The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 1

The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 1

The fist Mary Go Round, started on the 10 May 2018 in Thiene at the Auditorium Fonato with the amazing France singer “Camille Bertault” which is also a theatrical show at her concerts. She was noted on YouTube with the video she did singing John Coltrane song “Giant Step” doing all the sax solo with her voice with over 200.000 visualized. This was in 2015, the year after she come out with her first CD “En Vie” (Alive) and this year she come out with her second CD called “Pas De Gèant”. She sung the aria of “Goldberg Variations” written by Johann Sebastian Back, with her voice which is an instrument, very appreciated by the audience. She is also a pianist, and showed he ability that night, she started at the age of 8 also having her father a jazz pianist helped her mature her love for jazz. The night after she sung at the Bar Borsa in Vicenza to a full crowed.

 Second Mary Go Round, was with “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” on the 11 May at the Teatro Olimpico, with Marshall Allen on sax and director at 93 years old. A very colorful scene with their afro- futuristic costumes and free jazz inflamed the theater. With the trombone, trumpet and sax that while playing went off the stage among the audience that warmed even more the whole Teatro Olimpico. A concerto of “The Sun Ra Arkestra” is something that needs to be seen and heard at less ones.

Third Mary Go Round just happens to be “The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra” on the 12 May. Why, just happens to be, it’s that I spoke to David Hotep which is the guitarist, why that he was the only one of the band not to stand up during the concert and play. It was because he left his guitar strap at home, so I offered to bring him my sons for the concert of the day after. So I did bring him the strap and he got me in as a guest. You may think that “The Sun Ra” would repeat the set list of the day before, no way, they kept two songs and the rest where all different. And here again the enthusiasm that they gave to the audience was as strong a fresh as ever and David Hotep got up on his feet and played his guitar.  
It’s not finish here, after the “Sun Ra” had finished their concert because it had started at 18.00pm. Everybody went to the Piazza Dei Signori for the two free concerts. To star off was “Thomas De Pourquery & Supersonic” his France sax player, with special guest the Italian trombone Gianluca Petrella one of our best at it. The audiences were already clapping hand at the sound check, so just imagine when the concert started. Influenced by “Sun Ra” and his African rhythms which his drummer Edward Perraud was a machine at his drum set and Gianluca Petrella did his solos with Thomas that were very appreciated. The whole Piazza didn’t want them to leave the stage so they did a couple of bis to keep them satisfied.   
Then on stage came “Odwalla & Saturnian Visitors” which also, let say they are sons of “Sun Ra” influences, here the African rhythm is at its best with two drummers and three percussionist. Also the two vibraphones at one point of the concert added their percussionist to all the rest. To add to the scene two dancers that danced to the incredible sound of all the drums and percussions.

Fourth Mary Go Round, claimed by “Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Quintet” on the 13 May, they played at the most beautiful indoor theater in the world, “Teatro Olimpico”. Both Lovano and Douglas have been to Vicenza Jazz in the pass but this time there instruments did there cross over, sax on one side and trumpet on the other, a great combination that gave to the night in the Theater it’s max.

This brings us to the Fifth Mary Go Round, to the 14 May at the Teatro Olimpico with the “Orchestra Del Teatro Olimpico” directed by Alexander Lonquich that I was unable to go. 
By Cesare Greselin