Great live performance of P.F.M.

PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) are one of the must greatest Italian Progressive Rock group, they played at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova on the 01-12-2017. 

Even if unfortunately the original guitarist Franco Mussida left the group, the remaining original members, Franz Di Cioccio on drums and vocals, and Patrick Djivas on bass did an amazing concert. With the help from Lucio Fabbri on violin, Marco Sfogli on guitar, Roberto Gualdi on drums, Alessandro Scaglione on keyboards and Alberto Bravin on keyboards, guitar and vocals contributed to make the music of PFM great. 

They did a song of Mozart in there format on PFM music that was magnification their had made a recording with the titled “PFM In Classic” with music not only of Mozart, also of Verdi, Rossini and Dvorak. Keep on PFMEMING! 

Article and pics by Little Cesare.