep Purple had to move down the dates of their tour and this made the presents of “Don Airey” fall through.  In 2015 “Bernie Marsden” guitarist of “Whitesnake” and also “The Animals”. In 2014 there was “Ian Paice”, drummer of “Deep Purple” and “Leo Lyons” bass player of “Ten Years After”.  Back in 2013 they had “Ken Kensley” keyboard player, guitarist and also singer of “Uriah Heep”, and in 2012 there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, not bad, hey. Luckily Bruno Dotta decided to do Brudstock even this year and we all thank him, because my dear friend this would not take place without him, his man that makes this all happen. 

A big round of applause to Bruno for his effects in all these years, thank you. Not to forget that all around the concert aria there will be stands of handmade and not, products reflecting to the epic years of 69’ of “WOODSTOCK” see you all there. For more information and directions check out the site www.brudstock.it cheers.

article and photo by Cesare Greselin

The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 1

The fist Mary Go Round, started on the 10 May 2018 in Thiene at the Auditorium Fonato with the amazing France singer “Camille Bertault” which is also a theatrical show at her concerts. She was noted on YouTube with the video she did singing John Coltrane song “Giant Step” doing all the sax solo with her voice with over 200.000 visualized. This was in 2015, the year after she come out with her first CD “En Vie” (Alive) and this year she come out with her second CD called “Pas De Gèant”. She sung the aria of “Goldberg Variations” written by Johann Sebastian Back, with her voice which is an instrument, very appreciated by the audience. She is also a pianist, and showed he ability that night, she started at the age of 8 also having her father a jazz pianist helped her mature her love for jazz. The night after she sung at the Bar Borsa in Vicenza to a full crowed.

 Second Mary Go Round, was with “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” on the 11 May at the Teatro Olimpico, with Marshall Allen on sax and director at 93 years old. A very colorful scene with their afro- futuristic costumes and free jazz inflamed the theater. With the trombone, trumpet and sax that while playing went off the stage among the audience that warmed even more the whole Teatro Olimpico. A concerto of “The Sun Ra Arkestra” is something that needs to be seen and heard at less ones.

Third Mary Go Round just happens to be “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” on the 12 May. Why, just happens to be, it’s that I spoke to David Hotep which is the guitarist, why that he was the only one of the band not to stand up during the concert and play. It was because he left his guitar strap at home, so I offered to bring him my sons for the concert of the day after. So I did bring him the strap and he got me in as a guest. You may think that “The Sun Ra” would repeat the set list of the day before, no way, they kept two songs and the rest where all different. And here again the enthusiasm that they gave to the audience was as strong a fresh as ever and David Hotep got up on his feet and played his guitar.  
It’s not finish here, after the “Sun Ra” had finished their concert because it had started at 18.00pm. Everybody went to the Piazza Dei Signori for the two free concerts. To star off was “Thomas De Pourquery & Supersonic” his France sax player, with special guest the Italian trombone Gianluca Petrella one of our best at it. The audiences were already clapping hand at the sound check, so just imagine when the concert started. Influenced by “Sun Ra” and his African rhythms which his drummer Edward Perraud was a machine at his drum set and Gianluca Petrella did his solos with Thomas that were very appreciated. The whole Piazza didn’t want them to leave the stage so they did a couple of bis to keep them satisfied.   
Then on stage came “Odwalla & Saturnian Visitors” which also, let say they are sons of “Sun Ra” influences, here the African rhythm is at its best with two drummers and three percussionist. Also the two vibraphones at one point of the concert added their percussionist to all the rest. To add to the scene two dancers that danced to the incredible sound of all the drums and percussions.

Fourth Mary Go Round, claimed by “Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Quintet” on the 13 May, they played at the most beautiful indoor theater in the world, “Teatro Olimpico”. Both Lovano and Douglas have been to Vicenza Jazz in the pass but this time there instruments did there cross over, sax on one side and trumpet on the other, a great combination that gave to the night in the Theater it’s max.

This brings us to the Fifth Mary Go Round, to the 14 May at the Teatro Olimpico with the “Orchestra Del Teatro Olimpico” directed by Alexander Lonquich that I was unable to go. 
By Cesare Greselin

Another Year Of Vicenza Jazz

It’s 23th edition of Vicenza Jazz given the name “The Birth Of Youth” and like every year it’s in May, it begins on the 10th and finishers on the 20th. You can enjoy Jazz all over town from The Piazza Dei Signori, to the Teatro Olimpico to the Teatro Comunale, to the Jazz Club Trivellato to the streets, so everywhere you go you will have Jazz in the air.

