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Canada's Vinyl Hero Shares Cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"

L-R - Costa Siarlis (Bass/Vocals), Ray Howard (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Tiburce Perlau (Drums, Vocals)

Montreal's Vinyl Hero is paying homage to one of the great English rockers with their cover of "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel. The song will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, as it was originally released on April 21, 1986. The band will also be commemorating the classic track with a music video to follow next month.

The cover version can be heard at the following links:
YouTube - 

Spotify - 

Committed to breaking the mold of creativity and stretching the boundaries of what we all grew up calling "Good Old Rock n Roll", the band pulls no punches when delivering bouncy, enthusiastic songs. The cover of "Sledgehammer" is no exception and is the first in a series of singles set to be released as they explain:

"We decided to release single by single. To make it easier for our fans to get to know us better and join us in the excitement after every single release. Fans should be expecting a bunch of new material for 2021."

Vinyl Hero has established a distinct sound over the years and continues to release songs with a lot of soul, depth, tone, heartfelt lyrics, and powerhouse choruses. Along with this colourful reimagining of a classic track, the upcoming batch of singles will be a great representation of the band and the story they want to tell to their fans. Page by page, chapter by chapter. 

No strangers to the stage, Vinyl Hero boasts an impressive live performance resume including multiple appearances at Indie Week in Toronto and Nappanee's VoodooRockFest as well as touring across Quebec and Ontario. Their live shows are a continuous rollercoaster of entertainment from start to finish. They deliver high octane, fast-paced, honest, and real rock show. No bells or whistles, just three guys on one stage.

Vinyl Hero's tunes are recommended for anyone who appreciates rock in all forms, especially fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, and Big Wreck. 

For more info:

Heavy and gutsy rock riffing served alongside palpable and unmistakable lead vocals!

The feeling you get when headbanging to a Vinyl Hero tune is best described as a Symphony of Synchronicity. Three different individuals with one main goal. Ray Howard and Costa Siarlis (founding members) had a couple of years to curate their songs and sound with different members and once drummer Tiburce Perlau was added to the lineup their overall sound hit a level that has become Vinyl Hero's trademark sound!

No strangers to touring, Montrealer's Vinyl Hero have been hard at work tilling the soil along the Quebec/Ontario's 401; headlining venues in Montreal such as Club Soda, and playing important support slots to blues legends like Pat Travers, Stu Hamm, and Alex Skolnick at the towering Le National Theater. The band has been a fan favourite at Mont Tremblant's Blues Fest and by way of consistent, steady, touring has built a vibrant and reliable following in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Kitchener, even as far away as Victoria B.C. along with numerous markets in their native province of Quebec. Vinyl Hero has graced Major Canadian Festival stages including Toronto's Indie Week (three years running) and Nappanee's VoodooRockFest. FM Radio spins include CHOM 97.7's show Montreal ROCKS, and Oshawa's the Rock 94.9 FM who have been ambassadors for the band in the greater Toronto area. Vinyl Hero was also nominated for Canada's best independent Rock Video in 2018 by Dropout Entertainment and was named Montreal's most popular vote for CBC's Searchlight.

Their 2016 E.P. 'Seven Days On A Train' was released to great acclaim "Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script" (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)(Pure Grain Audio) "They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow ." (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

In 2020, Vinyl Hero released their single "VULTURES" recorded at Montreal's #churchofrocknroll recording studio The Freq Shop ran by Dave Traina (The Damn Truth) and multi-instrumentalist Derek Orsi.

With influences drawing from Queens Of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as fellow Canadians Big Wreck, Vinyl Hero has not placed its cross-hairs on adhering to a particular sound or bandwagon. The Montreal power trio is best described as Deep, Honest, Powerful, and True. Their ethos; to embody in music, humanity, living emotion, and the organic nature characteristic of music during the vinyl era, all while delivering smart arrangements with impactful dynamics and deft akin to power trios such as Nirvana and The Tea Party.

"'Seven Days On A Train' was released to great acclaim "Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script" (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)

"They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow." (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

"Low and slow riffage from a Montreal three-piece that's been making the rounds for the past five years or so. Good for fans of stoner rock. If Chris Cornell were still with us, he'd get a kick out of these guys. The singer kinda reminds me of former QotSA dude Nick Oliveri (except with his clothes on)." - Alan Cross


DeFox Records and Invincible Records are excited to announce the second album of the dark doom metal band from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM !

