PC-Newton “Now last time”/"Il traduttore" single Eur Records 2020

The PC-Newton duo returns with a new single that from the first listening confirms what we had noticed with the two previous productions and that is the clear turn towards less pop 80's sounds and therefore directed towards an electronic space prog that leads us to accept a new genre and musical genre called "Cosmo Domine", so defined years ago by another experimental avant garde combo called Father Hollow Graham, precisely for the compositional concept and the visionary and cosmic moods!
YES, the incorporeal spirit of TJ Newton, the man who fell to earth, hovers. Those who have seen the 1976 film by Nicolas Roeg understand where the moniker used by our musicians comes from, that if they are not aliens, at least they are strange. Also consider that on the covers the name of the band is written with indecipherable characters.

Two well-known artists and producers from the European music scene are hiding behind this artistic project, but they do not want to be known too much and want to maintain an aura of mystery for this reason we find Cosmo Saint at all vocals and the multi-instrumentalist Paul Electron also called the Traslator!
The song "Now last time" has an atmosphere full of phatos with the voice of Cosmo Saint inspired, charismatic and proponent of melodies that put themselves in orbit and turn in our heads seriously risking to subjugate our mind!
In this regard, the B side of the single gives us a song sung in Italian which is titled "Il traduttore" and this projects us towards the intergalactic journey of this human being who has the extraordinary and unique ability to be able to understand and translate all languages intelligent creatures of the universe!

What to say? the concept becomes more and more intriguing and slowly reveals all the protagonists of this cosmic saga!
Now we wait with some trepidation the next moves of the PC-Newton because it is interesting to listen to the evolution of their repertoire and musical genre!

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Article by Lulù Le Fleur

The Lola Lennox's debut single ‘In The Wild’ it’s out today! . 
Click on the link to stream:

Lola wrote on the social network "Music is the thing that makes me feel the most powerful and yet the most vulnerable at the same time. Today marks the beginning of me officially sharing my story and my vision through song. When I was younger, I didn’t realize what it took to get your creativity out into the world; and boy this has been a long journey up until this point. However, today feels like the seed is rising up from the earth and turning into a flower— and I am so ready for a whole garden to bloom.

Thank you all so much for the support. It would mean the world if you reposted or followed me on Spotify. It really does take fans, friends, and family support to make art prevail. Much love "



If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that The Wonder Years put their entire souls into each body of work they release. Nearly three years ago, some of their most popular songs like “There, There” and “Don’t Let Me Cave In” were taken to crushing new heights on the first edition of the groundbreaking Philly band’s first acoustic EP, "Burst & Decay". And they were only just getting started.

Produced and engineered by Ace Enders (The Early November), "Burst & Decay (Volume II)", out February 14 on Hopeless Records, truly takes this stripped-back TWY experience to an entirely new level. The new EP features stunning string arrangements from Little Kruta String Quartet and guest vocals on “We Look Like Lightning” from Alex Maniak of the band Shortly, streaming everywhere today.

“On the first 'Burst & Decay EP', we went in with a rough idea of re-envisioning a few old songs and walked out of the studio in love with the process. We were able to breathe new life into songs that had become neglected over the years and give new dimensions to ones that we'd played endlessly” vocalist Dan Campbell explains.

“This time, we went in knowing exactly what we wanted to do––build new versions of old songs that subvert expectations but remain familiar. We stretched our limits, we got to work with the insanely talented Little Kruta String Quartet, we had a legitimately good time in the studio and we made something we're very excited to share with you".

Pre-orders for "Burst & Decay (Volume II)" Are Available Here!

Burst & Decay (Volume II) Track Listing
1. Washington Square Park
2. We Look Like Lightning *
3. I Wanted So Badly to be Brave
4. Passing Through a Screen Door *
5. It Must Get Lonely
6. Cul-de-sac
7. Hoodie Weather *

* The Wonder Years, Little Kruta String Quartet

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We are happy to annouce "Hey Ladi Dadi" Track 1 from Aldo Nova's upcoming album the Rock Opera, "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage"
Written, performed, arranged, engineered and mixed by Aldo Nova
Sylvain Bolduc-Bass, Dan Warner-Rhythm guitar (1970-2019) "He was the best and I'll miss him"
Cover art-Curtis L. Smith and Aldo Nova

Hey Ladi Dadi is the first track on Aldo Nova's Rock Opera "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage" which centers around the life of a young musical prodigy called Eddie Gage whose mysterious beginnings start when he was left on the doorstep of a couple called Ann and Bernie Gage by a secret order called Fratrum in Unum and from that moment on his life is a constant battle between Light and Darkness.
This song is by one of the main protagonists of the Opera, a man called Andy Christos, the president of the record company who makes Eddie sign his first contract, one he'll regret. Andy has a bigger, darker dream and if you read the lyrics below you'll get a taste of his aspirations and what his real intentions are.

