The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 2

The Mary Go Round to Vicenza Jazz 2018 part 2

Sixth Mary go Round, this again brings us to the Teatro Olimpico on the 15 May with “Dado Moroni”, there was to be Darry Hall on bass but unfortunately was ill so Luca Bulgarello took his place very well. So this was a mix on piano from Dado and the rhythm beat of the bass of Luca well melted together.
The concert carried on with “Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet Feat. Seamus Blake” and Luca Bulgarello took his original position with his quartet. Enrico on his piano and Seamus on sax completed the evening with a lot of solos between the two musicians bringing a thrill to the audience. 
Being at the Teatro Olimpico I was an able to go to listen to “Bobby Watson Quartet” at the Bar Borsa. I went just as the concert finished in the theater but when I got there he had also just finish, hope to see him next time around the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz, seeing he has been here before.

Seventh Mary Go Round, this time at the Teatro Comunale for two shows on the 16 May. Starting off with “Raul Midon” a blind guitarist, singer, percussion and pianist. He proved to be at the top of all these instruments and his voce not always in words but as the sound of sax and trumpet. And his words cutting like a knife from his latest CD “Bad Ass and Blind” that come out last year gave the true sense to the concert.
Now it’s the turn of “Giovanni Guidi, Salida Feat. Dave Virelles” both keyboard players that alternated in making great music with the bass of Derzon Douglas to keep them both on track. 

Eight Mary Go Round, back to the Teatro Comunale on the 17 May this time on the terrace with “Joe Clemente Quintet Awake” his young guitarist that brings me to mind Pat Metheny. His group of all young musicians very well combined among themselves.  
Now in the Theater starts the concert of “Aarset-Petrella-Rabbia”, yes, Gianluca Petrella the trombone that played in the Piazza Dei Signori with Thomas De Pourquery always playing to his standards. But here with a touch of electronic music from the guitar of Eivind Aarset and also the drums of Michele Rabbia with many electronic effects made it a unique evening.
The evening is not over, there’s “Ralph Alessi Quintet Feat. Ravi Coltrane”, what a compilation of sound, the soft and pricy trumpet from Alessi and the sax of Ravi with the influences of his father John Coltrane made the evening.  

Ninth Mary Go Round, just to warm up everybody, on the terrace of the Teatro Comunale “Fabrizio Gaudino Quartet”, his a marvels trumpet player with a great feel while playing Miles Davis’s songs. Also with him the drummer Paolo Birro that kept up with him very well. 
Let’s be taken now to the sold out concert of “Manhattan Transfer” at the Teatro Comunale the 18 May. The concert started with both the powerful voices of Cheryl Bentyne and Janis Siegel accompanied by Alan Paul and the new comer Trist Curless that proved to all that he has a great vocal capacity. They call from heave the voice of dear Tim Hauser that left us in 2014 and they did a song with him in playback. Touching all style of music from pop to rock, to swing to jazz and the brilliant song of Weather report “Bird Land” made the audience exalted through the whole song. They come out twice to do their bis and the whole Teatro Comunale went under the stage to dance and clap their hand in admiration. To say the less, they had a great success. 
Then who wanted to go to the free concert at the Cemetery Maggiore to hear “Gavino Murgia & Cantar Lontano” which I personally did not go to.   

Tenth Mary Go Round, so on the 19 May at the Teatro Olimpico the first concert of the Armenian pianist “Tigran Hamasyan” with his mix of folk for Armenia, jazz and a touch of rock all with energy that emotion end the listeners.   
Now the turn of “Randy Weston & Billy Harper” to give that Afro-American mixed with Jamaican. Randy on piano at only 92 years old and Billy on sax at the age of 74, not bad. Throughout the concert they both gave that old and at the same time new sound together to make it a unique night at the Olimpico. 
This is where my personal experience with Vicenza Jazz 2018 finishes but to who wanted to go to the Foyer of the Teatro Comunale there was to finish off the night “Tronheim Jazz Orchestra”.

Eleventh Mary Go Round, brings us to the finale night of Jazz in Vicenza at the Teatro Olimpico with Poetry Vicenza Jazz with “Zavalloni – Tonolo – Birro”, now we have to wait until next for the next sensational Vicenza Jazz 2019.

All this is for my personal experience of the Mary Go Round of Vicenza Jazz 2018 without getting me dizzy and sorry if I did not make it to all the rides. I would like to thank for their corporation, kindness and help, Riccardo Brazzale, Daniele Checchini and the TCVI of Vicenza.
By Cesare Greselin