The album title “Vault Of Horror”, an Epic Doom Metal based on the old horror movies (Amicus prods, Hammer films), "Creepshow"... or recalling those classic series like "The Twiligh Zone" or "X files".

Those notes on the transverse flute and pipe organ, make a more peculiar, ancient and mysterious sound than in unison with the Doom  voice of Phillip Yepez (The Fury I Hide), produces a journey of time, a mix between old & new Doom Metal.  The Lee Dorrian style comes to mind in some moments.

Tasters of Candlemass, Trouble, Blood Ceremony,  Cathedral, Pentagram, Altar Of Oblivion, from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM arrives to bring us the longing and nostalgia of the old horror cinema of the 60's - 90's in a Doom Metal made for you to wear your hood and taste the sadness and those times ...

The release will be available on April 30th - 2021.

The digital album on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Line up:

Martin Martinez, All instruments

Phillip Yepez, Vocals

track list:

01 A daugther for the devil

02 A good place to visit

03 A tale from the crypt

04 Asylum

05 Odissey of the flight

06 The death of Jordy Verril

07 The old boss Woodhead

08 Tooms

09 Twinds of evil

10 Vault of horror

Band FB:

Band site: 



World Press Agency:

We talked to one of the bands that are promoting their debut album right now! Hellbones are an international project involving musicians from Europe and South America, including Magnus Westman (Mindfuel from Sweden), Rafael Fidanza (Nordica, Tyrano from Argentina) and special guest Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray from Germany) here is this exclusive interview for our readers:

HELLBONES interview

1. Hi guys, tell us your music history and when you formed Hellbones project group?

Hellbones were formed in 2018 after we met online in the comment field of Magnus Karlsson(Magnus Karlssons Free Fall, Primal Fear etc.). We realized right away that we shared the same influences so we tried with one song and then the ball was rolling.

2. A question to Magnus about his experience in music, his previous bands

I’ve been in bands since I was 16, I started as bassist but pretty soon moved on to become a singer. I have released two albums with Mindfuel which sadly after the second release ran out into the sand.

3. The same question for Rafael

My first experience with guitar was when I was 16 too. I started with a classical guitar which was in my house but soon I got my first electric guitar, I always loved that crunchy sound and making some noise, (lol). Mi first band was Vibora, we played cover songs of the bands we loved in those years, Kiss, Twisted Sister, etc, and also we had our own songs. Then comes the band Stonehenge. Some time after I have got involved in bigger projects like Tyrano and Nordica and also as a singer. Since 2006 I have been running my own recording studio "Heaven and Hell". 

4. Tell us about the album "Crossing borders"?

Rafael: I think "Crossing Borders" is a journey through different emotions and even moods of our lives. We took our time to choose the arrangements and melodies in each song, including the lyrics, so I think the songs could have matured little by little until they took their final form.

5. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them?

I, Magnus writes most of the lyrics with a little help from Rafael. I get inspired from the daily life, people I meet and things I hear. 

6. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "Hellbones"?

Rafael: It is a fun story. I was playing World Of Warcraft with my nephew Cristian and I chose a character, It was a cave troll. I named him "Hellbones" :) I thought it was a cool name for such a miserable creature. Some time after it became the name of my musical studio project. When we started this project with Magnus we agree to use this cool name. Now Hellbones is a fire golem which is cooler!

7. How did you manage to involve the singer Ralf Scheepers in your recording project?

Rafael: Ralf is my vocal teacher since some years ago and now he is a good friend, a good man who you really can trust. He listened some songs of "Crossing Borders" during my lessons, he liked the project. He naturally wanted to colaborate singing some lines in one song. Really a honor to have him on board.

8. We would like to have your point of view on the pandemic situation with covid-19, will we achieve stability and defeat this virus?

Covid-19 will probably be a part of our lifes from now and on, just like the regular flu. But controlled with vaccin. Hopefully things will get back to more normal again, so we can travel, go to the movies, go on concerts etc.

9. What do you foresee for the future of your music? 

The future for Hellbones is to reach out to even more listeners and become a name among the established bands. And to make more magic music.