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Canadian Guitar Prog PYRAMIDS ON MARS Shares 'Song of Light' Off Upcoming Album Out Dec 21st

Guitarist Kevin Estrella’s project Pyramids On Mars has a new album being released on December 21, 2019, entitled "Edge of the Black". The full length offers up an aural palette of intense instrumental rock that's emotional, provocative and 4-dimensional.

Following Pyramids On Mars' two previous albums, "Edge of the Black" was written, composed and performed solely by Kevin Estrella who cites influences from musical greats including J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi along with today’s guitar virtuosos Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani. "Edge of the Black" pays homage to these artists while still maintaining Estrella’s own creative flair. Estrella shares his thoughts on the album:

“On Edge of The Black, I wanted to put emphasis on songwriting and telling a story. The emphasis is not just on the lead guitar melody, but on the band as a whole. Harmonic variations on repeating themes are strongly utilized; like rhyming phrases in spoken language that allows easier accurate retelling of the original story. This idea of repeating music phrases/themes so the audience can easily recall it and hum it all the way home.”

Teaming up with PureGrainAudio.com, Pyramids On Mars is premiering the J.S. Bach inspired track 'Song of Light', which even kicks off with a harpsichord in the intro.

"Edge of The Black" pre-order available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
1. Blood Moon 5:42
2. Nacht Waffen 6:56
3. Song of Light 5:44
4. F-22 Raptor 5:53
5. The Ambassador 4:57
6. Mercury Magnetar 4:58
7. Arcturian Rain 4:38
8. Time to Believe 4:40
9. Arioso Lullaby 4:39
10. Whale Song 4:28
Album Length: 52:40
For more info:


Every once in awhile there comes along a band that is so different or unique, you would think they were dropped on Earth from another planet.  Pyramids on Mars is one of those bands. What first catches you, is that they are an instrumental band. A combination of elements such as hard rock, industrial, metal and psychedelic rock: and then the lead guitar comes soaring in.  Well crafted, beautiful, melodic phrases so catchy and memorable they will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 

Pyramids on Mars is the solo project of guitarist Kevin Estrella.  He wanted to do something musically different that would stand out from the crowd. Estrella's musical style is very similar to world-renowned rock guitarist Joe Satriani, so much so that Estrella has nicknamed himself the "Satriani of the North."

"Of course Satriani has had a huge influence on me," he says "But he (Satriani) does more of a bluesy thing whereas I am more influenced by classical music.  I absolutely love the Baroque classical composers J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi who are my biggest musical influences.

Estrella recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his debut album, self-titled "Pyramids on Mars" in 2013.  Since then, he has been capturing music industry attention-getting international radio airplay in the U.S, Canada, South America, and Europe.  He is a regular guest on Brian 'the hammer' Jackson radio (Los Angeles) to over 4 million listeners and a weekly speaker on Real Rock Radio (Chicago).


Musician and Actor Michael Malarkey share New Single "Graveracer"

The first offering and title track from upcoming second full length album, due for Release on 10th January.
Multi-talented singer-songwriter-actor Michael Malarkey renders another brooding deep cut with new single "Graveracer", the first offering and title track from Michael’s upcoming second full length album, due for release on 10th January 2020 via Cap on Kat/Kartel. 

Best known as the charismatic Enzo in the CW’s television series "The Vampire Diaries" and Captain Michael Quinn in Robert Zemeckis’ executively produced "Project Blue Book" for History. The British-American talent has simultaneously cultivated a body of work that established him as a distinctive and captivating crossover talent, winning over audiences in both the music and acting arenas.

Written in 2018 between Puerto Rico and Vancouver whilst Michael was working on both the 50 Cent-produced crime drama "The Oath" and "Project Blue Book", during a time of physical and emotional turbulence – Michael, the cast and crew were evacuated from Puerto Rico during the build-up of Hurricane Maria – an experience that has bled into the artist’s lyrical imagery through the record, perfectly depicting the tense feelings coming from the fragile balance of work and home.

“During the time I was working on the record, I escaped two hurricanes - as well as a third, I suppose, my own personal one. This record is my Odyssey in a way. It’s the journey back home after being ravaged in the seas of your own mind and finding the strength to carry on after the storm. I was left with a feeling of freedom and I found it through these songs. The opening track to the record, ‘Graveracer’, is the hearthstone of this journey. The road may be dark, but the night is full of stars” reveals Michael.

