BRUDSTOCK 22nd edition 2019

BRUDSTOCK 22nd edition 2019

From the 12th to the 14th July 2019 in Vigonovo di Fontanafredda, Pordenone close to Aviano, there will be the 22nd edition of Brudstock. To reflect the unique concert in ’69 from Max Yasgur’s farm in White Lake, N.Y. at WOODSTOCK to BRUDSTOCK, to celebrate 50 years from that incredible event, with 3 Days of Love, Peace & Music! Ask for the “Agriturismo e Pesca Sportiva Le Orzaie”, you will find many signals indicating you to Brudstock. You can fish all day long because there is a lake full of fish just waiting for you. It’s ideal for families and friends because you can camp out with your tent or camper, you will find showers, food, and drinks, with many stands distributed in the Brudstock area with kitchen and also the Agriturismo that has all kind of specialties that can satisfy your flavors and tastes.  

Start off on the 12 July at 20.00pm with “Southland Country Band”, with a mixture of country rock to folk rock. Next on stage will be  “X-Hero” with their original rock classic, they have just done a reunion after many years just for the fans of Brudstock which made their energy come back to life. Then all the way from the UK the “Animals And Friends”, with John Steel their original drummer and Mick Gallagher who played with the Animals in 1965 and with The Clash. Their songs will bring you back to the late 60’ with “House Of The Rising Sun”, “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and many others, a concert that cannot be miss!  To finish the night with a very good guitarist “Fabio Stevie Ulliana & Off Limits Band”  that will dilate your ears with songs from Gary Moore to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Carlos Santana, what a night!  

The 13th July always at 20.00pm “Chei Dei Creedence” cover band of the great American group that was at Woodstock “Creedence Clearwater Revival ”.  To follow “Whoresnake” cover band of dear “David Coverdale’s Whitesnake” All the way from England “Leaf Hound” with the incredible voice of Peter French. Peter has sung with Atomic Rooster and Cactus, two of the greatest Progressive Rock band ever. Leaf Hound is a British rock band born in the late 60, and through the years have always kept a very high standard of their music, if you haven’t ever heard them do it, they are amazing.  To end off this great evening of great music we have “Breakfast In Dead” tribute band of “Grateful Dead” with that psychedelic music that moved America for many years. 

The third day 14th July will start at 17.00pm with the contest of young bands that have to be under the age of 24, each band can play one of their own songs and two from Woodstock, the winner will have a big unique surprise on stage. To change a little the atmosphere we have “Rebellions” a group that does reggae and are presenting the first cd with this name. Then all the way from the States…B.O.E. (Bored Of Education), which are five American teachers that are at the base of Aviano, with their all music from the 60’ and 70’. Then there’s “Stone Cold” that play songs of Black Crows and Gov’t Mule. Then from London “Clearwater Creedence Revival” that the best cover of our Creedence Clearwater Revival.      

For all 3 days, you can admire the Motor Show, of Epic cars, motorcycles, Vespe, and trucks from the ‘70ties. To make a sweet but maybe sawyer list of what you have missed in the past years. There have been many big artists, like “Atomic Rooster”, “Canned Heat” and ones again Leo Lyons with his band “Hundred Seventy Split”. In 2016 “The Band Of Friend” from the UK, which is a celebration to Rory Gallagher and every guitarist knows who he was. They are not a cover band, because Gerry McAvoy is the original bass player, he played for 20 years with Rory.  Then there was Ted McKenna (R.I.P.) on drums, he played with Rory for 5 years. Then again there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, “Bernie Marsden” guitarist of “Whitesnake” and also “The Animals And Friends”. In 2014 there was “Ian Paice”, drummer of “Deep Purple” and “Leo Lyons” bass player of “Ten Years After”.  Back in 2013, they had “Ken Kensley” keyboard player, guitarist and also the singer of “Uriah Heep”, and in 2012 there was “Clive Bunker” drummer of “Jethro Tull”, not bad, hey. Luckily Bruno Dotta decided to do Brudstock even this year and we all thank him because my dear friend this would not take place without him, his man that makes this all happen. A big round of applause to Bruno for his effects in all these years, thank you. Not to forget that all around the concert area there will be stands of handmade and not, products reflecting on the epic years of 69’ of “WOODSTOCK” see you all there. For more information and directions check out the site cheers. Cost for one day €5,00, subscription for 3 days €10,00.

Article and pictures By Cesare Greselin.