10. Would you like to leave a message to our readers?

Keep your faith in the recovery of our world and while you do it, listen to tons of good music.

Follow the band:

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SENNIGHT Shares Their "Golden Crown" Off Upcoming 2021 Album "New Takes The Old"

Featuring Album Guests Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable),
Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse), Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual)

L-R - Sennight - Adam Mast – Bass, Vocal | Trevor Norris – Guitar 

Atlanta's Sennight drives forth with their heavy, melancholic brand of melodic metal that can quickly be felt by the listener who is washed over with pronounced energy. It commands attention and is not a sound that is easily forgotten. Compared to their earlier demos, which were more of an alternative metal sound, their music has gotten faster and more energetic since then.

Planning to release their first full-length "New Takes The Old", which features guests Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable), Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse, Blackwater Drowning, Azymyth), and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) later in 2021 to follow their 2019 debut EP "Fear of The Unseen". The duo of Adam Mast (Bass, Vocals) and Trevor Norris (Guitar) are ready to introduce more of themselves to the world with the release of the third single from the upcoming 10 track album.

Entitled "Golden Crown", the single is a heavy detuned track that features a brilliant solo from guest guitarist Ron Dalton Jr.

Vocalist/bassist Adam Mast explains "Golden Crown" in further detail:

"We used a rarer guitar tuning on Golden Crown – BADGBE (Standard tuning with bottom E down a 5th), which took us out of our comfort zone for riffs and chords, but we were really happy how the track finally came together. Somehow the song took on a heavier pocket/down tempo feeling while staying with that cold melodic vibe that we like to use. There's also a fabulously ripped solo by Ron Dalton Jr., and it has to be one of the best on the album. The lyrics sort of play between nebulous themes of change, death, and leaving behind old states of being to embrace new ones." 

"Golden Crown", Sennight's third single can be heard via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE

Spotify pre-save here.

Sennight's forthcoming album "New Takes The Old" will be comprised of ten songs with a variety of colors, sometimes energetic and penetrating, other times somber and plodding. The album was recorded over several sessions at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC, and a few parts were done remotely at guitarist Trevor Norris' home studio. Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) also recorded their guest solos remotely. The lyrical content on the album is largely inspired by various European mythologies and epic stories: people striving and persevering against terrible odds and having otherworldly experiences. 

Ever ambitious, Sennight has more plans for releases after this upcoming 2021 album drops.

Recommended for fans of Katatonia, Opeth, and Kamelot, Sennight's previous singles "Arise" and "Tearing Free", can also be heard on Bandcamp, Spotify. Apple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Perfect Symmetry
2. New Takes The Old – ft. guest solo Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable)
3. Tearing Free – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
4. When Daylight Dies
5. Golden Crown – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
6. Who Am I – ft. guest solo Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual)
7. Arise – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
8. I Am
9. Misbegotten
10. Go

Album Band Line Up:
Adam Mast – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Trevor Norris – Solo guitars
David Holquin – Drums

More info:


Atlanta's Sennight was founded in 2017 by bassist/vocalist/songwriter Adam Mast. After years of playing bass in the extreme metal scene, his musical tastes and direction changed and he began writing in a more melodic/heavy metal direction. Influenced by melodic metal bands such as Katatonia, Opeth, and Kamelot, he sought to craft a sound with heavy guitars and drums entwined with harmonic vocal melodies.

Sennight's first EP "Fear of the Unseen" came out in May 2019, recorded at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC with engineer Zac Thomas. Joining in on the studio tracks were a couple of ace North Carolina metal musicians: Drummer David Holquin (Violent Life Violent Death) and guitarist Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse).

Wasting no time, Sennight reentered the Jam Room Studio in late 2019, again with Thomas at the console, and began recording their first LP "New Takes The Old" with guitarist Trevor Norris officially joining the band in early 2020. Holquin and Dalton Jr. helped again with studio tracking and the sessions along with guest guitar solo appearances from mainstay southeastern metallers Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual).

Up to this point, the writing has been done by Mast who fully demos the songs on a DAW and sends them to the other studio players. The guitar solos are fully made by the individual players and the drums are creatively improved by the drummer. When it comes to their live shows, metal fans can anticipate a high energy set with a big guitar sound, in true classic rock band style with no backing tracks. Sennight's debut album "New Takes the Old" can be expected in 2021.


