Vicenza Jazz 2019

Beyond the columns of Hercules, in search of a new moon, Vicenza Jazz 2019

Vicenza Jazz its XXIV Edition started on the 09 until May 19, 2019, with the title "Beyond the columns of Hercules, in search of a new moon". The first appointment in Thiene at the Auditorium Fonato on May 09 an excellent start with Claudio Fasoli and his "Inner Sounds". A jazz player with a very solid and at the same time innovative, known in Italy, Europe and the world, two of his unforgettable albums "Land" and "Bodies". Claudio and six other musicians on stage, excellent the duet between Claudio Fasoli with his tenor saxophone and Gianluca Carollo with his trumpet. A concert with many emotions and full of energy and plenty of space given to all members of the group. Not to be forgotten is that Claudio Fasoli is one of the founders of the progressive fusion group Perigeo. 

On May 10th at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza with Chucho Valdès and his Jazz Batà from Cuba. Making a mixture of fusion, jazz, Cuban music and an excellent greedy of Latin rhythms. A formidable combination that has unleashed its rhythm throughout the theatre, impossible not to get the desire to move and to dance. I would say that the piano by Chucho Valdès is unique and that it will remain in your heart even after the concert is over and you return home. Big applause to this pianist from Cuba who replaced the drummers with the Batà.
Now a concert that would have filled the whole Piazza Dei Signori but for the rain, it was performed at the Teatro Comunale on May 11, I'm talking about Roy Paci & Aretuska. The Sicilian group that has made an excellent mixture of ska which makes part of their name, to the swing from Caribbean influences and never ignoring their origins. It was a great music festival that put wings to the feet of the whole theatre with many fans in front of the stage dancing. It would have been the biggest reunion of this Vicenza Jazz event had it not been for the rain, thanks to their musical genre that touches many people. 

First date in our beautiful Olympic Theater with Uri Caine Trio, all from the United States, entitled Calibrated Thickness, the homonymous CD released in 2016, this on May 12th. The master on the piano who provided proof of his extensive skills as a leader and composer, unmatched by two other talented players, Mark Helias on the bass and Clarence Penn on drums. Uri Caine has delighted us with his music many times in Vicenza Jazz in the past and has never repeated himself.
May 13 brings us to the Theater Comunale with Peter Erskine & The Dr. Um Band. He touched the vertexes in jazz fusion with Weather Report with five albums, and then with Steps Ahead. He already has two albums released with his The Dr. Um Band in here he gave us a very good essay of his band.

A quick jump to the Bar Borsa to listen to Dejan Terzic and his group "Axiom", the eponymous CD released in 2016. You can define then as a supergroup with Chris Speed on sax, with Bojan Z on the piano known to us with his participation with Paolo Fresu, and then Matt Penman on the bass, and let's not forget Dejan Terzic on his drummers. Their excursion is excellent, to be seen again.
Let's go back to the Teatro Olimpico with Paolo Fresu on May 14th, with just two solos, during the whole concert, an unforgettable concert. With his trumpet, very long and fascinating notes, and lighting changes that have exalted the beauty of the Olympic Theater. A concert that can be repeated in no other place outside than of the Teatro Olimpico.

Mauro Ottolini & Fabrizio Bosso with their project "Storyville Story" on May 15th at the Teatro Comunale, a return to jazz from New Orleans by the great composers of that era such as Louis Armstrong and orchestras like the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, all based on African American. The excellent arrangement by Mauro Ottolini, and then the pleasant and warm voice of Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, completed the circle of this music that created modern jazz.
We have arrived on the May 16 with two concerts at the Olympic Theater, the first with the Israeli Shai Maestro Trio, which is on his fifth album "The Dream Thief". It is a mixture of jazz styles to the classic Middle Eastern to Eastern Europe, so many different elements that make him unique. 

The second part of the evening is with Ambrose Akinmusire & David Virelles, together for the first time two different musicians but at the same time perfectly glued together. Ambrose born in California and studied in the most prestigious schools in the United States and winner of the Thelonious Monk Internation Jazz Competition in 2007. While David was born in Cuba and played with Steve Coleman, Chris Potter and Mark Turner. A good duo blending together with an expression, to say the least unique. 

On 17 May, before the main concerts at the terrace of the Teatro Comunale, were D.O.V.E. themselves, an interesting a group that has joined the vibraphone and the organ, a beautiful combination.
An evening full of music with three performances, the first with her bass, Federica Michisanti Horn Trio. Federica introduces herself with a trumpet player and a saxophonist to give us sago of her album Silent Rides released in 2018.
It's time for Franco D’Andrea and his New Things which are a trio with piano, trumpet and guitar, all Italian jazzmen. The mastery of D’Andrea is well captured by the public very careful for all this new music.
To finish this unique evening, the Lydian Sound Orchestra feat. Ambrose Akinmusire, directed by Riccardo Brazzale. Ambrose under the energetic direction of Brazzale gave the best of himself, the charming voice of Vivan Grillo has left its mark. What a trip to music this well organized and performed evening.

Great date of all free music that of May 18 with Enrico Rava, Michel Portal, Ernest Reijseger and Andrew Cyrille with their Free Connection at the Olympic Theater. Four masters of their instruments and improvisation, an unrepeatable concert, when will we still have an occasion of this kind? Ending up at the Bar Borsa for the Jam The session, with Paolo Birro leaving the piano to go on drums, a beautiful end of the evening.
On May 19th closes the Jazz in Vicenza with the Spanish Jorge Rossy with four groups from the Pedrollo Clinic Ensemble school well directed by Jorge with his vibraphone.

Jorge Rossy takes up his favourite instrument, the drums that gave them fame and satisfaction playing with Brad Mehldau for ten years, then with Chick Corea, Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz and Mark Turner to just say a few. He joins Pietro Tonolo with his tribute to Lennie's Pennies, one hundred years of his birth. Playing also songs by pianists Herbie Nichols, all without the piano, a testimony of the cd simply titled Lennie’s Pennies released in 2006. His sax that makes all the notes of the songs of Pennies piano, excellent interpretation.
What awaits us for the next year of Vicenza Jazz? Surely fabulous musicians, as always, look forward to 2020. 

Article and photos by Cesare Greselin

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Mauro Ottolini & Fabrizio Bosso
Roy Paci & Aretuska
Franco D'Andrea
Chucho Valdes
Erico Rava, Michel Portel, Ernst Reijserger, Andrew Cyrille
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Maestro Shai
Federica Michisanti
Ambrose Akinmusire