Jazz is back in Vicenza


Jazz is back in Vicenza starting off on the 09 May and ends on the 19 May 2019 so you have time and a big variety of concerts to choose from. Vicenza Jazz, New Conversazione “Oltre Le Colonne D’Ercole, Alla Ricerca Di Un Nuova Luna” XXIV Edizione.
At the press conference that was held at the Bar Borsa – Jazz Cafè Trivellato on the 20 March, the major of Vicenza Francesco Rucco spoke of Jazz in his town. Then the president of the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza, Roberto Ditri explained about the concerts that will be held at his theater. Riccardo Brazzale how is the artistic director made a complete view of the entire Jazz artist that will perform this year all with the help of coprodutore Luca Trivellato.    
 Like last year the first concert will be held in Thiene on the 09 May at the Auditorium Fonato with Claudio Fasoli Ensemble “Inner Sounds”. Claudio Fasoli was a member of the Progressive group “Perigeo”, playing his wonderful sax.

On the 10 May we have all the way from Cuba Chucho Valdès Jazz Batà Quartet at the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza. Chucho does not use the drums in his band he prefers the batà, so the jazz beat will be very danceable.
On the 11 May in our beautiful Piazza Dei Signori there is Roy Paci & Aretuska that will bring the house down with their rhythm, to ska, going though swing, rock and a touch of carbine and not to forget the traditional music from Sicily.
 The 12 May at the unico Teatro Olimpico these Uri Caine Trio “Calibrated Thickness”, how is very well know to Vicenza Jazz and not only.
Monday the 13 May we have at our reach the great Peter Erskine Quartet at the Teatro Comunale. Peter Erskine has an enormous carrier on his shoulders just to mention Weather Report which he was part of.

The 14 May we have our one and only Paolo Fresu “A Solo” all by himself and of cause his trumpet this at the Teatro Olimpico that has all year round visitors from all over the world.
On to the 15 May there’s Mauro Ottolini & Fabrizio Boss “Stroyville Story” how are two of the most brilliant Italian brass players. That will take us back to the Jazz from New Orleans and that of Chicago.
This brings us to 16 May with three concerts, the first is Shai Maestro Trio all the way from Israel just as they finish there is Ambrose Akinmusire & David Virells with their duet with piano and trumpet at the Teatro Olimpico. All concerts star at 21.00 pm, because the third concert starts at 24.00pm at the cemetery of Acattolico with Trio Ammentos & Diana Torto with the accordion and voce.

What have we now? Friday the 17 May at the Teatro Comunale four different concerts, starting with Top Jazz Night, to Fedeerica Michisanti Trio, to Franco D’Andrea Trio, and to end with Lydian Sound Orchestra featuring Ambrose Akinmusire. Now at midnight at the cemetery Maggiore Gabriele Mirabassi Trio + Ernst Reijseger, that is if you are not superstition!
The 18 May at the Teatro Olimpico our one and only Enrico Rava-Michel Portal-Ernis Reijseger-Andrew Cyrille “Free Connection” with that Afro-American rhythm and free Jazz.
This brings us to the last night of Vicenza Jazz the 19 May will be the epilogue of Jazz with Jorge Rossy Pedrrolo Clinic Ensemble + Pietro Tonolo “Lennie’s Pennies” featuring Jorge Rossy, with the coloration with the Conservatorium “Pedrollo” of Vicenza.
Not to forget that every night of Vicenza Jazz at the Jazz Cafè Trivellato – Bar Borsa, at the Basilica Palladiana under the arcade in Piazza Dei Signori, there will be Jazz concerts that are all free, starting at 22.00 and then at 23.30 jam session until…? 

For all information check out the site www.vicenzajazz.org and for tickets write to biglietteriavci.it

By Cesare Greselin