BERNIE TORME' ask help to fans for publishing new album!

Bernie Tormé  Guitar Legend/ Blues Rock Psychedelic Shredmeister/ Glam Punk Sleaze Rock Frontman is known for many things:
Stepping in & saving the day for Ozzy Osbourne in the aftermath of guitar legend Randy Rhoad's tragic death.
Hit records, world tours & international fame as as Ian Gillan's axe-man in Gillan,
Forming Desperado with Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider, which also featured ex Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. 
Fronting his own bands Electric Gypsies, and later Torme (featuring Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns/ Girl fame).

I am really pleased and excited to be doing a new album through PledgeMusic.

I love and value my position as an independent musician: I’ve never been much of a fan of the corporate ‘music biz’, for me the well-known phrase ‘love the music, hate the business’ pretty much says it all.

Doing a new album this way through PledgeMusic seems to me to be very natural and positive: placing artistic control where it should be, in the hands of the musicians. And the great thing is that all of you can be involved in this: all you have to do is pledge and support the project. There is no middleman, just me & the band, and you.

This is my first solo album for 15 years, following on from ‘Turn Out The Lights’, ‘Electric Gypsies’, ‘Wild Irish’ and ‘White Trash Guitar’: it’s going to be A DOUBLE album of NEW music with that classic rock feel, 20 or so tracks of me doing what I do best. With your pledge I can turn this dream into reality: I hope you support me, so that with your help I can complete this album.

So, if you pledge, what do you get?

Below is a list of pledge options ranging from the basic to the exotic: from a pre release download to a stage jacket, and, if you are feeling especially millionaire-ish, even the famous Lake Placid Blue 1964 Fender Stratocaster given to me by Ozzy!

ALL pledgers will get a pre-release high quality digital download of the album, WAY before the actual physical album is released. In addition, all pledgers will have pledgers-only exclusive access to lots of behind the scenes content, special video updates that take you right inside the recording and mixing process, Q & A’s, videos of acoustic demos: and you can even ask to hear acoustic versions of old songs of mine: I will try to do videos of the most popular requests. There will be lots more exclusive updates ‘for pledgers only’ as we go along. 10% of any money you pledge after the goal is reached will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. All other pledge money will be spent on completing the album recording, mixing, mastering, and production of physical product. Any surplus will be used for promotion and promotional videos.

I hope you become part of this album and pledge, and if so I thank you for your generosity and for your continued support over so many years. And thank you from my heart for enabling me to do the thing I love most, to make music for you.