Angel Air announce THE CONTRAST

THE CONTRAST "A Sinister Flick"

CD Release on 7th October 2013.

“One of the best bands on the planet-and England too” – STEVEN VAN ZANDT (Little Steven)

The CONTRAST is a Peterborough based band who admittedly is bigger “over there” than here. Not surprising really as they had previously been signed to USA based labels including Van Zandt’s own label Wicked Cool Records and have released six albums over the past decade.

For their seventh album they have signed to a UK based label and are embarking on a UK tour to promote the album culminating with a support slot at MOTT THE HOOPLE’S Manchester Apollo November 17th date as bassist OVEREND WATTS special guests.

“A Sinister Flick” is a stunning new album that shows clearly why this guitar driven power pop four piece can eloquently produce an album full of great melodies and short catchy songs. Quite simply The Contrast are a band that has unintentionally combined the best elements of different bands into something that is uniquely their own.


THE CONTRAST A Sinister Flick

1. We Are The Monsters
2. Balloon Man
3. Mr Antenna
4. The Corndog King
5. Saving My breath
6. Heavens To Murgatroyd
7. Days Of Wonder
8. Doctor Strange
9. Johnny The Torch
10. Stick Man
11. A Sinister Flick
12. Mr Snake
13. Ghost Man
14. Incredible Girl
15. Maze Of Memories
16. There’s Always A Chance

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