REVIEW: PC-Newton “Now last time”

PC-Newton “Now last time”/"Il traduttore" single Eur Records 2020

The PC-Newton duo returns with a new single that from the first listening confirms what we had noticed with the two previous productions and that is the clear turn towards less pop 80's sounds and therefore directed towards an electronic space prog that leads us to accept a new genre and musical genre called "Cosmo Domine", so defined years ago by another experimental avant garde combo called Father Hollow Graham, precisely for the compositional concept and the visionary and cosmic moods!
YES, the incorporeal spirit of TJ Newton, the man who fell to earth, hovers. Those who have seen the 1976 film by Nicolas Roeg understand where the moniker used by our musicians comes from, that if they are not aliens, at least they are strange. Also consider that on the covers the name of the band is written with indecipherable characters.

Two well-known artists and producers from the European music scene are hiding behind this artistic project, but they do not want to be known too much and want to maintain an aura of mystery for this reason we find Cosmo Saint at all vocals and the multi-instrumentalist Paul Electron also called the Traslator!
The song "Now last time" has an atmosphere full of phatos with the voice of Cosmo Saint inspired, charismatic and proponent of melodies that put themselves in orbit and turn in our heads seriously risking to subjugate our mind!
In this regard, the B side of the single gives us a song sung in Italian which is titled "Il traduttore" and this projects us towards the intergalactic journey of this human being who has the extraordinary and unique ability to be able to understand and translate all languages intelligent creatures of the universe!

What to say? the concept becomes more and more intriguing and slowly reveals all the protagonists of this cosmic saga!
Now we wait with some trepidation the next moves of the PC-Newton because it is interesting to listen to the evolution of their repertoire and musical genre!

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Article by Lulù Le Fleur