LIBEL glam punk rock from Brooklyn

The Brooklyn rock trio known as LIBEL have released their groundbreaking new LP record, “Music for Car Commercials.” The album is comprised of 10 original tracks for a total playing time of 45 minutes. An arresting, heavy-hitting work of the utmost artistic integrity, Libel's sarcastically titled “Music for Car Commercials” stands as a shining example of what rock music should be (and arguably should sound like) and declares their overdue arrival as vanguards of the true spirit of rock 'n' roll.

The sound of Libel's “Music for Car Commercials” is like a communication between the indie rockers of the '90s and their forefathers in the late '60s and early '70s. In other words, its timbres are half post-punk rock, half proto-punk, the marriage of which is subtly aggressive and outwardly gorgeous. Libel themselves, however, balk at such terminology for excellent reasons.

“'Music For Car Commercials' is a rock album – no subgenres required or desired,” they write. “The over-categorization of rock music has led to bands that comfortably fit into critical narratives (e.g., chill wave) receiving attention, which strangles creativity on the edges.”

This may seem overcritical to casual music listeners, but the argument that rock artists have been playing with the same bag of building blocks since Elvis is a common and defensible one. Nevertheless, musicians are forced to pigeonhole themselves whenever they want to describe their sound in words, and Libel deigns to do so gracefully when asked. 

“I’d argue this is a rock music for adults,” they write. “Musically it’s chock-full of the guitar work and intensity of early-mid '90s indie rock, but thematically it's about issues the children of that age are currently working through.”

Libel cite as main artistic influences (among others) Sunny Day Real Estate, David Bowie, and Suede, and certain tracks indeed sound like a hybrid of these three. Their grooves are driving, their vocals elegant and a tad glam, their guitars heartbreakingly marvelous in their modest simplicity (expect great tones, not stadium solos). The star of the Libel show, though, is clearly the chemistry between – and resultant songwriting of – these volatile gentlemen from New York.

The blinding brilliance of “Music for Car Commercials” by Libel deserves immediate attention from audiophiles of all walks of rock. It is available online worldwide, even to automobile manufacturers. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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