XIPE TOTEC "TLAMIQUIH” (DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2021)

The Prehispanic Death Metal duo has released a new album titled “Tlamiquih” (all things die), devastating Brutal Death Metal between ritual chants; memorable and devastating riffs accompanied by rainsticks, huehuetl, teponaztli and various flutes from ancient Mexico.

A mythical and cavernous trip to the past, recalling the Nahua culture and the mythology of the ancient gods of the Mexican pantheon, therefore the prehispanic instruments, the nahuatl language, archeology and Metal are some of the elements that you will find in this full length…

The album contains 10 songs and will be available worldwide on November 30, 2021 in the best stores iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube ... and many others.

The band consists of Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn Miquian) who plays practically all instruments ... and Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) on vocals.
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UNITYTX have put their unique spin on Megan Thee Stallion's song "Cry Baby ft. DaBaby". Fans can check it out now at: https://youtu.be/BZJmmILlNYE. The song features additional vocals from Ericka Kent of "This Is Your God". The band starting teasing the cover and collab yesterday on Tiktok.
"We love Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby, their music & impact on the culture is incredible and we really wanted to do something refreshing for our supporters," says the band. We've always been known as a "nü-metal" group but that's clearly not all we're about when it comes to UNITYTX. We are all diverse musicians who love all genres — with this cover, this sound is not quite familiar coming from us but it's a taste in versatility to our sound. It may not be for everyone and that's fine, we have more music coming".

Mixing punishing hardcore breakdowns and razor-sharp riffs with the murky soul of grunge and hip-hop energy, UNITYTX bridge musical boundaries, spanning the gap between rap/rock's forefathers and the new underground with a captivatingly rhythmic take on the heavy music genre.
The band will release new music in 2021. They were recently featured on the curated compilation "Voices for the Unheard" from Nova Twins, which helped highlight people of color in the rock and alternative scene. Learn more about it HERE

UNITYTX is Jay Webster (vocals), Alberto Vazquez (guitar), Ricky Cova (guitar), and Jonathan Flores (drums).


The Mexican Sugar Skulls present their new EP, 'Suertudo', a great comeback to the best melodic punk rock

Wild Punk Records
EP: 19/03/2021


Jerezan (Andalucía, Spain) punk rockers The Mexican Sugar Skulls strike back with a new lineup, presenting a new EP called 'Suertudo'. This power trio released back in 2012 on Wild Punk Records their debut album 'Calavera' and after a hiatus, went back onstage at Inocente Rock 2018 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band.

'Suertudo' has been recorded in November 2020 at Estudios 79, by Rafa Camisón (GAS Drummers, Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros, etc). This return of the band takes us back to the best era of the genre, a 90s trip from raging Venice Beach to the most melodic Swedish punk rock scene from the late 20th Century. A New EP coming out with a single and videoclip called 'Out The Door', loaded with powerful and catchy melodies. Among these 6 tracks, stands out Chema Mora's (Mi Eje Central, Lancero) beautiful acoustic guitar collaboration on the track that gives name to the EP, 'Suertudo'.

Raging 90s are back with The Mexican Sugar Skulls. Join the gang!

Track List
1 - Greenface
2- Friends are Precious
3- Baby Shower
4- Out The Door
5- Puppetstrings
6- Suertudo







Today, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tilian releases his brand-new single before releasing his new album "Factory Reset" out on April 23rd via Rise Records.
The single "Caught in the Carousel" comes along the new visualizer:
WATCH HERE. They psychedelic visual emulates the introspective and thought-provoking lyrics of the song, "Am I good enough?" The single is a follow-up to his most recent release "Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?" which was released last month.
"Factory Reset" is both highly personal and wholly universal. Tilian began writing the album just a few weeks after the pandemic forced California into lockdown. "I was searching for meaning in isolation and found it in creating this album"Tilian shares about the process. He decided to write, record, and produce the album himself, eventually remotely bringing in drummer/frequent collaborator Kris Crummett to help button it up.
Having full creative control allowed Tilian to experiment more than ever, and truly be himself in the process. "[I wanted] to make the album that I want to hear. 'What would be my favorite band?' as opposed to, 'What is everyone's favorite band?'" This resulted in his most thrillingly eclectic work to date: a falsetto-laced brand of alt-pop that spans everything from trippy psychedelia and heavy prog riffs to warped hip-hop beats and dembow grooves.