Vicenza was not a town with the Jazz tradition, not like other town in the Veneto area, it had a slow but significant start. In the begging came Anthony Braxton in 1979 but Vicenza was not mature then. The first to put down the foundation of Jazz in Vicenza was “Perigeo” a Prog Jazz group of the 80’. The Jazz lover had to wait until 1983 when Italian musicians like Enrico Rava, Roberto Gatto, Dado Moroni and Paolo Fresu started performing at the Astra Theater. Then in 1989 came Herbie Hancock at the Palasport and unfortunately with Chick Corea in the Piazza a minute before the concert it started to rain. Then at the “Totem” they started with guest like Joe Lovano, The Oregon and Michel Petrucciani, then with the help of Mr. Turetta the owner of “Totem”, Bill Evans and Steve Coleman where brought into the Piazza. Jazz came to Vicenza through the official main door to the oldest indoor Theater in the world, L’Olimpico, with “Rava L’Opera Va” with Enrico Rava and his band with the Orchestra of L’Olimpico. One year later, in 1995 Michel Petrucciani always with the Orchestra of L’Olimpico that was an enormous success, now Vicenza was mature for Jazz.

But for it to come a real “Festival” it had still to come, with the help of Mrs. Francesca Lazzari of the department of culture and with Riccardo Brazzale as a collaborator and a young entrepreneur Luca Trivellato thing where to happen, the “New Conversation”. Why the “New Conversation”? The inspiration come from one of Bill Evans recordings “Conversations with Myself” so the idea was born that musicians like Paul Bley could come to the Olimpico theater and with other musicians and their instruments they could conversant with each other. It had started as a week end festival in 1997 but little by little it started to grow and in 1998 it would start on Monday and finish on Sunday. Then Jazz started to be played in the bars, in the Piazza and just about on every corner of the center of Vicenza.

Vicenza Jazz every year would give a name to their festival like in 1999 the celebrated the centenarian birth of Duke Ellington and twentieth death of Thelonious Monk in 2002, two of the most greatest Afro-American composers. In 2000 was the time of the “Giubileo”, that of 2001 Italian American woman, 2003 “To the Foundation of the Blues”, 2004 “Improvisation”, 2005 the tenth birth of Vicenza Jazz, it was given a very poetic name “The Bird Fly’s to Great Mother Africa”.

Jazz clubs started to open in Vicenza like the Jazz Cafè Trivellato that’s in the Piazza Dei Signori under the Basilica Palladiana, with the help of the Panic Jazz Club of Marostica and Luca Trivellato this was possible. So during the Vicenza Jazz Festival you can eat and listen to Jazz at the Jazz Cafè and not only, all years round too.

To give you an idea of what Vicenza Jazz has been doing in the past, let’s flout around the years together, Jazz lover will centrally know these musicians. In the year 1997, was the time of L’Ambrosia with Giugliano Fracasso singing the song of Duke Ellington “Freedom” thought the streets of Vicenza to fill the air of Jazz and at the Olimpico the voice of Abbey Lincoln. The next year 1998, came Dave Brubeck Quartet and the solo piano of John Lewis too finish Lee Konitz, then the voice of Sheila Jordan. In 1999 David Murray with his drums in Contrà Barche, and at the Olimpico Ron Carter. Not to forget the Quartet of Milt Jackson with Pietro Tonolo, Steve Swallow, the unforgettable “The Goldstein” with Paul Motian. The year 2000, Lee Konitz was to come back to Vicenza but fell ill and was replace by Enrico Rava that found himself driving an unforgettable jam session with Phil Woods, Jim Hall, Enrico Pieranunza, Larry Grenadier and Paul Motian at the Olimpico. To 2001 came Ray Brown & Lee Konitz that got well after his heart operation. Around midnight Buddy De Franco happens to bump into Bill Frisell & Paul Motian and the violoncello of Ernst Reijseger, what a night. What to say about Maria Schneider and Paolo Fresu in orchestra doing “Sketches of Spain” of Miles Davis. This brings us to 2002, with Joe Zawinul from Weather Report, Dave Douglas, Brad Medldau, Miroslav Vitous, Uri Caine, Richard Galliano. Then Paul Motian and his Electric Bebop Band doing the music of “Monk at the Town Hall” directed no less than Riccardo Brazzale. In 2003 the big event was to bring Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden in duet and The Chicago Columbia College that went to Monte Berico. Dear Maynard Ferguson that is no long with us R.I.P., Randy Weston, Sam Rivers, Paul Bley, and Joe Lovano. 2004 was the year of Take 6 and the Latin Big Band of David Murray that played in the Piazza, here there was a little problem with the visa because most of the musicians where from Cuba. Uri Caine that played the music of Mozart in the Olimpico, Joey Baron, the trio of Kunitz-Frisell-Marc Johnson, The Art Ensemble of Chicago at the Astra, Kenny Werner and Anouar Brahem. 2005 was the 10th anniversary for Vicenza Jazz and to celebrate the event Herbie Hancock come on over. Toots Thielemans & Richard Galliano did the thing in the Olimpico, and The New Sound of Africa of Mani Dibango in the Piazza. A sixteen year old saxophonist Francesco Cafiso with Giovanni Fracasso, The Lydian Sound Orchestra with special guest Charles McPherson playing the music of Charlie Parker, directed by Riccardo Brazzale. 2006 with the Australia guitarist Tommy Emmanuel at the Olimpico, Diane Schuur and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez in the Piazza one day after the other. Paolo Fresu playing with his trumpet two master albums of Miles Davis “Porgy and Bess” and “The Birth of the Cool”. 

