WIZEKRAK 80s U.S. Hard-Rock limited release anthology


STEELHEART Records is really happy and proud to announce the signing of the ‘80s U.S. Hard-Rock band WIZEKRAK for its much acclaimed “Lost U.S. Jewel” Series.

Led by frontman Jeff Wyld, guitarist Preston Rokks, bassist K.C. Kaine, and Larry “Bam Bam” Rodbell hittin’ the skins, they spent the late 80’s and early 90’s touring at-capacity venues throughout the US Mid-Atlantic, into the Southeast, and across the country to the West Coast. 

Music and stage-performance styles showed influences of bands like Van Halen, Warrant, Poison, and L.A. Guns.

WIZEKRAK branded their music performances as part glam, part sleaze, and “ALL GLEAZE”!

Their music had airplay in prime-time on top rock radio stations DC101 and 98Rock in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

With 1 album-cassette and 2 demos recorded, as well as appearances on local TV and live-performance video features, WIZEKRAK is now excited to celebrate their thirty-third anniversary with a highly anticipated limited release anthology titled “Wizekrak: Through the Years ‘89-’91”!

Stay tuned for a release-date during 2022.

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