Recently, Tilian released two other singles from the album – "Anthem" and "Dose"These were first offerings since the release of his 2018 album "The Skeptic", which debuted on the Billboard charts at #1 Alternative New Artist, #2 Top New Artists, and #5 Alternative. To date, the project has garnered over 40M global streams and two music videos with over 1M views each, proving the excitement and potential for the burgeoning alt-pop artist. More recently, he collaborated with Marigolds+Monsters and Travis Barker on the exciting single "Falling out of Rhythm".

AViVA Releases Her Latest Hit 'UNBREAKABLE'

Starting 2021 on a strong note by smashing 3 billion streams globally, AViVA isn't wasting any time with releasing new music this year. "UNBREAKABLE" continues developing the sonic palette that AViVA fans know and love, with her powerful, yet still vulnerable lyrics expanding on those themes of self expression and creativity.

With her increasing global profile AViVA is treating her fans, many of who are still in various levels of lockdown and restrictions with live-streamed rehearsals, twitch streaming, as well as her usual social engagement across a multitude of platforms. Here is what AViVA has said about "UNBREAKABLE". "To me 'UNBREAKABLE' is a song about bouncing back despite adversity. The lyric "why did I trust you" really conveys that desperation that you can feel when somebody you thought was on your side turns against you. Sometimes even though you can forgive someone for what they've done you can't necessarily forget it and it's okay to remember that. But despite all that dwelling on things that have gone wrong doesn't help you move forward and 'UNBREAKABLE' is about moving forward reminding yourself that you can't be beaten down and broken down by other people".

As always 2021 looks like it's going to be a massive year for AViVA so "UNBREAKABLE" is just another piece of her ever growing multi-verse, with her debut novel SELF/LESS coming out the second half of the year. Co-written and produced by AViVA, MataisC, Jean-Paul Fung, Nick Bailey Mastered by Chris Gehringer.





Today, celebrated, genre-redefining rock band Escape The Fate release their highly anticipated seventh studio album "Chemical Warfare", via Better Noise Music. The dynamic offering, produced by John Feldmann (Blink-182, Panic! At the Disco, The Used) and co-produced by the band's lead guitarist Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft, sees collaborations with alt-rock icon and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and award-winning violinist Lindsey Stirling, further amplifying the band's inclusive and experimental spirit that has captured the hearts and ears of fans for over 15 years. The 12-song tracklist sees the Las Vegas-bred group creating its most lyrically empowered and sonically adventurous project yet. See full tracklisting below. "Chemical Warfare" is now available for purchase and streaming HERE.

"This album marks a new, empowering chapter for us as a band. As artists, it's our responsibility to capture the truth with our music. This project is our most honest and authentic to date: reflective and loud, all encompassing of the beautiful contradictions that music allows", the band said in a collective statement. "We loved working with our collaborators, including our super producer John, and our talented friends Travis and Lindsey. We can't wait for our fans to experience this body of work in full, and hopefully together with us in person soon when live music can be experienced as it should, safely with our guards down and the volume up".

The band is also celebrating the release of the album with the premiere of the music video for one of the tracks, "Lightning Strike", on which Travis Barker plays the drums. The new visual sees the band in its most natural state — performing, knuckling down on their instruments as though their lives depend on it, and having a good time in, capturing true catharsis. WATCH HERE. Of the track the band says: "This is a psych-up song. It's heavy and light, fun yet meaningful - capturing that universal feeling of wanting to trap lightning in a bottle. We hope listeners will feel inspired to take control of whatever chaos is haunting them as they listen to this one".