Recorded at Tesla Studios in Sheffield, UK and produced by Michael and dark-folk maverick singer-songwriter A.A. Williams, "Graveracer" is a visceral body of work and a masterful culmination of the last few years of Michael’s musical development, drawing together the strength of his unique live performances and influences in what is one of the most captivating releases of the year.
Previously releases, including the debut album "Mongrels", have seen support across respected international publications including Metro, Billboard, Classic Rock and The Guardian. With a new album on the way, a headline European tour and a new season of "Project Blue Book" airing in the UK in Winter 2020, Michael is set to make his mark as one of the most inspiring artists of his generation.

Michael has announced an extensive European headline tour. Check the dates below!

Jan 11 @ Cafe La Danse (Paris, FR)
Jan 13 @ Zappa (Antwerp, BEL)
Jan 14 @ Melkweg (Amsterdam, NL)
Jan 15 @ Luxor (Cologne, DE)
Jan 17 @ Little Vega (Copenhagen, DK)
Jan 18 @ Nalen Klubb (Stockholm, SE)
Jan 19 @ Parkeateret (Oslo, NO)
Jan 21 @ Nochtspeicher (Hamburg,DE)
Jan 22 @ Das Bett (Frankfurt, DE)
Jan 23 @ Bi Nuu (Berlin, DE)
Jan 24 @ Proxima (Warsaw, PL)
Jan 25 @ Roxy (Prague, CZ)
Jan 27 @ Durer Kert (Budapest, HU)
Jan 28 @ Orpheum (Graz, AT)
Jan 29 @ Randal Club (Bratislava, SK)
Jan 31 @ Gate (Milan, IT)
Feb 01 @ Strom (Munich, DE)
Feb 03 @ Caribbean Club (Kiev, UA)
Feb 05 @ 16 Tons (Moscow, RU)
Feb 06 @ The Place (St Petersburg, RU)
Feb 07 @ Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm (Barcelona, ES)
Feb 08 @ Moby Dick (Madrid,ES)

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Following the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the launch of the fastest growing song at Alternative Radio - “The Best” - the first single off their upcoming album, AWOLNATION has readied even more new music for fans from their forthcoming release. The latest is a new song “California Halo Blue” out everywhere now via Better Noise Music.

The song, from the approaching new album that Aaron Bruno has been concocting over the past year, is one that personally means a lot to the artist. It was conceptualized and born out of a heavy and personal experience in late 2018. Amidst the tragic California fires of 2018, an occurrence now all too frequent, the Woolsey fire tore through Bruno's hometown and surrounding areas almost exactly one year ago.

While the fires rapidly spread, he was out on tour and couldn’t get home if he tried, only able to be on the phone with his wife while she packed up what she could, before evacuating with their dogs in tow. Though he and his family were some of the more fortunate ones, losing a recording studio and all the gear in it as flames burned through the property, their home was miraculously sparred. “I'm extremely lucky and grateful” he says. 


And she said
I packed the car and grabbed the dogs and packed up plenty of food
Don’t Worry
And grabbed your journals, grabbed your soul and packed your favorite shoes
- “California Halo Blue”

That date, and the ones leading up to it, inspired the anthemic new release, with the song playing out like a journal entry of the day. The title and some of the lyrics were influenced by something Bruno was thinking about during those moments. “I kind of had this hopeful fantasy in my head visualizing there being a halo around California made of water, and that it could put out the fires” he explains of “California Halo Blue”.

The accompanying music video, directed by Ravi Dhar, is an ethereal re-telling of the artist’s experience that inspired the song. It features footage from firefighters themselves who have helped to combat the fires and save so many lives. Bruno hopes to also bring a spotlight to the first responders who do so much for communities effected by wildfires and other tragedies. See below for some organizations where support can be given to firefighters and their families dealing with loss.


The B-Side of “California Halo Blue” is a cover of a classic song by The Cars, “Drive”.  While recorded well before the passing of Ric Ocasek, it now takes on a new meaning and helps to pay tribute to the amazing songwriter, artist, and producer that Ocasek was.

AWOLNATION’s cover of “Drive” is the result of a long-held desire of Bruno to try out his own version of the song. A record that whenever it came on, infatuated him, he knew one day he would try recording his own version. “It has a little bit of an 80’s/90’s hip hop beat in it” he says of the cover, an era of the genre that he grew up on and continues to love. “It’s really just me putting my own little spin on a song I always treasured, and at the same time now paying respect to Ric, Benjamin Orr and The Cars as well”.