2007 took the shape of Brazil the Carrabin and German, from Berlin musicians Joachim Kuhn, Alex Von Schlippenbach. Then with the amazing Dee Dee Bridgewater not to forget, Amiri Baraka, William Parker, Anthony Braxton, Bosso-Irio De Paula and Carla Bley. 2008 was the opening of the new Teatro Comunale of Vicenza, Mike Stern was there and also Larry Coryell and not finished yet a great show of the Israeli singer Noa. In the Piazza with Kokani and Fanfara Tirana, and not to forget the stoical Jazz of Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille. The prodigious child at the time only 10 years old, Ariel from Tel Aviv than played the Giant Steps grand piano with Enrico Rava on trumpet. 2009 with an amazing start with John Zorn in duet with Uri Caine at the Olimpico. The Buena Vista Social Club a free concert in the Piazza, never seen it so full, and Sunday at the Tempio of San Lorenzo Jan Garbarek with Hilliard Ensemble. Geri Allen from Yellowjackets to Dave Holland with Chris Potter. Then to Terence Blanchard and the Mingus Dynasty celebrating 30 years from “Mingus Ah Um” at Teatro Comunale. 2010 was a mixture of America and Europe Jazz, the France Richard Galliano, to Henri Texier, Geraldine Laurent, and Renaud Garcia-Fons. The Rolling Stones Project that did an amazing version of “Wild Horses”, the sax of Kenny Garrett that made everybody get off their sits and dance. Then to the sax of Donny McCaslin to the piano of McCoy Tyner at the Comunale to finish with the 90 year old drummer Roy Haynes at the Olimpico. 2011 Roy Paci that again the Piazza was filled, to go to Uri Caine with his Mahler re-visited, then to Steve Coleman and his “Five Elements” to Chris McBride and Joshua Redman Quartet. To the trumpet of Arturo Sandoval and to Hiromi Uehara and the 90 year old Aeolian Hall who is still able to renovate his music. 