The band has been earning critical praise for the music of "Chemical Warfare" since this past summer, with the release of the anthemic "Walk On" which also served as a soundtrack single for the acclaimed feature "Sno Babies" (released via Better Noise Films). They followed it up with the Stirling-assisted "Invincible" an energetic, sonic ride about resilience that Pure Magazine called: "A spectacularly vigorous and exceedingly touching alt-rock song...that packs an incredibly powerful punch". The song will appear in the upcoming Better Noise Films horror-thriller "The Retaliators". And most recently, the band kicked off 2021 with single "Not My Problem" a soulful, cathartic hard rock offering with Blink-182's Barker lending his drum skills to the track.

In celebration of the album's release, fans will be able to catch Escape The Fate band members tonight, April 16 on their Twitch account, celebrating the album's release with a listening party at 7pm PST/10pm EST. Band members will continue the celebration on their Twitch account tomorrow, April 17 at 7pm PST/10pm EST.

'CHEMICAL WARFARE' Tracklisting:
Lightning Strike (2:46)
Invincible (feat. Lindsey Stirling) (3:52)
Unbreakable (3:02)
Chemical Warfare (3:14)
Erase You (2:28) [EXPLICIT]
Not My Problem (feat. Travis Barker) (3:25) [EXPLICIT]
Burn the Bridges (3:40) [EXPLICIT]
Demons (2:54)
Hand Grenade (2:40) [EXPLICIT]
Ashes (Broken World) (3:05) [EXPLICIT]
My Gravity (3:19) [EXPLICIT]
Walk On (3:34)

Exclusive Video Premiere
The Mighty One - "Torch Of Rock And Roll"

Canadian hard rock force The Mighty One has just released their critically acclaimed album Torch Of Rock And Roll – and now that the torch is lit, they of course won't stop firing one spectacular surprise after another.

Torch Of Rock And Roll is an unparalleled, uncompromisingly heavy rock album about the victories and defeats, the gains and losses, the ups and downs in the life of a true rockin' roller. Two prior albums have pathed the way for a result, which – while being a brutally straight and honest album – is The Mighty One's most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music, filled with awe-inspiring moments, with power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. And since we all know that no such piece would get away without a relatable protagonist, Tim Steinruck reached out into his own past in order to put a youngster and his coming of age journey right where the protagonist of the album's title track belongs: front and centre. The fan and dreamer that built upon his dreams – and boy do dreams burn!

The title track of Torch Of Rock And Roll tells the real-life story of a boy who happened to fall in love with KISS, the dreams he had and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It's also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognition moment and the spark that lit his lifelong fire of purpose.

This track, which tells such a heartwarming and rocking story, will be released as a single on April 16, alongside a remarkable video. The anime-inspired animations in the clip are a rare, yet brightening sight within the hard rock genre.



Today, Enter Shikari release 'Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption)', through So Recordings. Listen HERE.

Out of the blue, and exactly one year to the day from the release of Enter Shikari's most recent and biggest album, "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible", comes the companion collection "Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption)".

Upon its release, "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible" received universal critical acclaim, gave the band their sixth UK top 10 Album Chart position (finishing the week at #2, their highest position yet), and by end of 2020 had been chosen as "Album Of The Year" in the annual Kerrang Magazine reader's poll, as well as earning the band their second Rock Sound cover in twelve months, as one of the magazines choices for Class Of 2020.

With the worldwide pandemic and resulting lockdowns hitting the UK a couple of weeks prior to the release of "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible" all traditional promotional activity, along with any hope of live shows, was shelved. Enter Shikari looked for other avenues to keep themselves, and their fans, entertained.