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OSYRON To Release Deluxe Edition of "Kingsbane" Album (Remixed, Remastered + Bonus Tracks)

"Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" Out May 14th

Post Teaser For Upcoming Music Video "Viper Queen"

L-R: Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar) | Cody Anstey (Drums) | Bobby Harley (Guitar) | Reed Alton (Vocals) | Tyler Corbett (Bass)

Photo Credit by Ara Shimoon

Calgary, Canada's Osyron unleashed their latest album "Foundations" in July 2020. The release was an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics of the country's colonization to its mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to its participation in global warfare. Although it was not a conceptual release, it did bear a consistent theme across nearly the entirety of the record.

Now in 2021, with great reception from new fans for "Foundations", Osyron has decided to re-introduce the past to the present with the re-release of their 2017 album "Kingsbane" in a Deluxe Edition on May 14th.

The Deluxe Edition of "Kingsbane" will feature all original tracks from the 2017 full-length re-mixed and re-mastered (original recordings were with former drummer Trevor Cobb). There will also be three re-written and re-arranged bonus tracks for Viper Queen, Griefmaker, and Razor's Wind (Acoustic) with current drummer Cody Anstey. The original recordings of the bonus tracks were written by guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, but for the Deluxe Edition were collaborated by the whole band. The Deluxe Edition of "Kingsbane" was also entirely re-mixed by bassist Tyler Corbett and re-mastered by drummer Cody Anstey.

The band adds:

"Doing a re-release was never on our radar before, and definitely not something we previously considered for such a long and fleshed out album. However,  we felt that this album could do with a proper release in our target markets, and we had lots of time over the pandemic to try and breathe some new life into it. As such, we set out to remix and re-master the whole album, along with re-recording 3 songs in re-arranged states as singles. These three songs were picked based on their reception live, our personal connection to them, or the amount of potential we saw in re-arranging them. We're super excited to get all these songs out for you in a higher quality mix, but we're easily most excited to get you to hear these new takes on some of our "classics". 

For "Kingsbane", Osyron dives into a story of a hero who must reluctantly take up arms against a tyrant king in a neighbouring land. Along the way, he faces many inward, and outward challenges he must overcome to achieve his goal. Through it all, the hero learns a valuable lesson that even though they are duty-bound to stop this great evil, this great evil is also in the eye of the beholder. They discover that the weight of absolute power has the potential to corrupt absolutely - maybe not all villains are as one-dimensional as they seem from the outset.

Leading up to the release of "Kingsbane" Deluxe Edition", Osyron will also be releasing a music video on April 9th for the new version of their single "Viper Queen".

A teaser for that video can be viewed via YouTube -

The band comments on the single:

"Viper Queen'' had actually always felt like the "odd one" out on the album, especially stylistically. All of the other songs have sections that repeat from song to song, or motifs that reprise, and all the other songs have a section that acts as a part of the intro piece (From Ashes). Viper Queen never really fell into that same groove and was never considered as a single on the first release of Kingsbane. However, it immediately did well live. People absolutely loved the song, and even we felt that especially live it captured a certain energy that was maybe missed from the recorded performance. We've even received comments from people about how they didn't really get Viper Queen until they came to a show and watched it happen live, so to that end, we wanted to really nail it for the re-release. We re-arranged it to trim some of what we considered the fat, and we sped up the tempo to more accurately translate some of that "live" intensity we felt the song was missing!"

With powerful songwriting and progressive symphonic melodies, fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun can enjoy Osyron's "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" when it's released on May 14th, 2021.

The band's previous album "Foundations" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer HERE.
Album CD and digital download via Bandcamp HERE.

Track Listing:
1. From Ashes (2:12)
2. To War (5:55)
3. Razor's Wind (8:15)
4. Viper Queen (7:07)
5. Griefmaker (6:41)
6. Kingsbane (7:18)
7. Empire of Dust (7:27)
8. Kingmaker (10:06)
9. Razor's Wind (Acoustic) (5:27)
10. Griefmaker (Re-recorded) (5:27)
11. Viper Queen (Re-recorded) (6:03)
Album Length: 1:12:03

Band Line Up:
Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar)
Cody Anstey (Drums)
Bobby Harley (Guitar)
Reed Alton (Vocals)
Tyler Corbett (Bass)

For more info:

Osyron is a symphonic metal band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group consists of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Cody Anstey. Bridging the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries, Osyron has a sound all their own.

