End My Sorrow enter in the family of Art Gates Records

Here we announce that the Melodic Metal band from Greena, Denmark End My Sorrow enter in the family of Art Gates Records. This 5-pieced line up was formed in the year 1997 by Guitarist/growlerChristian H. B. Jensen and drummer Jesper Skousen.

The style of the band contains Groove, up-tempo, down-tempo, male and female vocals, energy, melancholy, distortion, acoustic, death, thrash, doom and so much more .. all combined is the result of End My Sorrow unique style of music.

What started out as mostly gothic doom, soon started to grow… 
Not before long, the songwriting got more exploring, and though there’s still some gothic and doom influences “no doubt about it” the music has become a unique structure which is quite hard to put in a specific genre

In words of the band:

“As a quite “old” band, End my sorrow, have been looking for just the right way, to get our music out there. We in the band, believe we got that opportunity, trough Art gates records, which we are really looking forward to working with! We are going to do all we can to maintain a progressive corporation and friendship, with our new label, so that we can get our music out there to all you metalheads!”

End my Sorrow, is by many described as a energetic live band, where its always obvious that the band love to play music, and never compromise about it.

The new album of the band will be released through Art Gates Records worldwide.

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com