"Broadcasts From The Interruption" was the umbrella moniker for the various home studio sessions and acoustic performances Enter Shikari recorded and released on YouTube and elsewhere throughout 2020 / early 2021. The band chose the best & most interesting from the large available selection of performances along with special performances for 2000 Trees and Five 4 Five's online festivals - and these have now been remixed by Rou Reynolds, mastered and compiled for worldwide release."With no live shows, and no real contact with the rest of the band, it was nice to at least be able to do some remote sessions together. It was also interesting to develop acoustic and alternative versions of some of the new tracks. These performances went some way to filling the gaping hole in our lives!" (Rou Reynolds)

"Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption)" also includes two special solo acoustic performances recorded by Reynolds especially for the release, which see him accompanied be Bulgaria's Sofia Session Orchestra. These include a drastically reworked version of "The Dreamer's Hotel" taken from "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible". "After creating an acoustic version of 'The Dreamer's Hotel' to play during lockdown livestreams, I began to think that this rather dulcet adaption could benefit from some orchestral parts. I love composing and it was a joy to work with the Sofia Session Orchestra, who, as you'll hear, nailed it". (Rou Reynolds)

On July 16th 2021, the band will release extremely limited edition physical versions of "Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption)", alongside deluxe 2-disc editions of "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible" featuring both albums. Pre order HERE.

Also released on July 16th is Rou Reynolds fourth book, "A Treatise on Possibility: Perspectives on Humanity Hereafter", which serves as a companion guide to lyrical themes of the album 'Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible'. At a time when quite literally "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible", Rou Reynolds has gone in deep, head first, exploring the predicaments of modernity. Using his lyrics to navigate the complicated web of problems, he arrives on the other side with his "Treatise on Possibility". Hard-hitting and thought provoking, this is a unique perspective on humanity as we approach a point of great change.

Pre order "A Treatise on Possibility: Perspectives on Humanity Hereafter" HERE

Enter Shikari have announced their European tour dates below:

EUROPE - January / February 2022
Mon 31st - AMSTERDAM, NL - Melkweg
Sat 5th - ANTWERPEN, BE - Trix

Original tickets for all dates remain valid for the rescheduled dates, tickets available HERE and all ticket retailers. Special guests for European dates to be announced.

For fans Queens Of The Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, Big Wreck, Shinedown

Canada's Vinyl Hero Shares Cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"

L-R - Costa Siarlis (Bass/Vocals), Ray Howard (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Tiburce Perlau (Drums, Vocals)

Montreal's Vinyl Hero is paying homage to one of the great English rockers with their cover of "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel. The song will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, as it was originally released on April 21, 1986. The band will also be commemorating the classic track with a music video to follow next month.

The cover version can be heard at the following links:
YouTube - https://youtu.be/qQer1Kn1UNw 

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/3sr1i9n 

Committed to breaking the mold of creativity and stretching the boundaries of what we all grew up calling "Good Old Rock n Roll", the band pulls no punches when delivering bouncy, enthusiastic songs. The cover of "Sledgehammer" is no exception and is the first in a series of singles set to be released as they explain:

"We decided to release single by single. To make it easier for our fans to get to know us better and join us in the excitement after every single release. Fans should be expecting a bunch of new material for 2021."

Vinyl Hero has established a distinct sound over the years and continues to release songs with a lot of soul, depth, tone, heartfelt lyrics, and powerhouse choruses. Along with this colourful reimagining of a classic track, the upcoming batch of singles will be a great representation of the band and the story they want to tell to their fans. Page by page, chapter by chapter. 

No strangers to the stage, Vinyl Hero boasts an impressive live performance resume including multiple appearances at Indie Week in Toronto and Nappanee's VoodooRockFest as well as touring across Quebec and Ontario. Their live shows are a continuous rollercoaster of entertainment from start to finish. They deliver high octane, fast-paced, honest, and real rock show. No bells or whistles, just three guys on one stage.

Vinyl Hero's tunes are recommended for anyone who appreciates rock in all forms, especially fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, and Big Wreck. 

For more info:


Heavy and gutsy rock riffing served alongside palpable and unmistakable lead vocals!

