Video Interview:. Robert Trujillo of METALLICA

In this video interview with our correspondent in the United States, rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon, METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo was asked to describe each of his bandmates and possible new release in 2015.

Robert said "They're all very different, and that's the thing that's really interesting about METALLICA as a band.
He continued about Lars Ulrich: "You're dealing with a European who's extremely liberal and incredibly intelligent.

"James, is the musical talent in the band, for sure, but at the same time, he's a pretty sensitive personality, and really, for me, I learned so much from him, as a person, but also through music.
Robert continued about Kirk Hammet "Kirk on the other hand, he does yoga twice a day, he surfs, he probably meditates. 

Metallica haven't released a new album in six years, "Death Magnetic" came out all the way back in 2008!
The band will reportedly be working on its 10th studio album throughout the rest of this fall for a tentative 2015 release.
Robet said "very soon, we're gonna get back to the drawing board and continue to jam and write and prepare new music"

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video from Lucas H. Gordon youtube channel

***Video, content and Pic courtesy by Lucas H.Gordon

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