Lucas H. Gordon interviewed Simon Cruz, the third singer of swedish band Crashdiet, 14th August 2012.
Lucas starts asking Simon why tha name Cruz.
They go on talking about the new album "The Savage Playground" and Simon tells that they wrote for all spring. They went in studio one month ago, and the album that may contains 10 songs may be finished in september.
Crashdiet are recording in Stockholm at Kingside Studios and their producer is Otto Wellton.
Lucas asks Simon why they dropped Universal and the leader answers that the label did not seem interested by their work and their genre, so they found a better deal.

Video Interview 

The interview goes on in a funny way with Simon that tries to speak Italian and Lucas that learns some swedish curse words.
After this break Gordon asks Simon if they have some plans for the new tour but actually they don't.
In conclusion Simon greets the fans!

Report by Mellistrange

***Video, content and Pic courtesy by Luca H.Gordon