EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: REDFOG the progressive metal band from Mexico

REDFOG is a Mexican band that plays Post-Progressive Metal that mixes Experimental, Art and Rock, formed in 2010, which features Ivy and her hypnotic voice, lyrics with obscure themes, visual arts and the Album artwork.
Now the band has published the digital debut Album titled "On The Edge" with Bubble Blood Records Records.

We asked them a few questions;

1. Hi guys, tell us when you formed REDFOG? 
After the Syntagma  project, Hector and Walt begin to work exploring new sounds and ways of make new music.  Vicko   listened  what they were doing: cinematic , instrumental  music. They  played a few times…There  were  “fireworks”  every  were !!!  But  they  thought  Redfog  would  need  the emotional  lyrics and   special, soft ,  beautiful voice…  that is exactly  what  Ivy do, contrasting    with  the bombastic, dark, rock  music  of  this powerful  band. Finally, the band was formed in 2010, by Ivy, Walt, Hector and Vicko. Edgar is  the bassist and  last adition  to play  live. Redfog is ready to the next step .

2. What is the genre of your sound?
The music has a mix of Post-Progressive, Alternative, Metal, Experimental and Art- Rock

3. what is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them? 
Ivy writes the  lyrics of the band, she is inspired by daily life, the different facets of human´s mind, positive or negative, white or black, light or night, joy and sadness, the limit of  the  emotions.

4. Do you think that English is the universal language now?
Yes, we do believe it. We knew if we wanted to go  further we had to  write in English.

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "REDFOG"?  
Redfog started being similar to a monstruous figure, with sharp teeth and claws ... like an animal  with  an  abstract character, could  be good and bad  at  the  same  time, tender and fierce, traveling at high speeds, peaceful or aggressive, hidden or visible, like the figures of clouds in the sky at sunset ... a red mist of great power ... that was Redfog. 

6. Your album, now in the digital market, will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations? 
We wish Redfog music be known everywhere.

7. How did you decide to sign the record deal with italian's BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS? 
BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS  is showing a new way to  have the music, videos, photos and work of the artists  where the fans will search  all that.It's a very important  step for us, an opportunity for the Redfog music to be spread in Europe and America, we are  grateful to them for this opportunity and confidence in the band.

8. To promote the record are you planning a live tour?
Yes, of course, can´t wait any longer to go on live tour soon.

9. Have you played in some important festivals in the past?
With the Syntagma band we did it before, we played  in Mexico city .
In this year 2015 we are willing to play and be invited at festivals in the United States and Europe.

10. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development? 
or it's changed the mentality of the fans?
Internet and technological development  are facts that are making this a passionate time  for  the lovers of good  music.It has changed  the mentality of  the fans that  can hear what they like without the control of the big enterprises.Thats great  for the new  generation  of artists and  entrepreneaurs  with  creativity  and new ideas.

11. You're certainly not a international mainstream, pop band, how do you judge the worldwide underground music scene? and in Mexico?
we are certainly not an international mainstream, such as pop music, and we feel proud of it, the genre we play is very exciting and has many followers  in Mexico and  worldwide.

12. Tell us a few funny situations, in the past?
I remember  a  time in a festival  before  the  radiobroadcasting  of our show, the speaker  introduced  us  as the sucessors  of  Maria Greever, a great…1950´s   Boleros music  composer. 
Well, a fan called “Conan the barbarian” to Walt…and  then  we  didn´t  know that “eres un perro  “ (you are a dog) was like “You are a very exciting player”. OK. Take it easy, Walt. I believed  it when I saw the fan yelling  and jumping completely  out of his mind.  In some  places the words have unsuspected means. 
A local drummer wanted  to  play with us after a  show,but he couldn´t  give a try….Vicko  has the drums for a left handed dummer. 

Bands Links: http//www.redfogband.com

Label: http://music.nerocromo.com
Label: http://bubbleblood.nlz.it
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