The Melodic Progressive Metal of SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL

SBS (SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL) lead vocalist Vitalis Kairiukstis proudly announces new album titled "Heaven can wait", this work include „international“ special guest, musicians from Italy – the Virtuoso keyboardist Maestro Mistheria ( - and Germany – Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk and many many more, are working with the keyboards.  
New album will be compiled of 15 new songs (one of them will be accompanied by a string quintet). 

SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL, also known as SBS, history begins in the year 1979, when vocalist and keyboardist Vilius Kraujalis and guitarist Darius Rutkys, decided to form a rock'n'roll band. Right from the start the band was influenced by DIO, BLACK SABBATH and WHITESNAKE. 
The year 1985 saw the band adding a second guitarist Mikaelis Feigelovičius, to their lineup. In the year 1988 SBS played in the festival „Rock Saeits“ in Riga, Latvia and after a year in „Junewalija“ festival in Poland. 

In 1996 SBS released an MC - „Mėnulio Šviesa“. There were nine compositions writen by Vilius, Tomas and Vitalis. Founder Vilius Kraujalis was back in the band. The recording was initiated by „Pūkas“, along with producer Giedrius Litvinas. After the release activity stiffed. In 1999 the band celebrated their twentieth anniversary in the biggest Vilnius club - „Karolina“, this show was recording on video tapes. 
After a five year pause, in 2005 the band was back again.  
The band was choosed to open for ROYAL HUNT in their concert in Vilnius (October 21th 2005), sadly the show was canceled. But every cloud has its silver lining: Heavy Metal monsters JUDAS PRIEST choosed SBS to open for them in their concert in Vilnius (December 3rd 2005.). This show was recorded and in the begining of 2006, released as a live album „Gimęs laimėti“, including five brand new songs (one of them - „Žaidėjas“ (The Gambler) became a mega-hit) and a concert from „Roko Naktys – 2005“ festival in DVD format, which was filmed by National Lithuanian TV.

The new line-up debuted in „Roko Naktys – 2006“, where besides SBS was „Uriah Heep“ and „Lucifer‘s friend“ ex-vocalist John Lawton. The band's show was well valued by mass media. 
In April 2007 SBS released their next album „Tik mėnulio šviesa...“, which was well evaluated by the biggest german webzine „HardHarderHeavy“. 
In 2008 SBS presented their 3th album “The Gambler”. 
This album was highly evaluated by the international media. Metal to infinity out gave 84 out of 100, HardHarderHeavy – 6,5 out of 7, Metal Express Radio – 8,5 out of 10, Metal Observer 8,5 out of 10 points. Webzine Progressive rock and progressive Metal nominated “The Gambler” to a “album of the month” award.