Performing alongside numerous major acts such as Norther, Protest The Hero, Into Eternity, Threat Signal, and The Agonist, Osyron's next goal is to take their sound across the Atlantic in the flesh (post-Covid).  

2021 - Kingsbane - Deluxe Edition - Album (Re-Recorded, Remixed, Remastered)
2020 - Foundations - Album
2017 - Kingsbane - Album
2013 - Harbinger - Album

- 30 - 

What the press is saying:
"Their excellent blend of melody, speed and power always hits the sweet spot and I always enjoy seeing them. Progressive Power Metal at its finest. I could see them playing in Atlanta on PowerProg one year soon!" – Metal Rules (Live Review)

"Everything about KINGSBANE is supremely well done. They are one of my new favourite Canadian bands!" – Metal Rules (2017 Kingsbane album review)

"'Kingsbane' Voted #17 Best of 2017" – Metal Rules

"Everything about this band is top quality and one of the most proficient, mature, classy and yet still exciting new bands in this field." - Metal Rules (Foundations 2020)

"Get close, get warm and listen to the tales told of Canada by Osyron. 8/10" - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (Foundations 2020)

"From acoustic to symphonic, each song has plenty of twists and turns with potent vocals and compelling arrangements that showcase Osyron's instrumental prowess." - Heavy Music Headquarters (Foundations 2020)

"Foundations is an impressive, very likeable album that will no doubt strongly appeal to a diverse range of metalheads, from fans of European power metal, to prog metallers, to fans of more modern metal. Given the strong quality of this EP, I very much look forward to their next full-length album, which could really establish Osyron as a new, fresh force in the international metal scene." - Metal Observer (Foundations 2020)

"Foundations puts the band front and center for another Canadian breakthrough to a worldwide audience. Osyron succeed in creating a musically catchy effort that also contains some interesting twists and killer interplay when necessary – and should be a band to keep tabs on." - Dead Rhetoric (Foundations 2020)

"Seriously, it had been a long time since I had been blown away by a progressive metal release and this one does not disappoint. The production is on point and every song has its place on this EP to demonstrate what these guys are capable of. If you are looking for something different and fresh in a genre that has been known to stagnate, give this EP a nice long listen." - Metal Temple (Foundations 2020)

"Foundations is genuinely unlike anything I've heard before and it's had me going back for multiple listens precisely for this reason. The musicianship and songwriting are of high quality, but it's the production that really sells it." - Moshville (Foundations 2020)


For fans of Ayreon, Dream Theater, Nightwish, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lords of The Rings, The Hobbit

Rockshots Records: Tolkien Inspired Progressive Rock Orchestra AINUR New Music Video "Kinslaying (The First) ft. Ted Nasmith"

New Album "War of The Jewels" Out March 19th, 2021

Inspired by Tolkienian mythology, prog-rock orchestra Ainur has been composing J.R.R. Tolkien masterpieces into galloping escapades across the audio landscape for nearly two decades.

Their next anticipated record "War of The Jewels" is due out March 19th, 2021 (CD+Digital) (Vinyl - June 12th) via Rockshots Records, which sees the band take an interesting evolution in sound from previous releases. Ainur will completely immerse fans in J.R.R.Tolkien's war atmospheres. They have imagined every story and every battle and recreate them through unique and deep music.

The band comments:

"'War of the Jewels' is the eleventh volume of "The History of Middle-Earth". In Tolkien's mythology is the tale of the big wars that came out after the creation of the Silmarils by Fëanor. The main theme is the big battles of Beleriand, except for Nirnaeth Arnoediad that will have big space in our next album. The main implied character is Fëanor, the mightiest of the Elves. Musically, it's a thematic album as all our previous and future ones and you will recognize musical themes that we already used in "From Ancient Times", "Children of Hùrin" and "Lay of Leithian"; however, the atmospheres are more aggressive and mighty than in the past because the topics we have put in Music this time needed a more powerful musical support." 

