AMARCORD VIDEO: The Rossington Collins Band "Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" 1980

"Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" is the first studio album by The Rossington Collins Band. 
It includes their most successful single, Don't Misunderstand Me.

You can listen amazing lead vocals by Dale Krantz and strong american Hard Rock southern boogie.
Released in July 1980 by MCA

BAND Members :

Dale Krantz - Lead vocals
Gary Rossington - Lead & rhythm guitar, Slide guitar, Producer
Allen Collins - Lead & rhythm guitar, Producer
Barry Lee Harwood - Lead & rhythm guitar, Slide guitar, Vocals, Producer
Billy Powell - All keyboards
Derek Hess - Drums, percussion
Leon Wilkeson - Bass guitar

full album from Youtube

Track List:
1."Prime Time" (Collins,Rossington,Krantz) -- 0:00
2."Three Times as Bad" (Collins,Krantz) -- 4:05
3."Don't Misunderstand Me"(Collins,Harwood,Krantz) -- 10:08
4."One Good Man"(Collins,Rossington,Krantz) -- 14:06
5."Opportunity"(Powell,Harwood,Krantz) -- 18:47
6."Getaway"(Powell,Krantz,Harwood) -- 23:22
7."Winners and Losers"(Rossington,Collins) -- 30:48
8."Misery Loves Company"(Rossington,Krantz) -- 35:58
9."Sometimes You Can Put It Out" (Harwood, Krantz) -- 40:47