INTERVIEW with american rock band RIVERDOGS

In Conversation With Riverdogs Featuring Vivian Campbell From Def Leppard.

The Frontiers Festival brought four of its record label's rooster in one stage, on December 2, at The Canyon Club.
The bands that made an unforgettable night were L.A.Guns, Warrant, Jack Russell's Great White and Riverdogs.
Riverdogs opened for the night presenting their new record called "California", released on July 7th, from Frontiers Records.
The album features 11 songs involving the original/classic line up with :
Rob Lamothe on lead vocals, guitar, Vivian Campbell (guitar), on bass Nick Brophy and  Marc Danzeisen on drums.

In this conversation with rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon the band discussed the musical direction of the new album and how was the reconnection with Vivian Campbell among other subjects.
Also Vivian talked briefly about Def Leppard's 2018 tour and his experience on the recent shows in Latin America.

Special thanks to our corrispondent Lucas H. Gordon from Los Angeles USA