The compositional process of "War of The Jewels" has been very long. It started in 2009 (or maybe before) and it ended more or less last year. Ainur sees it as their "rebirth" album. They have been working hard composing and arranging their music to create the best tribute to Tolkien's histories that they can. 

Today, the collective shares their music video for the next single "Kinslaying (The First)" ft. Ted Nasmith in support of the upcoming full length. 

Music Video -
Spotify -
Apple Music - 

The band adds:

"This song came almost by chance. Everything began with the initial chord, then we put the classical instruments on it and everything else came in the blink of an eye. We wanted to describe one of the darkest moments in Tolkien's mythology: the Alqualondë fratricide, also called 'First Kinslaying', when Elves killed other Elves for the first time. When we asked Wilma (our poetess that writes almost all our original lyrics) to write something about this dark moment, she came back with one of the best lyrics ever written for us and a verse of this song became the 'main topic' of the album: 'No longer Brothers, while vessels burn, beyond the riot of waves that churn'. From minute 5 you will be amazed by the powerful sadness of these words."

Fans of Tolkien's work along with fans of Ayreon, Queen, and John Williams will be surprised by the majesty and the energy of this work.

Album pre-order:  
CD Digipak -
Vinyl - (available on June 12, 2021 - Record Store Day)

Previous Single:
"Spirit Of Fire" ft. Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) & Ted Nasmith at the following links: 
Apple Music: 

Track Listing:
1. Fate Disclosed ft. Ted Nasmith (2:08)
2. Wars Of Beleriand (6:58)
3. Hell of Iron (5:46)
4. Wars Begin (7:01)
5. Kinslaying (The First) ft. Ted Nasmith (7:43)
6. Grinding Ice (8:27)
7. Battle Under The Stars ft. Derek Sherinian (4:39)
8. Spirit Of Fire ft. Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) & Ted Nasmith (7:17)
9. The Broidress (3:43)
10. The Great Battle (Or The War Of Wrath) ft. Ted Nasmith (11:58)
11. Apocalypse (4:24)
12. Apocalypse (Acoustic Bonus Track-digital only) (3:46)
Album Length: 1:13:55

Artwork by Felipe Machado (Blind Guardian, Axel Rudi Pell, etc)

Ainur is:
Luca Catalano - Composer, Guitars, Vocals
Marco Catalano - Composer, Drums, Vocals
Alex Armuschio - Composer, Keys, Lead Vocals
Max Clara - Lead Vocals
Roberta Malerba - Lead Vocals
Elena Richetta - Lead Vocals
Giuseppe Ferrante - Bass, Contrabass
Luca Marangoni - Violin
Carlo Perillo - Viola
Daniela Lorusso - Cello
Cristiano Blasi - Flutes
Chiara Marangoni - Horns
Wilma Collo - Lyrics

2006 - From Ancient Times
2007 - Children of Hurin
2009 - Lay of Leithian
2012 - Progressive Rock Night (DVD)
2013 - The Lost Tales
2014 - There and Back Again (single)
2019 - Fall of Gondolin (single)
2020 - Shadow from the East (single)
2021 - War of The Jewels



US rock band, THE MERCURY RIOTS, is a new band formed by members of popular LA bands Warner Drive, The Brave Ones, and the infamous Bullets And Octane, this power-trio “super-band” brings a sense of swagger and prowess to the stage.

With soaring guitars from Felipe Rodrigo, unique and charismatic vocals from the bassist/frontman Zachary Kibbee and a rocksteady pulse from Jonny Udell on drums, THE MERCURY RIOTS will definitely be a crowd-pleaser when they inevitably hit the road.

“I’d known Jonny for years around the LA music scene, having seen Warner Drive many times. And Felipe and I had already played together in my project and The Brave Ones”, says Zachary Kibbee, the electric and powerful voice of the band. “So when we played together in Bullets it just clicked really well. So well in fact, that we really wanted to explore more music together, we just couldn’t help ourselves.”

Enter THE MERCURY RIOTS, a healthy combination of loud, fast, jet-fuel powered rock n roll. Look for the band’s debut single 'Save Me A Drink', which is coming soon.


