BLOODY TERROR debut titled "Shadow of death"

DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to annunce the debut album of  russian Melodic Death Metal band called BLOODY TERROR.
The album titled "Shadow of death" will be available on every Digital worldwide web-stores on September 15.
In middle of 2010, two friends Styx and PowerSquad, (in which their projects and they have more than one year in the music) recorded a Kalmah cover - Dance of the water. It was not serious. But they both enjoyed working together that they decided to create a project Bloody Terror. 
Eighteen months was composed material for their debut album. In autumn 2011 they started recording album, and BT joined Dr.Trajan. 
There were many other musicians - but only 3 all of them have remained the same.
The band does not stand still - have a lot of new material. This true Death Metal for real metalheads!
2.Ashes of a future
3.Endless resurrection
4.Evil is my name
5.The liar
6.Shadow of death
8.Frustation in a moment (instrumental)

shadow of death video