THE BRUDSTOCK YEAR, 1969 to 2018

This will be the closers you can get in breathing the air of the ’69 from Max Yasgur’s farm in White Lake, N.Y. at WOODSTOCK to BRUDSTOCK. Even this year in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, Pordenone (10Km from Aviano) will be the 21° Edition of BRUDSTOCK from the 20th to the 22th July 2018, it will be a 3 Days of Love, Pace & Music! When you get to Fontanafredda just ask for the “Agriturismo e Pesca Sportiva Le Orzrie”, where you can also fish all day long because there is a lake full of fish waiting for you. So come along, bring your family and friends because you can camp out free with your tent or camper, free showers, the food is not free, that you’ll have to pay for and the drinks, remember DON’T drink too much, we are there for the music, not for the drinking! 

You will find an outdoor kitchen and also the Agriturismo that has all kind of specialties that can satisfy your flavors and tastes. We had invited Ian Paice, to our festival but he’s occupied with the tour with Deep Purple, his their drummer, he should be with us next year. You can see him explaining all this on a video he send us, so go to our web site and you will see it. Not only you will find a video sent to us by Leo Lyons of Ten Year After and one of Atomic Rooster’s guitarist Steve Bolton, check it out.    

It will start off on the 20 July at 20.00pm with “Happy Jack”, they are a young group from Verona that does a tribute to “The Who” as you know their where at Woodstock in 1969. In fact they got name from an LP “A Quick One” that come out in 1966 with the hit “Happy Jack” written by Pete Townshend. Next on stage will be  “C.S.N. & Y. Hommage” from Trieste, here it’s very clear that they do there tribute to Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, just to get you in the right mood of Woodstock, as you know they were also at the festival in 1969. Then from UK the “Atomic Rooster” one of the most influent English Progressive group that the drummer Carl Palmer when he left  formed “Emerson, Lake & Palmer”. Then to leave you with a very good rock blues band “Fabio Stevie Ulliana & Off Limits Band that are from Pordenone, to close the evening, or should I say, hello to the morning.    

Second day of music will be with “Screaming Eagles” all the way from Lodi, which isn’t the song of Creedence Clearwater Revival!  They do all covers of Country and Southern Rock, from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Blackfoot.  Then to carry on our evening these “Tres Hombres” from Brescia that are a great cover band of “ZZ Top”, and keep an eye on their guitarist, his so talented and natural when he plays. They should get you warmed up because from all the way from England “Hundred Seventy Split” with the original bass play of “Ten Years After” Leo Lyons that played at Woodstock. The air is starting to warm up like many years ago back in the 69’. Leo plays his bass in the same manner of that unforgettable and unrepeatable concert in the farm close to Woodstock. Moving from the song “I’m Going Home” to “Love Like A Man” to the bluesy “Good Morning Little School Girl” to the Rock ’n’ Roll of “Choo Choo Mama”. To end off this great evening of great music we have “Shaman’s Blues” from Venice that do all songs of “The Doors”, I guess that they will end there concert with the song “The End”. Now you can lay your head down on your pillow and dream of the good old days and imagine you are there, wish that I could have been there. This year the artists will arrive on stage at Brudstock by helicopter, like at Woodstock 1969.  

Third day there will be a contest of 6 young bands from 16 to 28 years of age that will perform music from the ’60 to the ’76 and the winner will have a big surprise. To take stage now will be “AiR4” where you can dance to the music of Maroon 5 and more. Next “Renegade” that space from Led Zeppelin . Jimi Hendrix to Steppenwolf. To follow “The Doorstep” to give you more Doors to the festival. “Last Ride to the Moon” great name for a group like their own original music to move to Black Sabbath, Cream and Steppenwolf, can’t ask more to a young group. Now it’s time for “Welcome Home” that brings us to the Rolling Stones, to the ZZ Top, quite a jump of style of music for all that come to the festival. To finish this long and musical evening we have for you “Sparkle Haze”, that have some amazing videos on YouTube for you to check out, especially the one of Gun N’ Roses. 

For all 3 days you can admire the Motor Show, of Epic cars, motorcycles, Vespe, and trucks from the ‘70ties.
To make a sweet but maybe sawyer list of what you have missed in the past years. There have been many big artists, like in last year we had the “Canned Heat” and ones again Leo Lyons with his band “Hundred Seventy Split”, so who missed them last year you will be able to see them this year. In 2016 “The Band Of Friend” from the UK, which is a celebration to Rory Gallagher and every guitars knows who he was. There are not a cover band, because Gerry McAvoy is the original bass player, he played for 20 years with Rory.  Then there was Ted McKenna on drums, he played with Rory for 5 years. Then again there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”. There was also to be “Don Airey”, keyboard player of “Deep Purple” but unfortunately “Ian Paice” felt ill for a short period, luckily. So Deep Purple had to move down the dates of their tour and this made the presents of “Don Airey” fall through.  In 2015 “Bernie Marsden” guitarist of “Whitesnake” and also “The Animals”. In 2014 there was “Ian Paice”, drummer of “Deep Purple” and “Leo Lyons” bass player of “Ten Years After”.  Back in 2013 they had “Ken Kensley” keyboard player, guitarist and also singer of “Uriah Heep”, and in 2012 there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, not bad, hey. Luckily Bruno Dotta decided to do Brudstock even this year and we all thank him, because my dear friend this would not take place without him, his man that makes this all happen. 

A big round of applause to Bruno for his effects in all these years, thank you. Not to forget that all around the concert aria there will be stands of handmade and not, products reflecting to the epic years of 69’ of “WOODSTOCK” see you all there. For more information and directions check out the site cheers.

article and photo by Cesare Greselin