HELMUT Postrock, Decadent Elettronica

BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS and DeFox Records are proud to announce the project called HELMUT, considered one of the most interesting " Postrock, Decadent Elettronica" outfit from Italy.

Mastermind of this project is Bob Stoner (Cardiac) with the guitarist and computer programming, Heinrich.
The album titled "Through the gate of desolation " contains  80’- 90’s ancient flames of New Wave, remembering Ultravox, Section 25,  Depeche Mode e Throbbing Gristle.

"Through the gate of desolation" (2013 Bubble Blood Records) Release date: 18 june, 2013 in every biggest digital webstores, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music, Nokia...

Official web: www.myspace.com/helmutkampf
Official Label: http://bubblebloood.nlz.it

news from : http://defoxrecords.blogspot.it/2013/06/bubble-blood-records-presents-project.html