The feeling you get when headbanging to a Vinyl Hero tune is best described as a Symphony of Synchronicity. Three different individuals with one main goal. Ray Howard and Costa Siarlis (founding members) had a couple of years to curate their songs and sound with different members and once drummer Tiburce Perlau was added to the lineup their overall sound hit a level that has become Vinyl Hero's trademark sound!

No strangers to touring, Montrealer's Vinyl Hero have been hard at work tilling the soil along the Quebec/Ontario's 401; headlining venues in Montreal such as Club Soda, and playing important support slots to blues legends like Pat Travers, Stu Hamm, and Alex Skolnick at the towering Le National Theater. The band has been a fan favourite at Mont Tremblant's Blues Fest and by way of consistent, steady, touring has built a vibrant and reliable following in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Kitchener, even as far away as Victoria B.C. along with numerous markets in their native province of Quebec. Vinyl Hero has graced Major Canadian Festival stages including Toronto's Indie Week (three years running) and Nappanee's VoodooRockFest. FM Radio spins include CHOM 97.7's show Montreal ROCKS, and Oshawa's the Rock 94.9 FM who have been ambassadors for the band in the greater Toronto area. Vinyl Hero was also nominated for Canada's best independent Rock Video in 2018 by Dropout Entertainment and was named Montreal's most popular vote for CBC's Searchlight.

Their 2016 E.P. 'Seven Days On A Train' was released to great acclaim "Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script" (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)(Pure Grain Audio) "They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow ." (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

In 2020, Vinyl Hero released their single "VULTURES" recorded at Montreal's #churchofrocknroll recording studio The Freq Shop ran by Dave Traina (The Damn Truth) and multi-instrumentalist Derek Orsi.

With influences drawing from Queens Of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as fellow Canadians Big Wreck, Vinyl Hero has not placed its cross-hairs on adhering to a particular sound or bandwagon. The Montreal power trio is best described as Deep, Honest, Powerful, and True. Their ethos; to embody in music, humanity, living emotion, and the organic nature characteristic of music during the vinyl era, all while delivering smart arrangements with impactful dynamics and deft akin to power trios such as Nirvana and The Tea Party.

"'Seven Days On A Train' was released to great acclaim "Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script" (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)

"They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow." (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

"Low and slow riffage from a Montreal three-piece that's been making the rounds for the past five years or so. Good for fans of stoner rock. If Chris Cornell were still with us, he'd get a kick out of these guys. The singer kinda reminds me of former QotSA dude Nick Oliveri (except with his clothes on)." - Alan Cross


DeFox Records and Invincible Records are excited to announce the second album of the dark doom metal band from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM !

The album title “Vault Of Horror”, an Epic Doom Metal based on the old horror movies (Amicus prods, Hammer films), "Creepshow"... or recalling those classic series like "The Twiligh Zone" or "X files".

Those notes on the transverse flute and pipe organ, make a more peculiar, ancient and mysterious sound than in unison with the Doom  voice of Phillip Yepez (The Fury I Hide), produces a journey of time, a mix between old & new Doom Metal.  The Lee Dorrian style comes to mind in some moments.

Tasters of Candlemass, Trouble, Blood Ceremony,  Cathedral, Pentagram, Altar Of Oblivion, from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM arrives to bring us the longing and nostalgia of the old horror cinema of the 60's - 90's in a Doom Metal made for you to wear your hood and taste the sadness and those times ...

The release will be available on April 30th - 2021.

The digital album on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Line up:

Martin Martinez, All instruments

Phillip Yepez, Vocals

track list:

01 A daugther for the devil

02 A good place to visit

03 A tale from the crypt

04 Asylum

05 Odissey of the flight

06 The death of Jordy Verril

07 The old boss Woodhead

08 Tooms

09 Twinds of evil

10 Vault of horror

Band FB: https://www.facebook.com/Consolamentum

Band site: http://consolamentum.nlz.it 

Label: www.defoxrecords.eu

Label: http://invinciblerecords.nlz.it

World Press Agency: www.dvlgator.eu