REVIEW: La Famiglia Superstar - Same (Heart Of Steel Records 2010)

LA FAMIGLIA SUPERSTAR "Same" Heart Of Steel Records 2010

A get together of many families, from Marco Mendoza on bass and backing vocals also know to have played with David Coverdale’s Whitesnake. 
To Terry Ilous on all vocals, a rock voce that can do ballets to hard rock, has sung with Xyz and Great White. 
Now to Steve Saluto on guitar, organ and backing vocals that goes from a hard rock solo’s to well place ballets to a smooth acoustic guitar combo. To the drummer Atma Anur, that his favorite playing is with guitarists, from Greg Howe to Tony Mac Alpine to our Steve Saluto. Most of the songs are written by Steve Saluto, Terry Ilous and Pat Fontaine except for “Here I Go Again” written by Coverdale and Marsden. This is the only cover song of the album, very well interpreted, with an intro of acoustic guitar of Steve and a well formed voce from Terry. “Rain” has that rock/funky atmosphere song with as pounding riff as with the choirs that remains in your ears. “I Miss You” is the most lovable acoustic a ballet as with “What We Gonna Do” that has a little spray of electric guitar. 
To the song “Closer” an acoustic chords riff and a well thought acoustic solo with a never forget choirs. 

“Can U Tell Me” which is a good rock song with a powerful guitar solo. “The Wind” is sung in French just to add a bit of romance to the album. 
To end with “Visions” which is an all instrumental song where Steve Saluto proves his song writing and capability on his guitar playing and effects. 
An album that you will keep on listening to year after year, in other words it will not gather any dust. 

Distributed only by “Heart Of Steel Records” and mastered by our one and only Alex De Rosso.

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article by Cesare Greselin