BRAVE Interview

We have talked with Ricardo Carbonero Bass player of BRAVE, new warriors and defenders of True Metal from Brazil!This is Ricardo's answer without corrections!

The long awaited debut "full length" entitled "The Last Battle" is now available worlwide thru Heart Of Steel Records and  released in March 2013.

1. Hi folks, tell us when you formed your group?
The band was formed in early 1998.

2. What is the genre of your sound?
The Brave attempts to follow a line of  Traditional power metal, melodic than that, and it featured on this diversity of vocal merged, they do even with the band has a diversity in musical genre, and may even be reaching the next your goal, it would be originality.

3. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them?
Stories of medieval wars, pagan gods, themes that address itself, everything related to matters concerning the medieval.

4. Do you think that English is the universal language now?
Yes, for all we know renowned bands sing throughout mostly in English, there are also more, exelentes bands that sing in their local language and are very good.

5. What are the reasons you decide to give your banda called "Brave"?
The name came from the movie Brave BRAVE HEART, with Mel Gibson.


6. His album entitled "The Last Battle" will be promoted in the international media, what are your expectations?
Our expectations are the best possible, and we intend to conquer the public and also its international media, and thus have the opportunity to show our work outside our home country. 
And increasingly disseminate our work broadly.

7. How did you decide to sign a recording contract with HEART digital Mirko DeFox steel Records in Europe?
We decided to sign after a proposal made by Mirko of DEFOX Records, after we sent the material to the band knew that our work after he show interest in the work presented, we decided by mutual agreement to sign with the DEFOX records.

8. To promote the record you're planning a live tour?
We are waiting for the opportunity and invitation for us to be promoting our work not only in Europe, most any other place where they come to be interested in our work.

9. You've touched on some important festivals?
Yes! BlackMore Rock Fest.

10. I'd like to have your own point of view on weak sales of the CD, is caused by the internet? technological development or has it changed the mentality of the fans?
I believe that the internet is responsible for the dissemination of extreme speed and ease that bands have a greater chance of being seen by the world trough of social networks, but I believe that people who are used to buy the physical CDs still remain with this custom, most can not deny that nowadays everything can be solved by the internet, including acquiring the songs of their favorite band.

11. You certainly is not a mainstream international banda, how do you evaluate the underground music scene?
With the arrival of the internet, many doors opened, more bands undergrounds suffer a bit with the lack of support for entrepreneurs and owners of venues that believe in the potential of bands that play their own music.

12. Tell us some funny jokes in the past?
There was a show where we played, that after the third song all equipment in complete submission site burned, leaving only a guitar amp and bass continue playing anyway, and soon the burning guitar amp too, and continue playing, only low and battery was still funny because people kept shaking our music! Just was not good for the band that would play after we had to cancel the presentation.

BRAVE The last battle" official video from Youtube

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