REVIEW: Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta - Soul Redemption (2018)


Flav Martin and Jerry Marotta both with Italian descendents teaming up to make their “Soul Redemption” a part of their life relisted in 2018 by Dreamland Recording Studio. A fresh modern pop rock with that alternative intentional sound to it. You can hear very distinguished Jerry’s as he directors the recordings, it’s extraordinary and his past experiences with musicians like Peter Gabriele brings to evidence his drumming and percussion techniques. Bring to the studio his all time friend Tony Levin on bass bringing to life their times past together and also with Peter Gabriele. 

Flav Martin brings his song writing to a high light and his guitar composition to a climax well disserved. All nine songs are very romantic and dreamful that takes you to a good state of mind and a very pleasant atmosphere of world music. The guitar is the primer instrument of the entire album where you can admire the love that Flav has for his music, everywhere the sound of his guitar is played in the way a guitarist would likes to hear the instrument plaid. Songs like “Soul Redemption” takes you to sing along with it and “Please” very love poetry song. “Tell It To My Face” starts with a Spanish guitar atmosphere partly sung in Spanish with a backup from Gary Schreiner’s accordion.
“Rio De Janeiro” brings out that Latino dance, party influences from Flav, then “Wild Moon” is a modern fairy story. Then to prove there roost a song written by Italian musicians “Caffee Song” (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè). The other studio members are Mark Schulman on guitar, Peter Primamore on piano, Robert “Thor” Jensen also on guitar.

Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta will be in Italy at “Il Giardino” in Lugagnano Di Sona, Verona on the 05 April 2019.

By Cesare Greselin