To 2012 opened the root to the Eastern Jazz, from India Trilok Gurtu to Jaipur Kawa Brass Band to Saiyuki Trio of Nguyen Le to the project for Samdhi of Rudresh Mahanthappa. Then to Ron Carter and Roswell Rudd, Oliver Lake, to Annie Whitehaed with Sarah Jane Morris dedicated to the music of Robert Wyatt. Not to forget Dominic Miller, Harmen Fraanje and Mola Sylla. 2013 went to East and West Jazz with Al Di Meola together with Gonzalo Rubalcaba from the West Cost of Los Angeles, to the flamenco of Aranjues from the cost of Mexico. To Gary Burton Quartet to Henry Threadgill, Miroslav Vitous and to Pharoah Sanders to the fusion of Mike Stern and the Bill Evans Band. To finish up in the Piazza with Earth, Wind & Fire featuring Al McKay. 2014 with the innovation and traditional Jazz, from Napoleon Maddox and Hamid to the Quartet of Michael Formanek with Craig Taborn. To Gerald Cleaver & Tim Berne, Taylor Ho Bynum, Wayne Horvitz, Rob Mazurek, just warming up. Chick Corea on solo piano, to the great sax of both Kenny Garrett and Ravi Coltrane, Antonello Salis with the piano of Uri Caine and the drums of Han Bennink. 2015 was the year of 20th year so it was named 20th Century, it was a big celebration for Vicenza Jazz, so from the Piazza with Tony Allen & Daddy G. To the Soft Machine with Keith Tippett, to Arturo Sandoval to Gregory Porter, to Maria Schneider & Fabrizio Bosso, to Jan Garbarek & Trilok Guru, Anthony Braxton, Jan Lundgren, Richard Galliano and Paolo Fresu. 2016 with Joe Lovano at the Olimpico, in the Piazza with Daniele Sepe & Stefano Bolla, to Amir Elsaffar with the Hyper. To the trio of David Murray which are Geri Allen & Terri Lyne Carrington. To Alessandro Lanzoni with Ben Wendel, Ralph Towner & Paolo Fresu. To Dave Liebman and his trio, to Billy Hart with him Ethan Iverson, Mark Turner, then the magical piano Brad Mehldau. Vicenza Jazz 2017 with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chris Potter Quartet, Jacob Collier to Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Vicenza Jazz 2018, first date 10th May in Thiene at the Auditorium Fonato with “Camille Bertault Trio”. On the 11th we have “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” at Vicenza’s most beautiful Theater the Teatro Olimpico and at 22.00pm at the Jazz Cafè Trivellato, Bar Borsa there will be “Camille Bertault Trio”. Also on the 12th there are two important concerts, “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” will be at the Teatro Olimpico and then at 21.00pm in the Piazza Dei Signori “Odwalla & Saturnian Visitors” this is a free concert. At the Teatro Olimpico there will be the great “Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Quintet”. Then again at the Teatro Olimpico on the 14th these “Orchestra Del Teatro Olimpico”. Always at the Teatro Olimpico on the 15th you will be able to see two concerts the first one “Dado Moroni & Darry Hall Duo” and right after “Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet feat, Seamus Blake”. The 16th another two concerts one after the other, “Raul Midon” and then “Giovanni Guidi feat. David Virelles” at the Teatro Comunale. And then again on the 17th always at the Teatro Comunale these’s “Aarst-Petrella-Rabbia Trio” and late that evening “Ralph Alessi Quintet feat. Ravi Coltrane”. The 18th the incredible “Manhattan Transfer” at the Teatro Comunale, then at 24.00pm in the cemetery Maggiore there will be “Gavino Murgia & Cantar Lontano”. The 19th we will have “Tigran Hamasyan” then “Randy Weston & Billy Harper Duo” this at the Teatro Comunale. 

And to close this XXIII edition of Vicenza Jazz 2018 these’s “Poetry Vicenza Jam” at the Teatro Olimpico. Don’t thing that this is all!

 All over Vicenza you can attend 150 Jazz appointments! Just pointed out a few, to know more check out the site; www.vicenzajazz.it see you all very soon!

By Cesare Greselin.

PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) are one of the must greatest Italian Progressive Rock group, they played at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova on the 01-12-2017. 

Even if unfortunately the original guitarist Franco Mussida left the group, the remaining original members, Franz Di Cioccio on drums and vocals, and Patrick Djivas on bass did an amazing concert. With the help from Lucio Fabbri on violin, Marco Sfogli on guitar, Roberto Gualdi on drums, Alessandro Scaglione on keyboards and Alberto Bravin on keyboards, guitar and vocals contributed to make the music of PFM great. 

They did a song of Mozart in there format on PFM music that was magnification their had made a recording with the titled “PFM In Classic” with music not only of Mozart, also of Verdi, Rossini and Dvorak. Keep on PFMEMING! 

Article and pics by Little Cesare.

In Conversation With Riverdogs Featuring Vivian Campbell From Def Leppard.

The Frontiers Festival brought four of its record label's rooster in one stage, on December 2, at The Canyon Club.
The bands that made an unforgettable night were L.A.Guns, Warrant, Jack Russell's Great White and Riverdogs.
Riverdogs opened for the night presenting their new record called "California", released on July 7th, from Frontiers Records.
The album features 11 songs involving the original/classic line up with :
Rob Lamothe on lead vocals, guitar, Vivian Campbell (guitar), on bass Nick Brophy and  Marc Danzeisen on drums.

In this conversation with rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon the band discussed the musical direction of the new album and how was the reconnection with Vivian Campbell among other subjects.
Also Vivian talked briefly about Def Leppard's 2018 tour and his experience on the recent shows in Latin America.

Special thanks to our corrispondent Lucas H. Gordon from Los Angeles USA