NEW SHOTS FROM THE DARK: The band called V


V is a theatrical heavy groove band out of Framingham (Massachusetts - USA). V is the band that truly believes in the whole, you must have "the whole package" mentality

This coven is now the machine, the entity it was always meant to be. It is Dark, Defined, Heavy, and will invoke darkest thoughts and desires.

The band are simply called... V, created to entice all the intrigue, magic, fire, desire, and excitement from within the darkest corners of the soul.

Heavy groove oriented and fronted by a female siren with clean, melodic, aggressive vocal power. This combined with the strong image, V definitely does not disappoint. 

V is the much needed punch in the gut the rock and roll world has needed for a long time.

V members:
Nikki Sinn - Guitar
The Rage - Bass
The Dark Siren - Vocals
The Thunder - Drums

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