REWIEW:. S.B.S. "Heaven can wait" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

S.B.S. "Heaven can wait" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

The album that we're going to listen today is the fourth album of the lithuan band Spicy Bits of Scandal aka SBS, titled "Heaven Can Wait".
This heavy metal band born in Vilnius in 1979 is formed by: Vitalis Kairiukštis – lead and back voice; Kostas Balciunas – guitar; Martynas Garbacas – bass, back vocals; Vaidotas Segenis – drums; Ramunas Jasutis – keyboards, back vocals.

This new release contains 15 tracks which going throught classic heavy metal and progressive rock. They have a great symphonic sound that reminds me Kamelot, Avantasia and Symphony X.
The first song "The Journey Begins" it's a sort of intro to the journey that we'll make listening this album.
Most of tracks are very powerfull and the sounds is in flames.
I would like to write a special note for the 14th song "Waiting on Dark", an adorable ballad.
What to say, you can't miss this album in your collection!

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written by Mellistrange