STEELHEART Records is really happy and proud to announce the signing of the ‘80s U.S. Hard-Rock band WIZEKRAK for its much acclaimed “Lost U.S. Jewel” Series.

Led by frontman Jeff Wyld, guitarist Preston Rokks, bassist K.C. Kaine, and Larry “Bam Bam” Rodbell hittin’ the skins, they spent the late 80’s and early 90’s touring at-capacity venues throughout the US Mid-Atlantic, into the Southeast, and across the country to the West Coast. 

Music and stage-performance styles showed influences of bands like Van Halen, Warrant, Poison, and L.A. Guns.

WIZEKRAK branded their music performances as part glam, part sleaze, and “ALL GLEAZE”!

Their music had airplay in prime-time on top rock radio stations DC101 and 98Rock in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

With 1 album-cassette and 2 demos recorded, as well as appearances on local TV and live-performance video features, WIZEKRAK is now excited to celebrate their thirty-third anniversary with a highly anticipated limited release anthology titled “Wizekrak: Through the Years ‘89-’91”!

Stay tuned for a release-date during 2022.

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Canada's newest doomsday cult, KONTACT, blast off with 5 tracks of HEAVY METAL FROM BEYOND. As if frozen in the distant past and thawed in the distant future, their debut release "First Contact" fuzes 80s Priest with 90s Voivod into science-fiction epics that sound both strange and ancient, fresh but familiar. Featuring members of BLACKRAT and TRAVELER.

Listen to "Heaven's Gate" on the Temple of Mystery channel:

Release date: January 4th, 2022

VINYL: Canada, USA and non-EU countries:
Bandcamp (Everyone + EU countries):

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Hot on the heels of recent single, "chokehold", British metallers, Graphic Nature, have today released the video for another punishing new single, "drain".

Speaking of the song, frontman Harvey Freeman says: "drain is about a female spectre called Death, a succubus of sorts. She entices you with her words in the hopes to try and convince you to take your own life.  I like to see her as a representation of your darker thoughts; never being afraid of them, but always knowing they are there in the back of your mind. Drain is a mantra to basically never listen to that voice in your head. Just keep moving forward towards the better days".

Formed in 2019, the band have spent the last two years honing their sound. Taking influences from their love of nu-metal and early 2000's metalcore, while adding their own contemporary and aggressive approach.

Stream/But "drain" now!



Rockshots Records - Cosmic Metal VANDERLUST Rockets Debut Single "Scavengers of Kuiper Belt"

Do you like Tolkien tells? What if we would transpose his stories in space?
Listen to Scavengers of Kuiper Belt and join the race to find
the most precious object of the entire Solar System! 

Debut Self-Titled Album Coming Spring 2022

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of cosmic metallers VANDERLUST (ft. members of S91, Dreal) for the release of their self-titled debut album due out Spring 2022.

Birthed to travel the cosmos, Italy's Vanderlust is a power-heavy metal band with prog-thrash influences that tells tales of space travels, astronomy, space engineering, and sci-fi adventures.

"We tried to mix a prog-thrashy riffing in the roots of Megadeth, Vektor and Tool with epic vocal parts like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Angra, and Lione's Rhapsody. We also put sci-fi elements in our songs, so you can hear also something from Voivod." adds the band.

This debut recording is like a stellar system with 12 different planets. The star at the center of the system represents the heavy-power metal around all the songs revolving. Despite all the tracks being irradiated by the same light, they are all different from each other. Vanderlust has fast thrash, slow and doom, shiny and brilliant to grunge, and darker songs. Like planets, which appear like simple small bright spots, but in reality, are all big worlds, Vanderlust's songs are more complex than they sound at first listen. In fact, you can easily sing along to some of the choruses even if there are complex riffs in the background. Vanderlust is particularly proud of the participation of opera singer Letizia Cappellini who does vocals on select tracks and helps the band further expand the vocal register of their compositions. The band also adds the presence of synths and electronic elements to the compositions to set the sci-fi mood of the lyrics.

"The main goal was to start a metal band that could be an inspiration for young people, a band that could tell them stories from the future when mankind will have overcome its limits and the solar system will be an entire human colony. This idea came to mind to founding members Francesco and Santo when they began their search for other members that could fit. Drummer Giacomo Mezzetti joined the space odyssey right before the covid-19 outbreak. Vocalist Riccardo Morello joined the band during the first lockdown in Italy, so the first song was entirely composed online, using videocalls and file sharing." adds the band.

Today, the band unveils their first single "
Scavengers of Kuiper Belt", which they explain its story in further detail:

"In the Vanderlust Universe, The Scavengers are the employees of a large corporation that operates on many planets and colonies throughout the solar system. Their story begins in the 21st century when their main task was to capture all the space debris in Earth's orbit. Due to the particular business organization and the bizarre recruiting rules, the company turned into a sort of tribe during the centuries. The importance of the Scavengers got bigger and bigger and, at the time of our story, they perform several important tasks, including fathoming the Kuiper belt in search of Ices (large orbiting frozen objects from which extract energy and precious materials). The main characters of our story are two scavengers during a typical working day. To alleviate the boredom of the day they decide to start a competition to find the most profitable Ice in the shortest time. But suddenly, here's something they've never seen... A really strange object, a very precious object... very precious... can I see it? Today it's my birthday... maybe you should give it to me... 

Do you feel like you've heard this story before? Yup! It's the story of Smeagol and Deagol ... transposed into space!"

"Scavengers of Kuiper Belt" is a speed-power metal song in the vein of Blind Guardian style, fast and powerful. It has some technical sections (especially in the midsection). The singing is heavier and mighty, along with some thrashy riffs, a soft-fusion bridge, and a prog-thrash ending.