KINDA Agency

San Francisco Bay Area based electronic musician Rich Brodsky, aka Atomic Skunk, will release his first full length album in over eight years entitled Base Camp on June 21, 2019. The album will feature 9 all new original tracks of Atomic Skunk’s unique "Intuitive Ambient Space Music for the Heart, Mind and Soul." Base Camp is Brodsky's fourth full length album, following on the heels of his first three critically acclaimed releases, Binary Scenes, Portal and Alchemy.

Atomic Skunk made a splash on the ambient electronic scene in 2009 with the release of Binary Scenes, garnering high praise from electronic music fans, bloggers and ambient music stalwarts such as Hearts of Space producer, Stephen Hill and Echoes Radio producer, John Dilberto, who described the music as "note perfect ambient, full of mood, unusual dreamstate shifts and psychedelic edges." Echoes Radio listeners voted Binary Scenes one of the "Top 200 CDs of the last 20 Years." Portal was a featured album on numerous, legendary ambient music radio programs such as Hearts of Space, Echoes Radio, SOMA FM, Musical Starstreams and Radioio Ambient. Echoes Radio listeners voted it into the Top 25 for the "2010 Best of Echoes Radio" listeners poll, while the staff of Echoes Radio featured Portal as one of their "25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2010."

Like Portal and Alchemy, Base Camp will be released on all major platforms, but a "gapless" version of the album (each track flows into the next) will be available only at https://atomicskunk.bandcamp.com. There will also be a very limited edition 6-Panel Digipak CD with artwork by Michal Karcz available. Pre-orders begin June 7 with a release date of June 21, 2019.


Base Camp
Earth OG
Lunar OG
Woodberry Train

Music: http://atomicskunk.bandcamp.com/track/woodberry-train

Rising RetroFuturist synth and electronic artist C Z A R I N A has released her latest spacewave and dreamwave ballad entitled "Til the Last Star" to welcome summer. Accompanied by atmospheric synths and orchestral arrangements simulating the journey through outer space, C Z A R I N A reels listeners in a Sci-Fi-inspired, trance-like dreamscape in her most vulnerable performance and personal testament about the epic lifelong journey one would traverse for love. "Til the Last Star" is now available for streaming and download in digital platforms worldwide.

Written, composed, performed and produced by C Z A R I N A (aka Vero Faye Kitsune), "Til the Last Star" poignantly talks about love as the true paramount choice through life's journey. "Many of us are driven by ambition and goals while in search of one's self. We often forget that at the end, all that matters is our ability to give and accept fearless, dauntless love," explains the artist, who herself had found tremendous success for many years as a fashion mogul, prior to her return to music and fully embarking upon uncharted territories towards self-discovery.

Before C Z A R I N A, Vero Faye Kitsune spent her time as the full time creative director and founder of the famed footwear and accessory brand, IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK. With a design aesthetic true to her own notoriously unapologetic rock-and-roll persona, her footwear collection became a global success, with a long list of celebrity clientele including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kesha, Lily Collins, Cassie, Jamie Chung and Tori Kelly. Her line was also stocked at specialty retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom Salon, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Intermix, Harvey Nichols London and Printemps Paris. With the paramount accomplishment of her company, C Z A R I N A decided to venture back into music and form a sound that is a true reflection of her dynamic skillset as a creative professional. On November 11, 2018, her critically-acclaimed debut LP, Painted Holograms, was released and had earned her a spot in several Best of 2018 lists, including Music Connection Magazine's Hot 100 Independent Artists of 2018. C Z A R I N A blurs the lines between retro and modern, along with vivid and colorful lyricism, sonic guitars, heartfelt melodies and vocal hooks which are all signature to a soundscape that is truly her own. Her trademark persona has garnered attention from publications including Guitar Girl Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, She Bops and Iron Skullet Synthwave. The latter praised C Z A R I N A's masterwork debut LP, Painted Holograms, as "a remarkable creation at a critical moment in synthwave's history... She may very well be the first synthwave rockstar."

pic by Deadly Kawaii

To keep up with C Z A R I N A and her evolving musical projects, visit CzarinaOfficial.com and Instagram @Czarinaofficial.

Website: http://www.czarinaofficial.com
Music: http://soundcloud.com/…/c-z-a-r-i-n-a-til-the-last-…/s-Fhq7S

Neil Young / Crazy Horse: Colorado (Warner)

Colorado is Neil Young’s first album with longtime band Crazy Horse in seven years, following 2012’s Psychedelic Pill. The LP was recorded mostly live in studio and co-produced by Young and John Hanlon. In addition to the new album, Young released a making-of documentary titled Mountaintop. The film captures the band laying down Colorado in—where else?—Colorado.

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