Frizzi 2 Fulci Live Tribute to the Films of Lucio Fulci

Frizzi 2 Fulci – U.S. Tour 2017
Live Tribute to the Films of Lucio Fulci
With Italian masters composers Frizzi & Fasciani

Here’s another tour that takes its fundamentals from the Frizzi 2 Fulci Project, conceived many years ago in the mind of the Maestro and finally brought to the stage, both Italian and international, in 2013. 
That year marked the incredible beginning of a series of events held in great venues all over the world. 

Now, the time has come for a new evolution of the show, embracing not only the iconic scores composed by the Maestro for cult movies in the thriller and horror genres directed by his beloved friend Lucio Fulci but going a bit deeper into the horror, thriller, prog rock and funk career of the Maestro, augmenting the concert program that scored so many sold out gigs with the robust support of new orchestrations. 

People will be enthralled listening to new suites dedicated to “The Beyond”, “A Cat in the Brain”, “The Psychic”, “Zombie Flesh Eaters”, Manhattan Baby and many other Lucio Fulci movies alternated with adrenaline-powered performances featuring his astonishing productions for other great filmmakers of both millennia. 

A new show’ series, fueled by a great band of 6 top-quality musicians (Roberto Fasciani, Riccardo Rocchi, Alessandro Errichetti, Federico Tacchia, Giulietta Zanardi, Alessio Contorni) in the US  artistic landscape, strongly based on the fantastic and mysterious with a great inspirational soul behind it, an artistic godfather: Lucio Fulci.

Fabio Frizzi is one of the most celebrated Italian film composers, and respected in the same iconic pantheon as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Goblin and Gianni Ferrio. Frizzi's influence has been cited by a vast range of contemporary artists ranging from Boards OfCanada to Wu Tang’s RZA, and he is heavily referenced by the rising starsof synth-horror including Umberto and Zombi. 
Frizzi's work also resonate with cinephiles as Quentin Tarantino used the theme from “Seven Notes in Black” for his soundtrack to “Kill Bill” VOL 1.

The US Tour will encompass 9 total locations:

October 24th – BOSTON – Coolidge Theatre
October 26th – PORTLAND – Hollywood Theatre
October, 27th – DALLAS – Texas Theatre
Ocotber, 28th – CHARLOTTE – The Booth Playhouse
October, 29th – NEW YORK – Music Hall of Williamsburg
October, 30th – NEW YORK – Music Hall of Williamsburg
October, 31st – SCHENECTADY – Proctors Theatre
November, 1st – PHILADELPHIA – Underground Arts
November, 2nd – NEW YORK – Nitehawk Cinema (Guest Appearance) 

“My dream was to become a composer of soundtracks; if I have made it happen, I think my friend Lucio played a crucial role.” – Fabio Frizzi

“I really believe in the magic of music, in all the emotions that can bring to people… and the message could be different because everyone live the music in his own way. So the most important thing is to get something… as for me, to give it. Music let people live better, let them dream and unite; my goal is to create something in which the audience can get involved in, to share my love of music with people and have a connection with them, like talking to each other with no words but sounds and atmospheres” – Roberto Fasciani

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**Special thanks to Paola Ceci


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