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The Swedish actress and artist Regina Lund release a new single "The Flood" on Friday 21st September, recorded, written and produced in Toronto, Canada by Greg Babinski and Regina Lund.

Swedish actress and recording artist Regina Lund started her own label Regina Records after two successful albums at Warner Music. Her decision to do so was in order to have the total artistic freedom to release her songs at her own pace. She has released over fifteen productions on her label since her debut album "Unique" 1997, the album was critically acclaimed, became Grammy nominated and followed a big tour through Scandinavia. The second album "Year Zero" was released 2000 and was a massive hit also.

Regina Lund comments on her new single "the Flood" here;

"The best inspiration for all of my songs is my life and I get the best flow when I travel. I get a sense of freedom and I start hearing music, production, getting visions and melodies and writing lyrics.
My first time ever in Canada was now just a couple of weeks ago and I landed in Toronto and it was a great feeling and experience. It was an impulsive trip like most of my trips and from being in a tv production in Sweden to be downtown Toronto in the middle of a flood felt like an out of body experience. A good one. New smells, new impressions and new vibes yet I felt at home and at ease.
I had like 60 lyrics without music in me from Sweden but still, I felt like writing a new lyric and a new song inspired by where I was. The day of the song there was a flood in Toronto so entering the studio I wrote the lyrics and melody the second I walked into the studio and Greg and Brian had been listening to my previous albums before I came in so they were totally in sync with who I was and what I sounded like. It was almost a one-take feel over it. I heard the melody in my head going through the flooded streets of Toronto.
I felt it and I missed my son as I always do when he is not with me and the song got to be a combo of all emotions in me of missing someone, standing up and being strong for the one you love and be ready to take whatever shit comes along to save and protect the one you love. Be the lifeguard to someone. To save yourself and the ones you love no matter what.
The song is a very strong rescue song on all levels.
I invited Greg on guitar and piano, Brian by the computer and we had the song done in 3h and When we came out the flood was gone and the streets were clear.
I invited my friend Dani, his wife and kids into the studio when we were done and they got to come in on some of the choruses.
It was a beautiful moment.

The flood in Toronto to me became an allegory for all kinds of floods, good and bad, emotional floods, life changes and it can also be floods of bullying, hardship of all kinds coming someone's way and you just want to let them know that you wish to save them from it and be there as a support if needed.
It is a heart opening, lifesaving supportive kind of love song.
Right now I am in the mood of simple acoustic songs as I also am building the soundtrack to my debut as a film director.
But I will tell you more about that later.
Hope you all will like this Swedish Canadian Instant collaboration of mine.

Who would you save first when the Flood comes?
The first people or person you think of, send this song to them.

Sending you all goodness and I wish you all a safe and happy home and a peaceful, exciting and prosperous life.

All the best

Regina Lund

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