TACTUS ROSA Pink Floyd and Beatles Tribute

Beatles and Pink Floyd ...oltre il già noto is the newest album by TacTus Rosa, the ensamble consists of 10 elements that rearrange in acoustic and symphonic way the repertoire of the Bealtes and Pink Floyd. 
This tribute project is original and different from usual other projects, which is characterized by the choice of immortal classics but also lesser-known episodes, in a successful and pleasant mixture for choosing in the live set.

The CD is distributed by Halidon (www.halidon.it), you can also find the CD copies at the concerts of the Group (www.tactusrosa.com-info@tactusrosa.com
-Facebook: Tactusrosa)

TacTusRosa consists of 10 elements, known names in Veneto area (Italy). 
The musicians of the Quartet are all professionals Mariano Doria (artistic director of Orchestra Giovanile Vicentina), Maria Vicentini (violin), Laura Mahajan (violin), Pietro Trevisiol (cello), as well as drummer Graziano Colella and female vocalist Claudia Valtinoni, Sandro Benetti (piano), Paolo Albiero (guitar), Giorgio Pietrobelli (bass guitar and double bass) and Luca Totti (male voice).


  1. For No One (Tribute to the Beatles)

  2. Breathe (Tribute to Pink Floyd)

  3. Let It Be (Tribute to the Beatles)

  4. Hey You (Tribute to Pink Floyd)  

  5. The Fool of the Hill (Tribute to the Beatles)

  6. Yesterday (Tribute to the Beatles)

  7. Nobody Home (Tribute to Pink Floyd)

  8. Martha My Dear (Tribute to the Beatles)

  9. Money (Tribute to Pink Floyd)

10. In My Life (Tribute to the Beatles)

11. Love Me Do (Tribute to the Beatles)  

12. Wish You Were Here (Tribute to Pink Floyd)

13. Michelle (Tribute to the Beatles)

14. Comfortably Numb (Tribute to Pink Floyd)