Listen to "Scavengers of Kuiper Belt" at the following links:


Digital - 

For their live aspect, Vanderlust is currently working hard to create a thrilling spectacle, giving all their energy to the fans and letting them join them on the space journey.

Album artwork and tracklisting to be unveiled at a later date.

Vanderlust is recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Angra, Tool, Helloween, and Vektor.


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Prog / Psychedelic Rock Prodigy ROAD TRIP has signed a deal with Epictronic for the album "Merry Go Round", set to be released on the 21st of January 2022.

The album Merry Go Round is Dave Hulatt's solo project. It is the result of many years of performing, recording and production experience as a musician/composer and sound engineer/ producer.

Merry Go Round concept:

The Album encapsulates many influences from a wide range of progressive/psychedelic rock artists such as Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, from the folk and singer songwriter genres such as John Martyn, Nick Drake and also influenced by rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Rush.

Lyrically, inspiration has come from reading science fiction such as the author Phillip K. Dick, or George Orwell, and can be heard on tracks such as "Cracks in Space" or "Welcome To The Dark". These influences fuse and synthesise with interpretations of life, reflections on current events, relationships and all the stuff we go through within the human condition.

The track "Light of Perfection" for example is almost like a metaphor for the light and energy we feel from the sun, and how that can make us feel alive, free and happy in the moment of that feeling/escaping to that perfect place.


1. Cracks In Space

2. The Rabbit Hole Of Time

3. The Light of Perfection

4. Station in the Sky

5. The Maze

6. Times Gone By

7. Welcome to the Dark

8. The Trip

9. Merry Go Round

"The Rabbit Hole of Time" Music Video

Road Trip - The Rabbit Hole Of Time [Music Video] - YouTube


Road Trip is a psychedelic journey through your mind. Its about our journey of life without artificial boundaries, an escape from the mundane to the other and back again. Road Trip started as a purely solo project, as an evolution from previous playing/writing contexts in the many bands that preceeded including The Dream Circuit ( Who performed at HRH Prog, Kozzfest and many other small festival stages a few years back.
The first Road Trip EP called "Sun Daze" was released in 2015 and has had worldwide airplay on streaming platforms in addition to selling well to festival crowds as physical product.
Personally as more of a session guitarist have been seen playing alongside luminaries such as Nick Turner or Dave Anderson from Hawkwind.
Reviews of live performance can be seen on the Road Trip page.

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XIPE TOTEC "TLAMIQUIH” (DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2021)

The Prehispanic Death Metal duo has released a new album titled “Tlamiquih” (all things die), devastating Brutal Death Metal between ritual chants; memorable and devastating riffs accompanied by rainsticks, huehuetl, teponaztli and various flutes from ancient Mexico.

A mythical and cavernous trip to the past, recalling the Nahua culture and the mythology of the ancient gods of the Mexican pantheon, therefore the prehispanic instruments, the nahuatl language, archeology and Metal are some of the elements that you will find in this full length…

The album contains 10 songs and will be available worldwide on November 30, 2021 in the best stores iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube ... and many others.

The band consists of Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn Miquian) who plays practically all instruments ... and Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) on vocals.
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UNITYTX have put their unique spin on Megan Thee Stallion's song "Cry Baby ft. DaBaby". Fans can check it out now at: The song features additional vocals from Ericka Kent of "This Is Your God". The band starting teasing the cover and collab yesterday on Tiktok.
"We love Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby, their music & impact on the culture is incredible and we really wanted to do something refreshing for our supporters," says the band. We've always been known as a "nü-metal" group but that's clearly not all we're about when it comes to UNITYTX. We are all diverse musicians who love all genres — with this cover, this sound is not quite familiar coming from us but it's a taste in versatility to our sound. It may not be for everyone and that's fine, we have more music coming".

Mixing punishing hardcore breakdowns and razor-sharp riffs with the murky soul of grunge and hip-hop energy, UNITYTX bridge musical boundaries, spanning the gap between rap/rock's forefathers and the new underground with a captivatingly rhythmic take on the heavy music genre.
The band will release new music in 2021. They were recently featured on the curated compilation "Voices for the Unheard" from Nova Twins, which helped highlight people of color in the rock and alternative scene. Learn more about it HERE

UNITYTX is Jay Webster (vocals), Alberto Vazquez (guitar), Ricky Cova (guitar), and Jonathan Flores (drums).


The Mexican Sugar Skulls present their new EP, 'Suertudo', a great comeback to the best melodic punk rock

Wild Punk Records
EP: 19/03/2021


Jerezan (Andalucía, Spain) punk rockers The Mexican Sugar Skulls strike back with a new lineup, presenting a new EP called 'Suertudo'. This power trio released back in 2012 on Wild Punk Records their debut album 'Calavera' and after a hiatus, went back onstage at Inocente Rock 2018 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band.

'Suertudo' has been recorded in November 2020 at Estudios 79, by Rafa Camisón (GAS Drummers, Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros, etc). This return of the band takes us back to the best era of the genre, a 90s trip from raging Venice Beach to the most melodic Swedish punk rock scene from the late 20th Century. A New EP coming out with a single and videoclip called 'Out The Door', loaded with powerful and catchy melodies. Among these 6 tracks, stands out Chema Mora's (Mi Eje Central, Lancero) beautiful acoustic guitar collaboration on the track that gives name to the EP, 'Suertudo'.

Raging 90s are back with The Mexican Sugar Skulls. Join the gang!

Track List
1 - Greenface
2- Friends are Precious
3- Baby Shower
4- Out The Door
5- Puppetstrings
6- Suertudo