VIDEO ALERT: The Blonde Brothers presents new video

Blonde Brothers is a musical project by Francesco and Luca Baù, two brothers coming from Asiago (Vicenza) Italy, they are both singers and guitarists.
They write songs with lyrics in English, Italian and Spanish and in 2012 released their first album entitled "Lights and Shadows", where the lights and the shadows are the metaphor of life, love and society.

In the summer of 2012 the Blonde Brothers win the competition "Vociferando Festival" in Bologna and accessing the final stages of the Festival of the arts, invited by famous singer-songwriter Andrea Mingardi.

In March 2013 The Blonde Brothers are called to present the album "Lights and Shadows" in Melbourne, Australia, in a important venues including the Veneto Club. During the Australian tour they are interviewed from Italy Melbourne Network (radio that airs on all Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia and in Tasmania) and several radio stations in the State of Victoria. Interviews can be found on the Web as many Video "on the road" and the professional Australian experience.
In September 2013 participate in "Sanremo Area" where the band encounter various record producers, and music industry professionals.

In February 2014 The broothers released a new album titled "Brucia", In May they singing and playing in "Hey Joe" very important event in Bologna.
In July they are selected at the national contest "Wave Music Awards" as the opening act for Big Italian music artists as Alexia, Moreno (winner of "Amici") Nathalie (winner of xfactor a few years ago), the Anonimo Italiano, and Manuel Moscati . 
They have a song in the drawer with Dj Aletanz and a song written together with Alessandro Margozzi and Gloria Bonaveri and many new songs to give to those who love their positive message.

The NEW Video!


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