EMPIRE SAINT is a Swedish glam/Aor band, was Founded in the city of Westcoast city called Borås.
They began to play hard rock early 80`s and split up 1991.
They manage to record a single titled "Broken Dreams" and the later the E.P "R.N.S" with the hit song "Don't treat me like a fool", the music style is a mixture of 70's Hard Rock and early 80's Glam Rock .
Now the band has reissued the digital album with Heart Of Steel Records.

We asked them a few questions;

1. Hi guys, tell us when you formed EMPIRE SAINT? 
Empire Saint was former in early 80's by Peter Johansson And Michael Dimle.

2. What is the genre of your sound?
We would like to call it Classic hardrock from the 80's

3. what is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them? 
The inspiration of the lyrics are moustly girls, love party and having a good time

4. Do you think that English is the universal language now?
Yes we do

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "EMPIRE SAINT"?  
We like to see us as the saints of this big Empire called hardrock

6. Your album, now in the digital market, will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations? 
We hope that many people Discovery the band and that we may get some live shows

7. How did you decide to sign the record deal with italian's HEART OF STEEL RECORDS? 
Jose had this contact with Mirco and the label is a good and seriös label that looks for the interst of the bands, so we decide to ask Mirco if he was intrested, and it Went all out well.

8. To promote the record are you planning a live tour?
As we do not have a bokning agency or booker person,  it is very hard for us too book our own gigs

9. Have you played in some important festivals in the past?
Yes we have played in different festivals and other big events.

10. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development? 
or it's changed the mentality of the fans?
We think it is because of the internet, and we also think that thenext big thing for fans is to buy online or download it from sites like iTunes, Spotify and so on, therefore we think that guys like Mirco and Heart Of Steel Records are doing the right thing.

11. You're certainly not a international mainstream, pop band, how do you judge the underground music scene? 
There are so many good music that still aren't Discovered yet, that should be given a chanse.

12. tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?
Wow there are so many, but the one when we Nearly lost pete to a horse girl in Ulricehamn Sweden was a good one and even Hot lips, that girl inspirera us to write the song, wich you can find on our R'N'S release.