John Butler Is More Than A Trio


All Australians on stage at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova on the night of the 27 October 2018. To open the show was Bobby Alu doing his alternative, indie music with his ukulele and his smooth voice for half an hour. Then on came John Butler Trio that actually where in five, an additional two musicians that played the tambour, keyboards and guitar. John Butler gave proof of his capability on his 11 string guitar, yes his 11 string guitar because he took away the G string because to his taste it give to much trebly sound on his Maton acoustic guitar. On his acoustic Maton also sounds like an electric guitar because he has the pickup systems in two ways, one is electric tone and the other acoustic tone. So the sound come out to say little in a wild powerful way and his technique on finger picking and slide guitar with the addition of guitar percussion is optimal .

Not to leave out the songs done with his five and six string banjo and his weissenbrn lap steel guitar and also a normal six string acoustic guitar. Not to forge that his sings all the songs giving out his hits like “Zebra”, “Ocean”, and “Home” that give the title of his lasts cd that come out this year. He used the Programmed Beats Rhodes in a spectacular way, with sound coming from everywhere but all and only from him. He also pulled out his Fender Telecaster for two songs that all together gave to his fans song to dance and a sound that in a way simple but at the same time very technical and very well constructive. So hats off to this young Australian musician that does this original blue grass and with a touch of rock alternative.

By Cesare Greselin