Zachary Kibbee - Vocals, Bass
Felipe Rodrigo - Guitars
Jonny Udell - Drums

by Rock'n'Growl


DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album of the biggest European and South American heavy metal project called HELLBONES.
The group was born thanks to the collaboration between Magnus Westman (singer of the Swedish group Mindfuel) and the Argentine producer and guitarist Rafael Fidanza (Nordica, Tyrano).
Joined the project; Claudio “Taka” Quesada (from Quesada/Fidanza) additional lead guitar, Patricio Molini (by Nordica) on keyboards, Beto Vazquez on bass guitar .
The album titled "Crossing Borders" contains ten powerful songs in the atmosphere of traditional Hard n Heavy Metal with pure energy and an impressive vocal line.
HELLBONES is influenced by European legends of the old school genre, in fact the great screamer Ralph Scheepers, already with Primal Fear and former Gamma Ray and Tyran' Pace, is also involved in the role of special guest. It doesn’t get better than this if you are a lover of Heavy Metal Rock.

The release will be published on March 15th - 2021.
The digital album is available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Band members:
Magnus Westman: Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals
Rafael Fidanza: Guitars, Lead Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Guest Musicians:
Ralf Scheepers: Vocals and backing vocals
Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar
Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars
Patricio Molini: Keyboards

Tracklist and info:

01) Fool to believe
02) Promises we made
03) When night falls
04) In my dreams
05) Gods disciple
06) Flashes of memory
07) Apocalypse
08) Angel or demon
09) House on the hill
10) Beautiful mountains

Recorded at Heaven and Hell Studio, Cipolletti, Patagonia, Argentina
Produced by: Magnus Westman and Rafael Fidanza
Special guest appearance: Ralf Scheepers: Lead Vocals (duet) and backing vocals on "When Night Falls"
Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar on "Flashes Of Memory"
Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars on "Promises We Made", "When Night Falls" and "Apocalypse"
Patricio Molini: Keyboards on "Fool To Believe" and "Promises We Made"
Artwork by Alvaro Sicardi and Gabriel Outeda (Uruguay)



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American singer-songwriter LEDFOOT aka ‘Tim Scott McConnell‘ has released a music video for the new single ‘Take away the hurt’, which was released on February 5th, 2021 via TBC Records. The track is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Black Valley‘. The single can be ordered here: 

The YouTube video can be viewed here:

Ledfoot (Tim Scott McConnell) recently won Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) in the blues class for his latest album ‘White Crow’. Leedfoot has developed his own playing style using a 12-string guitar with extra thick strings, steel plates and brass slide, often accompanied by stomp-box. In addition to four albums as Ledfoot, he has released several solo albums under his full name, played in The Havalinas, been covered by Bruce Springsteen (High Hopes) and played in the NRK series ‘Exit’.

Ledfoot has been touring, performing and releasing records for over forty years with bands such as `The Rockats` and `The Havalinas` and has released numerous solo records.

Tim Scott McConnell started touring at the age of 15. He got his first recording contract with Sire Records in 1982. In 1985 he was signed to Geffen Records and recorded the  album “High Lonesome Sound”.

Tim Scott McConnell founded the band The Havalinas in 1989 with Smutty Smiff and Chalo Quitana, and they realeased their debut album on Elektra in 1990. The band  achieved a great success and soon toured as support for Bob Dylan on the Oh Mercy world tour, as well as with Chris Isaak, Tina Turner and Crowded House to name a few.

In 1993, after heavy touring, Tim Scott McConnell moved to Norway, where he signed a deal with Warner Music and released the album “Deceivers and Believers” under his own  name in 1994. The album “Everywhere I’ve been” was released in 1997. In 2002 he signed with Farmen and released the self-titled band project The MoMac Trio in 2002,  followed by the solo album “13 songs” in 2005.

In 1996, Bruce Springsteen first recorded McConnells song “High Hopes”, originally  recorded for the Havalinas album, as a b-side for a single. Later, in 2014, Springsteen recorded the song again, this time as the title track for his 2014 studio album. The album  reached #1 in more than 10 countries, including USA and the UK.

