Bowie Inspires New Single From Australian Psych-pop Songster Pluto Jonze

2016’s seemingly never ending list of celebrity deaths hit music and film fans hard all over the world, but none more so than Australia’s psych-pop songwriter, Pluto Jonze, who was inspired to pay homage to his idol, David Bowie, through his new swagger-filled single ‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’.

Watch the video for ‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’ here

Having been in the process of building name for himself In Australia since 2012, with reasonable success, Pluto Jonze is looking to cement himself on the scene and break out into wider audiences across the world with his groove-heavy brand of psych-pop that takes influence from the likes of Beck, The Beatles, and of course, Bowie himself. Pluto feels this is the most accurate label for describing his music, yet within this ‘pop’ umbrella, he favours strong melodies and hooks, often driven by psychedelic production elements and lyrics.

‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’ is powered by funk-laden guitars and a powerful beat that quickly make way for Jonze’s rock-tinged vocals and spacey synths which take centre stage during the memorable chorus. Pluto then throws himself fully into realms of psychedelia with the addition of the rarely used theremin for the bridge, displaying his experimental nature as a musician.

Jonze recalled that: ‘Last year sucked, I couldn’t listen to any of his songs (Bowie) without this sadness pinching me. Anyways, I’m over that and can now appreciate with clear eyes how he wanted his art to transcend himself and live on. He pushed the artistic envelope right to the end and this song is a celebration of that intent.’

The new track is accompanied by a trippy, kaleidoscopic video, which draws on the visuals from Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. Whilst visiting his girlfriend at her medical placement in an Aboriginal community in Australia’s Northern Territory, Jonze met local producer, Donovan, who after having a few jam sessions with, helped Pluto find the ideal location and permissions to shoot his video in the spectacular scenery of the outback.

Pluto Jonze is also heading to the UK this summer for a few dates alongside fellow Australian cover band, Furnace and The Fundamentals. You can see his dates below:
Sun 6 Aug - The Islington, London
Tue 8 Aug - The Islington, London
Wed 23 Aug - The Portland Arms, Cambridge