Angel Air records announce new release JERUSALEM Black Horses

Angel Air records announce new releaese JERUSALEM Black Horses (SJPCD447)

JERUSALEM was formed in the early 70's and released in 1972 a self-titled album on the infamous Deram label which was produced by Ian Gillan.

They gigged all over Europe supporting Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Status Quo before disbanding due to 'musical differences'. 

The band reformed again in 2008 releasing their second album 'Escalator' to much acclaim.

Now for their third album with original members LYNDEN WILLIAMS and BOB COOKE they are joined by the cream of the Prog Rock crop GEOFF DOWNES (ASIA,YES) and NICK D'VIRGILIO (TEARS FOR FEARS, SPOCKS BEARD) and they have produced a stunning brand new Prog Rock album. What a band! What an album!!


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  1. I would just like to bring your attention to the fact that this album musically has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the legendary Jerusalem band managed and produced by Ian Gillan. Like the previous release Escalator on Mausoleum, Lynden has just used the name under false pretenses to try and get sales. Even Bob Cooke who appeared on Escalator was against Lynden using the name, which I have in writing. Ray Sparrow and myself were the founding members, we then pulled in Bill Hinde and later on Bob Cooke. Lynden was brought in at a much later date after auditions in London. Lynden's musical contributions to the Jerusalem album were only the lyrics on 3 songs, the music of which I wrote. He was also tutored how to sing the songs. Bob Cooke recently warned me that Lynden was once again going to use the Jerusalem name even though the music bears no relevance to Jerusalem and Bob didn't even perform on it musically. I'm also surprised that a highly professional company like Angel Air Records would have allowed Lynden to use the name and support such a release under that name. If Lynden is not capable and confident enough of releasing music under his own name, but would rather use and abuse the name of a well respected band from 43 years ago that he was fortunate to be part of for a short time, then he shouldn't be releasing music. I am also surprised that he has done it again after Escalator considering the number of fans and followers of the real Jerusalem who found it insulting. Very disappointed.

    Paul Dean (Jerusalem)


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