Tims alter ego Ledfoot came into being in 2006 and defined his music as ‘Gothic Blues’,  using heavy strings on a twelve string guitar in open tunings and a pair of stomp boxes.  In this incarnation he has toured extensively in Europe and the U.S.  As Ledfoot, he has released 4 records to critical acclaim - `The Devils Songbook`,  `Damned, `Gothic Blues Volume One’ and his newest release `White Crow` which was  award Spellemannprisen (The Norwegian Grammy) 2019 in the blues category.  In 2020, Ledfoot released the album “A Death Divine” as a duo project with Norwegian guitar legend Ronni Le Tekrø.  Ledfoots next album ‘Black Valley’ is set to be released in late February 2021.

by Rock'n'Growl


US metal band SILVER TALON has revealed the cover art for their forthcoming full-length debut, “Decadence and Decay”. The album cover was conceived and illustrated by noted fantasy artist Gerald Brom, whose work has ubiquitous in the worlds of role-playing games, comic books and video games, including “Magic: The Gathering” and “World of Warcraft”. His distinctive visual style complements the epic aura generated by the band's three guitar-fueled heavy metal power.

Tentatively scheduled for a May release via M-Theory Audio, “Decadence and Decay” – the follow-up to the band’s 2018 acclaimed debut EP, “Becoming A Demon” – builds upon the thrilling combination of heavy metal hooks and guitar-driven virtuosity displayed by the band on their earlier effort. Highlights include “Resistance 2029” – which features a guest appearance by guitarist Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) – and the blistering leadoff track, “Deceiver, I Am”, a music video: 


for which recently premiered via Decibel Magazine. “Deceiver, I Am” is currently streaming on all digital platforms, and a limited-edition 7-inch vinyl pressing backed with an exclusive B-side cover of Savatage's “Power of the Night” is available now for purchase at

“It’s an awesome feeling to get the blessing of not one, but two of our favorite artists for this album”, explains guitarist Bryce VanHoosen. “Brom’s cover art for Doom II and Diablo II/III practically shaped our adolescence, and his piece ‘Witchthorn’ provided the atmospheric inspiration for ‘Decadence and Decay’. We’re eternally grateful for his permission to use it as our album cover. And Andy La Rocque - what a legend! The creepy and melodic vibe he’s been able to capture with King Diamond has been a constant source of inspiration. We’re beyond excited for you to hear what he was able to add to the track ‘Resistance 2029’”.

With a virtuosic guitar attack, a rumbling rhythm section and powerful vocals, SILVER TALON was birthed in 2017 after rising from the ashes of Spellcaster. Guitarist Bryce VanHoosen joined forces with fellow ex-Spellcaster member Sebastian Silva – who also plays in goth-rockers Unto Others (formerly Idle Hands) – in a shared mission to keep the heavy metal flame burning brightly. Bolstered by the soaring vocal attack of Wyatt Howell (Sanctifyre), SILVER TALON began 2018 by unveiling two demo tracks, “Devil Machine” and “Warrior's End”, which showcased the group's ability to create fist-clenching, head-banging heavy metal through a combination of masterful hooks, lush melody and technical dexterity.

SILVER TALON subsequently built on this foundation in the second half of 2018 with the release of their self-released debut EP “Becoming A Demon”. The EP saw the band return to the studio to re-record their original demos with Zach Ohren (Exmortus, Fallujah, Machine Head) alongside three new originals and a cover of Sanctuary's “Battle Angels” featuring that group's former guitarist (and future Nevermore/Arch Enemy guitar hero) Jeff Loomis. The release was praised by Dead Rhetoric as “a solid salvo for those who love mid-'80s U.S.-style power/heavy metal with occasional nods to Teutonic finesse” and “metal that has plenty of heaviness while being musically sharp, sophisticated and awe- inspiring”.

The group would further their reputation as masters of triumphant heavy metal with live performances alongside acts such as Exmortus, Unleash The Archers, Striker, The Absence, Powerglove and Hatchet, as well as a nationwide tour at the end of 2019 supporting Savage Master.

VanHoosen's guitar prowess is also displayed through his YouTube channel at, which is regularly updated with play-through videos, guitar covers and product reviews.

More information about “Decadence and Decay” will be revealed in the weeks to come.


Wyatt Howell – Vocals
Bryce R. VanHoosen – Guitar
Sebastian Silva – Guitar
Devon Miller – Guitar
Walter Hartzell – Bass
Michael Thompson – Drums