AXEMASTER on compilation CD titled "Metallic Commandments Volume 1"

AXEMASTER is proud to announce that a new version of the band's track "Bed of Nails" (re-mixed, professionally mastered, and featuring Geoff McGraw on vocals) will be one of the songs included on the compilation CD titled "Metallic Commandments - Volume 1" which is being produced to help publicize the return of the German magazine "That's Metal". For complete information about the magazine and its re-launch, please see The section concerning the compilation is as follows........

As a special extra the crew of „That's METAL“ compiled an exclusive compilation called „Metallic Commandments – Volume 1“ that consists of ten songs, all of them were unreleased on CD before.

This CD (including a four page booklet, playing time: 47 minutes) is ONLY available with issue number 17 of „That's METAL“ magazine: STEEL PROPHET preview the song 'Trickery Of The Scourge' from their upcoming 'Omniscent' album, AXEMASTER recorded an exclusive new track called 'Bed Of Nails' and GOTHIC KNIGHT present 'Valley Of The Kings', one of the last recordings with their original singer Rick „Warlock“ Sanchez. Chicagos ION VEIN introduce their new vocalist Scott Featherstone (ENERTIA) with the song 'This Is Me' and the Finnish True Metal band TOMBSTONE provides their new song 'The Battle Of Kalascha' from their yet unreleased second album. Metal Funsters NASTY DISASTER demand: 'Don't Bust My Fucking Balls' while DAMMAJ and SKELATOR present two stunning live versions of their songs 'Leather Master' and 'Birth Of Steel'. (Former) ATTACKER members Lou Ciarlo and Mike Sabatini prove with their project UNIVERSITY OF LIFE and the song 'Invisible Dreams' that their singer Paul Taylor (Ex-ELIXIR) is the perfect choice for this kind of music and as an exclusive bonus there is also the track 'Messenger Of Death' from the legendary 1990 demotape of Chicagos LATENT FURY.

For only 10 Euros (plus postage – foreign orders please inquire) you can buy „That's METAL“ issue # 17 including the „Metallic Commandments – Volume 1“ CD through mailorders like The mag will also be available at the official merchandise booth at „Keep It True“ Festival (19th/20th of April 2013 in Lauda-Koenigshofen).

The re-mixing and partial re-recording of "Bed of Nails" caused a slight delay with being able to work on the songs for the album, but things are now moving forward better than ever before. Although still a very slow process, the work on re-writing lyrics and mixing is going even better than expected. Joe Sims said: "I always had really high hopes for this album, but now with the totally killer job Geoff's doing with his writing and performance and with the production sounding the way it is, I think this is gonna turn out to be something very special".